Saturday, April 10, 2021

Binding to the Finish!

It is the BEST feeling when those last binding stitches go in!

And there are miles of binding stitches in this quilt - 

To recap: The top originally measured 108.5" x 114.5" before quilting. ⁣

After quilting with the shrink up it now measures 105" x 111." 

That's 3" of shrink top to bottom and side to side that will likely shrink more after washing and drying.

(I envision commercial laundromats for this job in my future - it's too big for a home machine.)

I quilted with Hobbs 80/20. 

And I'm so glad I went that big!

This morning before breakfast I decided to wash the other quilt that was on the guest room bed, so that I could try this one on for size -

Perfect, and just enough for a nice pillow tuck (Which I do like, even if some don't.)

And that scrappy backing!


And it hangs over just far enough without it being obnoxiously long and impossible to wash.

Right now it is back OFF the bed before pets claim it.  I'm still waiting for nice photo op days - and right now it is raining and foggy so we can skip today as well.

The right photo days will come - I just need to be patient. At least it is not freezing out - can you see that I have windows open?  LOVELY!

Be watching for the PDF pattern for Rockabilly Swing to be released later this summer.  I have some other irons in the fire first!

Zoey smiling big!

This sweet girl had her yearly vet check yesterday afternoon.  Poor thing was so brave through 2 vaccination shots, and a fecal test. YUCKY!  But we do it to keep her healthy and living her best life.  We want her with us for a long long time.

We are also up to date on flea/tick meds as spring/summer/fall bug season will be upon us.  She loves to run through the woods and there are a lot of deer so the tick meds are important.

She is smiling her as if to say "Good Girl, Mama!" When I told her that I would also be receiving my second vaccination shot this coming Friday!

We do it because we love each other.

With this rainy day upon us - it looks like I'm going to make it an inside day and there are plenty of things to take care of -

What's up ahead for your weekend?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sometimes you don't feel the weight of something you've been carrying until you feel the weight of its release. 💕💕

Now let go of MORE. 🤗

Smith Mountain morning quilt found in my book Scraps & Shirttails II.

I'll catch you back here on Monday!



  1. Beautiful finish on that bed! I love a Pillow tuck as well. Hoping for some Quilting time later today, while the Bread rises. Any excuse to get my stitches in. Partly cloudy and less chance of rain today. It's a great day for Tulip Pictures.

  2. My king sized quilts are always washed in a commercial machine at the laundromat, just take hand work with you (for me it’s knitting) & the job is done in no time. Beautiful shots in the bedroom!

  3. Lots of deer here, too. Our vet recommended our dog have an inoculation for Lyme disease. Must keep our critters safe.

  4. That is a gorgeous room with the amazing quilts! Congrats on the huge finish! It is such a great feeling to get those last binding stitches in!

  5. Love your snails trail quilt. Waiting impatiently for the pattern to come out. Read your news letter every day. Thanks for all the work you put into it.

  6. So beautiful! Thank you for being such a great inspiration! My Saturday is a little planting, with a chance of painting and 100% chance of sewing!

  7. Beautiful quilt, the purple binding sets it off nicely. I agree, it's always a good feeling when the last binding stitches are done. Looking forward to seeing what's next, have a nice weekend; I assume that you meant to say catch us on MONDAY.

  8. Another fabulous finish for the win! This will brighten even the darkest days.

  9. Love your quilt finish. So happy and colorful and looks great on your bed. I finished binding a hospice quilt last nite and hope to get outside a bit today as it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Have a happy day!

  10. Your quote of the day spoke to my heart today. Thank you for making me feel less alone.

  11. My what big beautiful teeth you have Zoey!

  12. Do gorgeous on the bed. And purple binding. Perfect!

  13. Beautiful Quilt!! The pieced backing really makes it. Your guest room is Oh so warm and inviting. Now the real show stopper is Zoey posing with her just cleaned big smile. I can't wait to meet her! I had a wonderful pedicure this morning and I am a new woman. Enjoy your beautiful new quilt and your week-end.

  14. Got my first poke on Wednesday 4/7 and the next one is scheduled for 5/5 (2 weeks is apparently not possible given the population here). Rockabilly Swing is looking to be a new classic. And love Zoey showing off her new pearly whites. Miss Hollywood is ready for her closeup now! (Reminder to self- I am way way way behind on dental appointments...)

  15. I love your sweet dog so much and the beautiful cats. We have a Blue Heeler named Annie. She is just about the same size as Zoey. I have a special place in my heart for the herding dogs. They have so much personality and energy.
    Love your quilts too. You have such great ideas for using scraps. That is my favorite kind of quilt!

  16. Zooey’s teeth are impressively sparkling white. Excellent parenting!

  17. Some of the florals on the back of Rockabilly Swing remind me of vintage 60-70's sheets, and they're awesome.

    Yep, ticks are already out full force here. Been finding them all over the house - thanks, dogs. Love that smile, Zoey!

  18. As always, Bonnie, a beautiful finish. Can't believe the size - brave woman you are!

  19. Love your new quilt and Zoey has the sweetest face ever!

  20. Bedding long enough to tuck back over the pillow - just like my Mom taught me! So pretty! I love the new "quilt" with the red squares, so interesting.

  21. Love this scrappy snail's trail.....is this what you refer to as Rockabilly Swing? So appropriate ! Looking forward to this patters....I have TONS of scraps!


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