Monday, April 05, 2021

Easter Weekend: Sunshine & Stitches.

We decided yesterday to take a bit of a drive - maybe an hour away, and just see how things were "springing up" at Hungry Mother State Park outside of Marion, VA.

This beautiful place with trails surrounding the lake gets really packed with people during the summer months.

They have a "beach" that is popular for families - though I  have a feeling it stayed pretty empty and :socially distant" during the summer 2020 season.

With the weird weather we've been having over the past month including snow just before the weekend, the warm sunshine was such a gift!

New bridges have been built from the shore to the little island!

Zoey, extremely focused on one lone goose -

Where is your mate, mate?

I love the bright colors of the boats along the lake shore.

Still not knowing if Zoey will be a swimmer -

She will eagerly wade in up to her belly, but so far she only goes as far as she can still feel her feet on solid ground.

We tried throwing a couple of sticks - nada.  We should have brought a ball to throw (but we may have lost it in the process if she didn't go get it!)

I think the only way we will know is if WE go swimming too.  Or maybe if there are other dogs that show her just how fun it is.

The colors were just so blue/green yesterday.

This will change as the trees get their leaves.

What a wonderful day to commune with nature!

Easter dinner was an easy affair - we ended up with roast beef, gravy, mashed potatoes, a few other fixings, and cupcakes for dessert.  It was more than enough.

It was a wonderful day of sunshine on our faces, wind in our hair (Those of us who HAVE hair! LOL!) of beautiful mountain drives and a refreshing feeling of renewal.

On the quilty side of things -

The Snail's Trail quilt made it through the quilting process with nary a wrinkle! and the Dizzy Izzy quilting is just perfection with all of that feeling of twirling swirling motion going on.

I am as happy about the backing as I am the front!

It's like a spring explosion - which is just what I need in my world right now.

Purple binding for the win!

I keep thinking of the alternate name for this block - Virginia Reel - and how it suits where I live.  It looks like one big colorful dance formation.

So I have decided to name my version of this wonderful block Rockabilly Swing! I love swing dancing in all of its forms - couple spinning to the music, twirling to the beat.

Rockabilly Swing it is!

And there are miles of binding to sew before I can put it on the bed and call it done.

Just for info : The top originally measured 108.5" x 114.5" before quilting. ⁣

After quilting with the shrink up it now measures 105" x 111." 

That's 3" of shrink top to bottom and side to side that will likely shrink more after washing and drying.

(I envision commercial laundromats for this job in my future - it's too big for a home machine.)

I quilted with Hobbs 80/20. 

If you are surprised that the shrinking was caused by the quilting, do an experiment of your own.  Measure your quilt top before quilting, and after quilting.  

It's the action of the quilting stitches sinking the fabric into the batting that makes it shrink up a bit.  the higher the loft, the more the shrink.  I'm glad I went with as big as I did, or I'd be back at the problem of not enough width on the quilt to go past the box spring!

For those asking, this quilt WILL be offered as a printable PDF pattern - after the binding is finished, photography is done, pattern writing has happened, and an opening in my calendar around other pattern releases happen.  Perhaps late summer. So please stay tuned!

It's Quilty Box drawing time!

This is such an awesome box!

More info on the Original Post.
Who is entry 381 of 6659??
Joan Lipera!  This is your box!

Congrats to you, Joan!  I have sent an email notification to the email address you provided with your entry.  Please reply with your mailing address and I'll have the folks at Quilty Box get your prize right out to you.

And as always - our sincere thanks to Quilty Box for making these Gift-Aways possible!

Stay tuned for more gift-away fun happening SOON!

Today - It's a desk day Monday.  And there is so much to be done.  I'll be pouring myself another cuppa and hunkering in to make a dent on some needful things.

And maybe some time to work on the Rocky Road to Kansas Quilt settings this afternoon.  I think I've worked out what I want to do.

If it stays as nice as it is - there may also be a walk up Round House Road with the Zoey Girl.  We shall see.

Desk work first, though!

How about your weekend?  I hope you had a wonderful time with loved ones near.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Let's put more of this into practice and keep the world a kinder place!

Did you notice that this is a Dresden Plate in a 6-point star?? I am intrigued!!

it looks and feels like spring.

Life is Good!



  1. Love Rockabilly Swing - the quilting makes it perfect!

  2. Where is the pattern for Rockabilly Swing? Is it in a book or yet to be released? I have lots of scraps to use...lol

    1. For those asking, this quilt WILL be offered as a printable PDF pattern - after the binding is finished, photography is done, pattern writing has happened, and an opening in my calendar around other pattern releases happen. Perhaps late summer. So please stay tuned!


    2. Don't you wish people would read before they ask? It must be very frustrating for you

  3. Good morning Bonnie! What a glorious day, the sun is shinning and spring is here! I really enjoy your daily blog, you are such an inspiration. Love love love your new quilt Rocakabily Swing. I sure hope you write a pattern for it. Thank you for all you do. Enjoy your day.

  4. My girlfriend and I had to teach her water-type dog how to swim- it was wild with much toenail pokes in our skin, but now she swims whenever she has a chance!
    The park looks like it will be pretty as it greens up.
    You really persevered with the snails' trails; I made a large wallhanging and that was enough for me!

  5. I like your rock-a-billy swing name for your quilt it fits it to perfection. Your quote of the day quilt had me puzzled when you said it was a dresden plate in a star until I expanded the picture and looked hard at the details! What a lovely challenge to tackle. I probably will get your rock a Billy pattern when you offer it.

  6. After I ignored the green star points, I could see the Dresden plate pattern. I really love the vintage quilts with each post.

  7. You really are the human version of the Energizer Bunny! Chores at home and at the Inn, all the sewing projects you're working on, all the projects being planned, pattern writing, desk work, the lovely walks, tending Ivey, Lola and Zoey, trips out of town for appointments and shopping, planning fun things for us and yet you STILL manage to magic up wonderful meals!! Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it all!! ♥

  8. Rockabilly Swing is just gloriously fun, and the backing is fantastic. Awesome finish!!

    Zoey not knowing about swimming yet made me smile. We have a 3-yo Lab who's the sweetest thing ever, but she's a total failure as a proper Labrador. Terrified of birds, and the one time she hopped into water deeper than a large puddle (I'm talking maybe 2.5 feet deep, and maybe 10 feet from shore) she panicked and fled for shore like she was going to die. Dogs are so weird. ;)

    Love the vintage Dresden plate star. So pretty! Might go check out a paper piecing supply website to see if the right units to make that are already on the market......

  9. Love your newest quilt. Especially the purple binding! :-) Such amazing variety of colors and the back, oh my! so pretty! Then your quilt behind the quote today. How fascinating. I am starting to think of possibilities. I am finishing up my dresden flowers right now but stars how fun would that be! Have a great Monday. Still have to finish that second mystery top since I decided it would be a good idea to make 2 smaller quilts instead of one bigger one. So many things to keep us busy. Glad you inspire us every day. Thanks so much- K- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  10. Happy spring, Bonnie! I love Rockabilly Swing, congratulations on another success!! Love the fur baby pics. 😊

  11. thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. for those of us who are homebound, the outdoor treks and visits to parks, etc. are great to see. it renews my soul. the quilts and quilting are always an inspiration. i remember when i had your energy. (le sigh) ha ha keep it up. quilti hugs, patti in lorida

  12. Congratulations to Joan!

  13. Beautiful quilt Bonnie!! Have a great Monday!!

  14. I haven't heard about Hungry Mother Park in eons! My mom used to go there growing up...she was born in 1935...and used to talked about it all the time. She had good memories of it.

  15. Next time you’re at Hungry Mother, continue straight up and over the mountain to Rich Valley instead of turning into the park. At the bottom of the mountain, turn left onto Valley Road and enjoy the scenery. Prettiest place I’ve ever been! You’ll come to an old Presbyterian brick church from the 1800s. Doors are never locked. Pack a picnic lunch as they have a church picnic shelter with a lovely view of the valley and mountains. One of my favorite places to go. I have fond memories of summers as a kid at Hungry Mother Park. Cabins for rent which makes a nice getaway. Your post brought back fond memories. Thanks!

  16. So now I have Marty Stuart's Hillbilly Rock going through my head. Fun song and great quilt!

  17. It sounds like you had a much-needed relaxing weekend. Such a beautiful place to escape to. I love the name you came up with for the monster! Sew cute. I too love the HObbs 80/20 for quilting. I hope you had a productive Monday! Only 7 more before we are out for the summer!! YAY!

  18. Your work really is amazing.

  19. Super photos, thanks for showing them - I love that old tree trunk resting in the water. Rockabilly Swing - great name for it!

  20. Am always surprised at the "quilting shrinking" and then there's the "wash and dry shrinking". No wonder I start out bigger than I need to be LOL

  21. The quilt and backing are beautiful!
    I have to ask how did Hungry Mother State Park get that name?

    1. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/28545/origins-weird-state-park-names-part-two

  22. Thank you for the walk through the mountains, I do miss spring time in the "north" now that we moved to Florida. But I see quilt inspiration in the boat picture for sure!! Have an awesome spring and Happy Easter.

  23. Now I want to go there.... but really that would be a long drive from Loudoun Co Virginia. That said, this looks like the Potomac River. I take my daddy to Algonquian Park in Sterling very often. It is a drafty river!! so I think he enjoys it more when it is warm. Tomorrow it will be very warm in Northern Virginia and I am planning on taking him there. He is 97.
    Your quilt is a beauty and will be a treasure. I am so glad you could quilt that all up.

  24. Oh my - a blast from the past. My two girls claimed to be "Rockabillys". Music from Dead or Alive reverberated from their rooms. I would love to see a Dresden Plate in a star pattern. How hard would that be? Another great use for scraps!


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