Friday, April 23, 2021

Power? We've Got Power!

I'm still poking along on these.

It's hard to make much progress at all when you are thinking in the realm of nearly 400 of something -

I'm feeling like the kid whose mom is threatening "Clean that room or there will be no supper!"

And the kid looks at the mess feeling that there is no way to tackle that mountain of monotony.

I am on corner number FOUR on these nearly100 sashings - it has been a trim, sew, press, trim, sew, press, trim sew, press activity.  But I'm getting there!

The power went off precisely at 10am.

And we were PREPARED!

Thanks to The Hubster's foresight and son Jason's help - Jason arrived at 10:05am to feed the power cords through the windows, and turn on the two generators placed behind the garage/shop.

We quickly set about to plug the power towers from each table into the cords -

And though we had to watch where we stepped (for only 2 hours) we had enough power for machines and task lights without skipping a quilty beat.

And if you are wondering where folks are - why these photos show no PEOPLE - Some were gathered around the gas stove in the Hen Den sipping coffee and chatting.

Some discovered they still had cell signal if they held their phone just right out the side window! 

 Some were gathering coats and bags to drive around and "see what they could see."

After the power was hooked up by generator to the sewing stations - some of us happily sewed away, barely even noticing the faint hum that came from the back of the garage/shop.

The power turned back on precisely at noon to cheers of hooray.

Cords were fed back through windows, the generators were turned off and all was back to normal.

And that beautiful sunlight coming from the windows made quite a difference in how light the room was even without the overhead lights.

Sherri finished her Talkin' Turkey quilt from my book String Fling!

That last binding stitch went in to choruses of TADA! And TA-DONE!!  Beautiful finish, Sherri!

Ramona  finished piecing her patriotic Bricks & Stepping Stones (from the Free Patterns tab) which will go to Quilts of Valor.

The variety in her fabrics is so fun to see up close!

Another thing I don't remember if I shared while in use -

I moved these two Billy bookcases (from IKEA) into the front hall with the intent of putting more books here.

And then I thought better of it.

Quilters bring SO MUCH STUFF (You know you do! Admit it!)  and need a place for overflow.

I'm leaving these shelves empty - there are 12 shelves.  Everyone can pick a cubby to store the stuff they are not immediately needing at their sewing stations.

It's been a great enhancement over the past few retreats.  

Four of us freezing our tushes on the back porch, trying to do selfies with cows - LOL!

It's cold.  So so so stupidly cold.  this morning I awoke to 29 degrees.  Can we be heading out of this cold snap yet?

There are things we have on our agenda!

We want to hike to see the ponies of course - but the end all beat all of this trip is hopefully the first bike ride of the season down the Virginia Creeper Trail.  I think that will happen Monday as our temp should reach 70.

In the mean time we'll take the cold and chilly - with sunshine outside the windows and sew up a storm while the gas fireplaces keep us toasty in the Quilting Quarters and Hen Den.

Hello, Friday - weekend mode ahead!  What do you have coming down the line for your day?

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There must be at least 8 of them around here! Where are they hiding when you need one??
Vintage quilt found Wednesday on our antique mall visit with the Texas retreat girls. Waiting out the power outage that didn't happen. In sleet and freezing rain.

Good times all around!



  1. I’m always curious to see the machines that folks are using at the retreat. Looks like a bunch of vintage beauties this week (sewing machines, as well as the ladies)!

  2. great post. keep up the good work from a long time fan

  3. What a great idea with that bookcase! We all seem to bring too many projects to retreat and end up tripping over them at our stations.

  4. Bonnie it is so wonderful to watch your interaction with quilters. You light up, they light up and all of your blog followers light up a little dreaming of being there with you!

    1. This is so true, I look forward to reading this blog everyday, thanks for sharing the light Bonnie!

  5. I see future stars in those sashings. Stitch away. We are waiting for a no freeze morning. My plants have to come in at night. Nice to see Irene in your Inn. I need a Billy shelf. Gotta add it to my shopping list. Have a great weekend.

  6. Selfies with cows: yep. I'd do that. What a fun post!

  7. This is what I like about your retreats- seeing the quilts being made!

  8. The overflow cubbies are a GREAT idea. Close, but not underfoot. It's nice to see the Inn humming again.

  9. I found the 'selfie' picture amusing. You did say these gals were from Texas? Arkansas? both states with lots of cows available for selfies. :D :D Have a great retreat.

  10. So much fun! Love the pure joy that is so obvious among friends. I also noticed lots of the Jansjo IKEA lights- what are we going to replace them with when they no longer work. They aren’t made anymore and the IKEA replacement for them doesn’t have that fabulous adjustable goose neck. They are just not the same. I'd love to know if anyone has found something similar to the Jansjo.

  11. I love the spontaneous fun no matter the weather, the power out, whatever comes it is all about the fun and the memories you make. Smiling quilter faces that have been hard to see for a while. Light at the end of the tunnel.

  12. Love the overflow cubbies. I know I always overpack on my trips. Looks like this group is having a great time!

  13. I am soooo happy! My husband and I will be escaping for 4 days next week. I feel like we have been prisoners at home. If to Lancaster, PA to over dose on quilting stuff. And yes, we are both vaccinated & will eat or masks.

  14. i agree with the book case idea betsy k

  15. Great to see all those 301s pressed into service. Does my heart good- as I just love mine and use it all the time.

  16. Beautiful finishes, ladies!! I love seeing the different machines and set-ups. I know the feeling of power turning back on after a while, we would do that when the power came back on during the freeze!And that selfie pose has got to go down as one of the best! HAHA!! Ready to enjoy the weekend myself,hopefully getting some quilting done and getting my niece's quilt finished. Have a great weekend!!

  17. Great to have a cow selfie from QI. Nice memento of place. LOTS of cows in OK but not handy. They are afar in the more rural areas. I hope I can get to QI one day.
    What fun!!!!!!!!!! And you ladies do look COLD! Get back inside and have some hot chocolate!

  18. Gorgeous finish Sherri! Wow!

    And Ramona, beautiful quilt for QOV, just lovely. It’s been a chilly spring here too, in Idaho. At least it’s not like our friends in Fairbanks, AK, who were hit with 12-24” snow two weekends ago. It’s April!

  19. I spent years looking for a seam ripper when I needed it. Finally put a circle of Velcro on it and it's always at hand on the front of the machine.

  20. these photos are lovely. Aren't we so lucky to have back up generators. We are blessed
    I really love these happy quilting friends. I hope you have a joy filled week-end.

  21. love the selfie with the cows. So fun to see you all laughing!! Glad you could enjoy your friends!!

  22. Love Sherri's red and white quilt. So fun to see everyone enjoying themselves at Quiltville Inn again. You sew girls!

  23. Love the quote for the day!!


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