Friday, April 02, 2021

Let the Quilting Begin!

Something this whirly and swirly deserves quilting of the same kind.

I love that this block pattern is also known by many other names, including Virginia Reel - as it does remind me of couples spinning on a dance floor, moving in unison formation -

Can you see the colorful dresses swirling?  

The jury is still out on what I will title this "use everything" scrappy quilt - but Dizzy Izzy as the quilting is the perfect match of motion and texture.

Loading the whole thing -

The whole HUGE thing!

If you haven't checked the Free Patterns Tab on my blog in a while, there is a free pattern uploaded in 2005 that was the inspiration for this quilt backing.

We were doing donation quilts and the tutorial for Simply Strippy came about.  I used the same idea, only with much larger pieces of course to use up the florals in the backing you see here..

It didn't matter how LONG the pieces were, just that they were all of the same width.

It's a great way to use what you have on hand.

I have done these completely scrappy in a rainbow of colors, and also sticking with one color family as in all blues, or all reds, etc.

This time it was all big florals, and I'm so happy it made a dent in the bin.  It's a start.  There is still so much more to sew up!

Fun to see the backing rolling around the bar -

Each advancement of the quilt gives me a new view and I am happy to see these big florals find a really pretty place to land.

More texture across a wild collection of scraps!

I am quilting with a very pastel blue thread.

Of course, this has me thinking about what to use as binding.

Any of these three would work, but I really think I want the purple in the middle.  It's a happy blending of both the red and the blue -somewhere in the middle.

And since it is a tone-on-tone with no real print to it it will give a nice definitive edge to the quilt.

That's where I'm leaning anyway!

So what's the next project, mom??

I am drowning in strings. No joke.  Every project makes strings - so I'm always on the lookout for ways to incorporate them into something.

The yellow Rocky Road to Kansas project can now move forward!  The blocks are done, but I am still shifting on what I want to do  with the setting.

There is another OLD OLD UFO with 3'' bear paw block quarters that stagnated and is in a bin. I'd love to find a way to incorporate all of those block quarters into a much more fun and colorful block of some sort. 

Why did it stall?  It used the same army green for the corner squares - a constant throughout the whole thing and it was just too stagnant to continue.

I came home to this last evening!

"Dear Virginia - Please cancel my subscription to April Fools.  Sincerely - Disgruntled in Grayson County!"

This morning.  18 degrees. I kid you not.

It is BEAUTIFUL out - but oh, so cold.  Our highs are not supposed to rise above freezing today.  I am sure the daffodils beyond the back porch at Quiltville Inn are quaking in their beds.

It will be a bit warmer in the foothills when I go down to Jonesville to check in on Jeff & Ashlyn and see how things are coming at their new place and if there is anything I can do to help.

That's the plan for this afternoon - and here we are at the weekend almost.

You'll find me at the quilting machine dreaming up new "sew the scraps down" projects until I head down mid afternoon.

How about your plans for this Friday?

I have to say I SO SO SO enjoyed the sharing of "first homes" stories in the comments section of Yesterday's Post. 

If you have some time, click and visit, and leave a story of your own.

Don't forget to enter our March Quilty Box Gift-Away ON THAT POST!  Drawing to happen on Monday - 

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Quilt found in La Salle, IL 

Find the one thing within the mundane of your day that makes you smile!

Did you notice the one triangle gone awry in the upper left?  

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!



  1. I’d use the purple

  2. My first thought for a name was "Wild Rumpus," because when you wrote "Let the quilting begin ..." my first thought was "Let the wild rumpus begin." My sort-of naughty son used to love that book, and so did I!

  3. Bonnie, how wide of a quilt top can you quilt on your long arm? Love the pattern of your newest quilt top.

    1. Tracy, she said on another post that her frame was 14' (168"), so the largest quilt on there would need to be just a bit smaller than that. My longarm is 12', and the largest quilt I have had on it was 130".

  4. I like the purple binding choice you showed. I won't be doing much sewing today because I have a large mulch pile to distribute. The weather has turned cold here in St. Louis as well. We had quite a freeze last night and my pansies will have to be discarded and replanted as they are crispy frozen.

    1. Pansies are pretty hardy! Give them a few days!

    2. I agree with BlessOSU, pansies are hardy. Don't give them up yet!

  5. so sad about the pansies! too late to put 'em in a salad??? It's wild & warm in so. Calif. North San Diego County, skipped spring and went right to summer, it's a no-quilt, pullup the sheet kind of sleep!! Love the purple, am still struggling for some quilting mojo to get Grassy Creek put together, parts are done (except for string border) and it just sits!!! Thanks, Bonnie and my fellow quiltvillians for encouragement and fun stories... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. I agree with the purple! Clear skies here also make it pretty cold outside. Will warm up to 61 today. Enjoy your drive down to Jonesville. Have to get back to my sampler quilt, dead line is coming!!

  7. When working on a quilt with many small pieces, how does one control the loose/fraying threads? I do use starch on each finished block. I'm always covered in loose thread.

  8. I too love loading a quilt on the machine and letting it go. Something about that just makes me smile. Could it be the signaling of the end of that project and getting to start 3 more?! HAHA.... This one has been on my radar for a while, and it's nice to see yours coming together so beautifully! And you know the old saying, "Go big or go home!!" :)
    Today I am off for Good Friday, so a little sewing in my future! Putting rows together for my neice's twin size quilt for her new room in their new house. I am also doing an "H" block wallhanging for Mom and Dad as L/E pieces. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  9. Our son and family are visiting from Oregon. They brought their still puppy (a Giant Schnauzer) he is beautiful.... and still full of puppyness at 11 months old... huge too! We have a golden retriever and he makes her look so much smaller. Anyway our house is far from puppy proof but we have been trying while they are here to remember to keep doors closed. This morning I was awoken by something on the bed... reaching out thinking it could be our dog (she isn't allowed on the bed but sometimes things happen) then I get walked on! Lol... too funny. I can imagine what would have happened if he had known I was there. I sleep with my head under a pillow (hubby snored aaaa lot and now it's habit! Although not hardly anymore). Just made me smile to think about the silliness of sweet puppies. Have a wonderful Easter!

  10. I've been digging through my scraps & yardage - oh, the delayed projects once forgotten have come to light. The 4-patchs of uglys now have new bright star points (evening star). The last strip of sashing-cornerstone-sashing has been sewn on and the hunt for a border begins. It will finish 74" x 94". One down (almost) and more to go. Onward & upward to the finish.

  11. I can't wait for the pattern release!

  12. Yesterday was a beautiful day for a drive...60’s, no rain and Mt. Rainier was out...so we spent our day driving around her. That circular ride took 6 glorious hours...baby calves, spring flowers, snow piled at the top of the 3 passes we went over. I did sew for a very few minutes before bed, 4 units of a block of the month. I too, enjoy the stories of Bonnie and quiltvillian friends. Have a great Good Friday.

  13. The quilt top is lovely and vibrant, and the wild floral back is super fun. So many pieces - you must feel a huge sense of accomplishment! It's been fun watching your blocks grow, and it's going to be an awesome finish.

  14. What's with MUNDANE? There is so much going on here at my place that I would give my right arm for mundane these days!
    I'm loving what's going on! Grandson, puppies, an older puppy (rat terrier, they are cray cray dogs! Love him...that's my Norman)
    Springtime, gotta love it! We aren't getting the snow, but last week we had a taste of almost every kind of weather. Transitional season, anything goes! I'm loving watching everything gear up for the growth.
    Obviously not a lot of sewing is going on, but I'm trying!!!

  15. Love your purple choice for binding. How about "Dizzy Dancing" for a name?

  16. Scrap Do-Si-Do...reminds me of the square dancing we did in elementary school as part of our PE classes. The quilt turned out wonderful!

  17. I'll take the cold over our horrendous winds we've been having this past week. I see "Waltzing Matilda" in your scrappy quilt.

  18. It does look like a Virginia Reel with the colorful skirts twirling. I used to play dress up in my Grandma's square dance blouses, skirts and petticoats. My Grandma and Grandpa used to go all over northern Montana as they were square dance callers. My Gran still had all of her old square dance records even after my Grandpa died and she quit square dancing. But while they were alive, they formed a kids square dance group. All of the girls and boys had matching outfits. Mine was pink and white gingham that my Mom made for me and my partner wore a shirt out of the same fabric (which my Mom also sewed) worn with coveralls. I still have my name badge and my dancing slippers. We were called The Lollipop Set. This brought back many wonderful memories for me. I think I'm going to have to make a scrappy quilt like this one--only not so big! Thanks Bonnie.

  19. I put pansies in my containers last October (in Maryland). They froze and didn't bloom at all during the winter, even next to the house. They are now blooming! Don't give up on the pansies just yet!

  20. Bonnie, love your Snail's Trail quilt-on my bucket list. I LOVE reading your daily blog, Bonnie, and then all the wonderful comments by quilt followers! Makes my day! Happy Easter all!

  21. Strange how colors look different on every ones monitors. The middle one you call purple looked purple in the first posing on I believe was Thursday but today (Saturday) it looks like a deep royal blue. I love both ways and when you first posted I said I liked the purple as it different and would make the quilt pop even more. Then today, when I read Friday's post the same purple was changed to a deep royal blue. I like the purple either way.

  22. Just have to ask: With all your scraps and fabric donated do you not use a polyester and cotton blend scrap in those beautiful scrap quilt?

  23. At one time, I had a son-in-law whose nickname was "Dizzy Izzy". His Mom had a spelling problem (she couldn't spell correctly) and had named him Israel, but spelled it Isreal. So, his other nickname was "Is he Real?". Yes, it really is so!

  24. That snow fills me with longing, sort of. I was beginning to complain about the cold nights and then we were hit with out first 80 degree temps yesterday with the promise on 90 degree days soon (I live in the Sonora Desert). O well guess I don't have to worry about it being warm enough to set out my baby peppers & tomatoes. It will be warm enough.

  25. Why not use the name Dizzy Snail for your quilt? Glad you chose the purple to bind it with. Not my quilt; not my choice, but I really think the purple will enhance the whole design.

  26. Such a fun quilt. It would take me a year to make one! How do you handle all the seam allowance directions on the back? I’m sure they’re ironed, but with loading get flipped? I’m just starting to learn to long arm and the loading is confounding me!


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