Thursday, April 15, 2021

Rollin' With the Changes

It's inevitable!

Nothing stays the same.

The only constant is change.

And we've got to roll with them if we want to keep moving forward.

Sometimes these changes come and I embrace them. Sometimes changes come and they tie me knots and throw me for a loop and a standstill.

This one is not a biggie  - but it will affect many of you so we are going to put this out here at the top of the blog so you can keep following with only a few adjustments being needed.

If you have previously signed up through Feedburner here on my blog to receive notifications of new posts in your EMAIL  (This is only for those who have posts emailed to them.)  Feedburner is discontinuing their email notification service.

There are many ways to follow the blog - the best of course being to just give me a bookmark and to come here directly.  You know my schedule. I post 6 days a week, in the morning usually before 10am Eastern Time.

The BLOGLOVIN info below is only for those who want an EMAIL in their inbox telling them of new posts.

There are other sites like Feedly.com where you can also build your own reading list of sites you like to visit, but I don't believe (I may be wrong) that they send these posts to your email. You must go to their site to view them.

The Feedburner email service you are now using will be discontinued in July.  So you have some time before that dies - but if you have signed up here previously, those emails will just STOP in July.

If you would like to keep receiving my blog posts by EMAIL input your email address in the NEW sign up found in the right hand side bar of the blog (Best viewed on a real computer where side bars are visible. They may not be on mobile phones.)

The thing about BlogLovin - is that they can overload you with unwanted emails unless you go in and change your settings.

I am not sure if this is only IF you have a BlogLovin account. But to help, here is a screenshot if you want to LIMIT the mails:

This is the Email & Notifications tab in my settings for my BlogLovin account.

 Next to NEW POST EMAILS I checked DAILY. And unchecked everything else below.

I don't want all of the other things - I'm overloaded as it is. 

I also followed a couple of friends to see how it goes getting notifications of their new posts in my email.

As I said - this is an OPTION for those who want my posts by email.  Any other reader service that does not offer email notifications isn't going to be mentioned at this time because we are focusing on email delivery.

If you are using a different service and they DO NOT SEND BY EMAIL, let's not add those comments to confuse people more than they already will be, okay?  This is just addressing email subscriptions.

If you sign up in the right hand side bar - and DON'T have a BlogLovin' account - I have no idea if you will have to go to settings to set your frequency, it may just send me to you with no problem. We will see.

As stated - changes cause hiccups, luckily this is only a small one!

Now that THAT is addressed, shall we get back on to some quilty fun?

Nine blocks and New Sandals!

Nine blocks puts me Not quite 1/4 the way to where I am headed.  But it's been FUN FUN FUN!

 I will release the pattern when the quilt is done, and it may be some time yet - there are other things in the queue. Thanks for understanding!

And the new Sandals?  Earth Origins!  I've had a previous pair of these that lasted years - they have great arch support and all of the Velcro closures make them easy to adjust to my feet.

Earth Origins Higgins Holland

I have added these to the Quilt & Sew Wear category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store along with the other cool things I've found and purchased.

These are seriously the most comfortable sandals I have ever had on my feet. I have high arches that cause me pain if there is not enough arch support, and these are GREAT.

And there WILL be a pedicure happening 2 weeks from tomorrow's 2nd Moderna shot! It's been something like 1 1/2 years since I have had an official pedi.  Lock down happened last year before I'd even had my first spring one.  I'm looking forward to it!

And this happens TOMORROW:


I've had requests saying "It would be so fun to do this as a sew along!"  And it would be!  But I am unable to run one at this time, so if you grab a couple of friends and work on it together it would be great!

There are are 8 color families in the quilt.  Maybe you could do it weekly - working on one color per week, and then after assembly your group could also switch to the borders.

You could even exchange the border blocks (Because they are trimmed to size so you don't have to worry about anyone else's seams or unit size.) and have some of everyone's scraps in your quilts that way.

If your group decides to do something like this - feel free to let me know and send photos that I can share!

The pattern drops tomorrow at a special introductory price. There will be a fabulous gift-away featuring fabric color rolls from Cotton to Quilts!  So we'll see you back here tomorrow when that fun begins.

Last evening I walked into the kitchen to find that the guys had decided on Pizza Night.  Look at Zoey! LOL!!

If you could have seen MY face - it would have been about the same as Zoey's.

Thanks, guys for taking care of dinner!

Oh, Zoey!

There is no pizza for you, baby girl, but we'll give you one of your twisty tripe treats instead, okay? (Yuck, but she loves them!)

Leave are appearing!!

This was my view from half-way up the porch stairs this morning.  It's a bit chilly - but the air feels so nice.  I'm enjoying these last weeks of "long range ridge views" before the leaves on the trees fill it all in again.

Today - mid afternoon appointment in Winston, so after lunch I'll be heading down the mountain.  I need to also stop by the Wallburg house and pick some stuff up for Jeff & Ashlyn that they are adopting for their new place.

It's likely there will be ZERO stitching happening today - it will be late when I'm back, but a driving day out in the spring sunshine has possibilities all its own.

How is your Thursday shaking up?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Gratitude creates abundance in life.⁣
It's a simple formula that will transform your life. Say it out loud, write it down, think it, feel it, breathe it.

Have a lovely Thursday, everyone!



  1. No problems regarding email notifications, I only signed up for them because I thought it would help you somehow. It has been a cool, beautiful Spring so far this year, love the patterns, the sandals and Zoey of course.

  2. Holy Cow you've made a lot of progress on the new blocks! It's such a dynamic pattern, super cool.

    Love the vintage zig-zag nine patch, too. I wonder if the colors were somewhat soft to start with and just got softer, or if they were vibrant primary shades and faded a LOT. Really pretty - makes me think of summer picnics.

  3. I really enjoy reading your posts. They are so uplifting and a great way to start the day. Thank You

  4. I get a few notices through Feedburner (though I had no idea that Feedburner was what did it), but Bloglovin' will work fine. I like Earth Origins, too -- DSW is a good source for them. Your Courthouse Logs look terrific. I do like on-point settings.

  5. I got my second shot yesterday, so playing today by ear (or body's reaction), and so far so good. I have a good bit of cutting left to do for a special quilt, so that's my plan for the day. Also scheduling my pedi for two weeks out. Also had my annual eye appointment yesterday, so fabulous new glasses are in my near future. Have a fun day out and about.

  6. These are my favorite sandals too! So comfortable, I have 3 pair....

  7. Heading off for a full afternoon of quilty sewing with my fun, fabulous friends! We have a jolly time with each of us working on our quilt creations with encouragement, assistance, and tips for each other. I'm just about finished with "Winter Blues" and taking "Tulip Time" to get started on today. What fun! TTYL:)

  8. I am resting today before traveling again for granddaughters softball. LOL Priorities for me, sewing is put on the back burner for a little while, but "I will be back". You keep me inspired. The one you are working on now is one I will be looking forward to in the future.

  9. My routine is that I read the news, Local and hometown newspapers, and then your blog. I'd read your blog first but I want to make sure I'm fully awake so I can absorb all the happy thoughts and information you give us 6 days a week! Thank you!

  10. I just bought a pair of Sketchers sandals which look nearly identical! I too, need a firm footbed and arch support for my arthritic feet.

  11. Thanks for the heads up about the Earth Origins sandals. I have a narrow foot and have a lot of trouble finding a sandal that fits. The velco tabs might solve that problem. And thanks for Nann for suggesting DSW as a possible source. I always need to try shoes on for fit, so I'll be checking them out.

  12. I have the same attitude as you about changes. They happen daily; it's all in how you roll with it! I miss having the dog being nosy and seeing what we are having for dinner! Oh, Zoey!!
    Loving the progress on your new one! Turning my alarm clock off for the weekend; getting an extra day off tomorrow! Enjoy the evening!

  13. Love those new blocks and that fabulous border on Catching Rainbows!!

  14. Love the sandals tip, and the quilty stuff is (as usual!) super inspiring. Leaves just beginiing to pop out here in West Michigan, too. Very cold here this morning, but my sister in VT is expecting 6-12 inches of snow, so I will not complain. Have a great weekend, Bonnie.

  15. I’m so happy you know about Earth Origins too! I just took my 5 year old pair and had to pitch them (boo Hoo) the sole on both sandals split across the ball of my foot. I found 2 pair to replace them online. I’ve found that a Mr. Clean sponge cleans up the foot oil every few months, or a good scrubbing with some dish detergent. I haven’t opted for the washer yet. They are great sandals, last forever and are not overly pricy.

  16. Hi Bonnie, So I clicked on your sign here for newsletter and that is Groups io is that correct? Will your emails still come to me now in July. Not sure what Groups is?

    1. You signed up for my NEWSLETTER that comes out about once a month. To sign up for daily blog notifications by email, put your email address in the BLOGLOVIN space in the right hand side bar of the blog - at the top. Look for the black BLOGLOVIN space.

  17. Loving the new quilt, would be soooo happy and honored to win this contest

  18. Thanks for showing the bloglovin email screen and what to check and uncheck. I was missing that piece of the puzzle! :)

  19. Although I am very computer-literate (it's part of my job to keep up with technology) the tech companies are making changes that infuriate me to the point where I want to just turn off all devices. Seems like the convoluted set-up, login and revisions are ever so much more difficult to deal with. Documentation and instructions are written by programmers who don't have a clue when it comes to writing for real-world users. 'Nuf said. My rant is over. The Feedburner thing just set me off - "new and improved" never is that.


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