Tuesday, April 27, 2021

And The Sun Came Out!

Good morning, everyone!

I'm typing from the comfort of my little Postmaster's desk at the Quiltville Post Office Studio this morning.

The Texas Gals planned on a prompt 7am departure time, so instead of taking care of morning things at home and then coming over by 9am or so - I flip flopped things.

Goodbyes are HARD!  We have had such a wonderful time over the past week.  

And as I told them - Let's not say goodbye - let's just say Until Next Time!

As laundry is running (I was able to get an early start on it arriving at 6:30 this morning!) I am now sitting down with so many photos and fun memories of the past several days.

First off - you know we've been battling rain, cold, sleet, drizzle, fog, wind and freezing temps over the past week, right?  

Our first break happened on Sunday afternoon - mid afternoon it had reached a very windy, yet mostly sunny 51 degrees.  As we planned yesterday to head to Damascus to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail (More on that in tomorrow's post!) our LAST opportunity to go see the ponies had arrived.  It was Sunday afternoon in the wind or bust.

Good thing these gals came prepared!  Don the winter parkas!  Cover your ears, wear your gloves, we are going hiking!

I took a couple of photo op shots on this fabulous rock - and look what nature provided us with the second one:

And the angels sang! LOL!

Rainbows and all!

Keep it up ladies, there is a flat spot up ahead, I promise!

I always tell folks that hiking up here is kind of like whale watching.  The ponies are wild. They are not contained. They can be anywhere - or nowhere.  

I think I've only ever hiked up here when there were ZERO ponies to be seen, and frankly I say GOOD for them. I'm sure they need their break away from humanity as well.

But on this day - we hit the jackpot!

Zoey can't be bothered -

She is more interested in the other couple that is walking THEIR dog - she just wants to play!

Lawn mowers.  All of them!

Okay girls - which way do we go? LOL!

We actually tracked our distance, hiking about 2 1/3 miles - if you want to push it to 2 1/2, just double back a bit.  

There is quite a bit of uphill, some rocky bits, some muddy areas - and yet these gals just did the best! They should be so proud of themselves!

Three in a row.

Still in search of baby foals!

Yes! Now you CAN say you hiked the Appalachian Trail!

There is a serenity to be found in nature that fills my being to the brim.

And right there before us - 

A foal napping in the sunshine.

Hello, sweet one!  Welcome to the world!

Oh you are so cute!

(These photos are zoomed in, I'm not that close.)

This one, walking right past Deb as she stands rock still!

Yes it was cold. But it was worth it, so worth it!

Ladies, I'm wishing you safe travels as you make your way back toward Texas today.

Thank you so much for coming, for enriching my life and bringing so much happiness and laughter to Quiltville Inn!

And as stated at the beginning of this post - my day will be full of laundry, catching up on office stuff, recuperating from all of this fun - and prepping for our next group that arrives tomorrow afternoon!  Wheeeee!

For those who have asked - All of the Quiltville Inn  info can be found under the Quiltville Inn tab on my main website at Quiltville.com. Or simply click the Quiltville Inn Tab at the top of the blog to view.

We are fully booked for 2021.  There is a space on the page for you to add your group of 12 people to the waiting list.

As is standard practice for retreat facilities, I am only booking one year in advance.

Current groups have the first right of refusal on their same weekend the following year.  When openings happen should a group not wish to rebook for whatever reason I am contacting groups in the order that entries came in to fill the vacant spots.  

If a group refuses an offered date, they are removed from the waiting list. They may add themselves back to the bottom of the waiting list if they would like another opportunity.

I simply wish that there were more weekends available in the year!

It's not too late to save!

The printable PDF pattern for Catching Rainbows is now available at the introductory price of $9.00 in the digital patterns section of the Quiltville Store.  That's a 25% savings over the regular price of $12.00.

This price drop is good until May 1, 2021  (This coming Saturday!) when the price reverts back to full.

I've been trying to upload our Quiltville Quote of the Day and more - but I think I may have overextended the allowable photo limit as I keep getting errors on this page.  How about an imbed?

Who knows why programs do what programs do - but at least we gave it a shot -

I'm off to change out the laundry to the next load -

Have an awesome Tuesday, folks!



  1. ahhh, the laundry 2-step, actually it's more like a waltz, I can hear Lawrence Welk in the background (if that doesn't date me!!!) Love all the photos of all y'all... What fun and another bunch soon! Hugs, prayers & blessings... thanks for sharing, Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. Cats, I seem to remember bubbles floating around in the opening of the Lawrence Welk show. So, yep, a Lawrence Welk waltz number fits for laundry. LOL

    2. An' a one, an' a two ......
      Wasn't there something about champagne bubbles ?

  2. Oh those ponies! They are beautiful! Safe travels ladies back home to Texas.

  3. It was such fun to finally be able to view photos of your guests enjoying their quilt retreat. Thank you for sharing. So happy that some sort of normal has returned for some of us.

  4. Very happy for you and them, too! Marilyn Marks

  5. Enjoy being the "hostess with the mostess"! So happy that things are finally coming to life at the Inn!

  6. Looks like a wonderful week!! And how did that streaked rainbow happen?! So awesome!

    I love the ponies & how wonderful to see those sweet foals!!

    I wish there was some kind of wait list for “singles” who don’t have a group to be on the waiting list with? I would love so much to come but no group... my close friends are away from me, and I don’t have but 2 quilting friends near...any groups out there need someone?! 😊 References available!!

    Have a great day everyone!!

    1. Marci - there is a group called Onesies! In Quiltville Open Studio, click on the FILES tab at the top. Scroll down to the Onesies List and click on that. Rebecca Beeman Shumaker has instructions there on how to register for the Onesies and join the Sew Ready group. You will get to meet lots of new quilty friends!!

  7. Haha, OMG are we really invoking the memory of Lawrence Welk!?! 😉 We just been dated, girlfriends! Love reading your comments. Happy quilting!

  8. I went to see the ponies a couple of years ago and almost did a drive by of the Quiltville inn. Spent a long time at the ponies so we headed east immediately instead. Great duo if I get back up there before my niece moves.

  9. So glad that you have continuous groups coming in to enjoy quilting, nature and each other, as well as your company. A little green eyed with jealousy!! LOL To be able to quilt surrounded by such beauty. The ponies are so sweet. Have a great time.

  10. I absolutely love the photo of the ladies by the rock with the rainbow. Hmmmm. Could it be the inspiration for a “Celebrating the end of Covid” quilt?

  11. I call it the "Laundry train".... Choo Choo!! HAHA!! Evidence of a wild week! Thank you for sharing it. THe baby was just darling. Safe travels to the girls as they make their way back home!

  12. Thank you Bonnie. I have enjoyed seeing the quilting (and in yukky weather - best thing is sewing) and the fun. The rays coming down on everyone - well, that is so special! And thank you ladies - lovely to see a wonderful time being had by all and not just sewing - exploring. Oh so much good stuff that cheers one's heart.

  13. Thank you Connie’s for the “Onesies” info!! I will try to find that!!

  14. I have several smallish sized pieces of the fabric your friend was running low on--cream with pink green flowers. Does she want it? sharon@sharonstroud.com. I know where the bikes came from because I read the blog and you had that information there, as well as in the comments. I am having trouble posting a comment. Blogger will not connect.

  15. LOVE to see the pics of your guests & their creations!!! We are right there with you in spirit!!!


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