Thursday, April 22, 2021

Power Outage Delays and Round About Town!

Yesterday's Lunch Bunch!

If you read yesterday's post about the scheduled power outage to replace a dangerously leaning pole - and my plans to take everyone over to Jefferson for a round of antique mall wandering and lunch out - 

TWO out of THREE of these things happened!

The antique mall was a blast.  the lunch out with friends was wonderful.

The power outage however - NEVER HAPPENED!

And they didn't let us know that they were rescheduling due to the weather - it was raining sleet, temps were just above freezing, and the wind was blowing everything sideways.

I understand weather delays - totally.

But now they are going to turn off the power at Quiltville Inn THIS MORNING - instead of yesterday.

So what can we do about it? (That light coming out of the top of my head in this photo cracks me up!)

Hubster and Son came over yesterday afternoon with a couple of generators that we hope will power just the sewing room.

The temp this morning is 28.  At least it is sunny so we'll have some daylight through the windows.

Many are planning on handwork - we may have to be cautious with irons pulling too much power, but some should be able to run machines.

Projected time of outage?  10am - 2pm.

We just gotta love rural living!

Photo off the back porch at Quiltville Inn.

These guys seemed unaffected by weather - 

Cows know how to do it right - just keep your head down and keep munching forward.

We will do that too.

As seen at the antique mall -

I think I have cabinet love -

With nowhere to put it.

Such a fun bow tie!

There were a couple of quilts that were hung up high where we couldn't get them down to unfold them and really look -

But we COULD reach up and run our fingers over the beautiful hand quilting in the alternate blocks of this one.

And isn't the use of the stripe in the outer border just so much fun?

This one caught my eye -

Economy patch blocks with nine patches.

Very typical of southern quilts - thick batting, unmarked diagonal quilting.  

And the maker paired this with a pink backing!  Such a wonderful folk arty quilt.

Carpenter's wheel - cheddar and blue.  

Check out the quilting!

I love the X's in the squares around the star.

I spy a sewing machine case!

I cannot resist the urge to just take a peek -

What if it's something REALLY good, and I would have missed it if I didn't look?

I'm guessing 1970s??

Nope.  I'm downsizing, remember?

There was one other treadle that has been there a long while so I didn't take photos of it again.

Oh, now this is a real scrap bagger!

Heavy heavy heavy!

Yeah, that's my foot for scale!

Do you recognize the block pattern?  it's the same block we used in our Jewel Box Stars Leader & Ender challenge! 

Instead of rotating the blocks to form stars, these blocks were all sewn in one direction, giving the appearance of slanted 6 point stars.

I love blocks that can be turned any number of different ways to make quilts that look completely different.

The ladies all found fun little trinkets and things to take home from their foray over the state line into North Carolina.

Production happening with my sashings!

We returned the the inn around 2pm as scheduled to find that the power didn't go off at all.

No worries, we had a fun few hours out, and I loved showing the ladies my stomping grounds and favorite places.

I will continue to work on these through the week.

I hope to be able to put the quilt together by next week!

As seen around the Quilting Quarters -


Such a happy creative mess!

Garden Party from my Addicted to Scraps book in progress!

I stayed until dinner time and headed home to feed my own guys – they worked so hard to get the generators set up for this morning.

Yeah, no hand quilting happened last night either! LOL!

I do have some handwork planned for today.  My favorite pair of jeans have a blown out knee.

I plan on having some fun with some visible mending - and if I like it - there are a couple of other pairs I haven't ditched yet (Was planning on making them into shorts) that may also get the same treatment.

Why not?

I'll share photos of what comes of this trial and error adventure.

I'm excited over what Thursday will bring - even with the threat of power outage!

Anything fun ahead for your Thursday?

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This price drop is good until May 1, 2021 when the price reverts back to full.

Okay - time for me to load up what I need for power outage day, and head over to the inn to power through it with the ladies, making more memories in the process.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Apple Core quilt found in Michigan. 

When you look back on your life, will you be glad you got in there and LIVED it.

I am posting this quilt especially for the Texas Ladies who got a quickie tour of the Quiltville Post Office yesterday after our return form town.

I was asked if I had ever made an Apple Core quilt myself.  My answer? “No way.  I spent too many early years in stretch and sew classes and all I can see when I look at Apple Core quilts are panty crotch pieces.” LOL!  (And it is so true and once you see it you can’t unsee it…am I right?!)

Make more happy memories! 

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!



  1. Apple core quilts have never appealed to me - now I know why!

  2. LOL, I thought I was the only one who thought apple core blocks looked like crotch pieces!!!!

  3. Regarding your yellow dogwood, once those mature a bit they should turn white. They are not true flowers, but don't tell THEM that.

  4. Re: that piece of furniture.
    I think it's a Franken-cabinet. It looks like the top didn't start life attached to the bottom. Someone in the past needed storage but didn't have space for two pieces. My mom did that once but I have to say my dad's carpentry job made the result look more coherent than that one.

  5. patching the knee on your jeans? Try sashiko. Stylish and strong and that is what it was originally for. Easy to do too.
    Anna in IL

  6. 😂😂😂 funny about the apple core quilt. I did not even notice, hilarious Judy and Linda. 🥳 okay. I have never made one, so now I can just forget about that forever since this is etched in my mind. Or we could call it a mini pad quilt.
    Moving on. I love these photos. Happy Happy Happy

  7. Panty crotch pieces LOL now that is a great laugh to go with my coffee :)

  8. Thanks for the visual Bonnie! I'll think of that everytime I pick up my apple core handwork...ugh

  9. Maybe that is where the pattern came from...left over panty crotch pieces! 😂 They used every scrap they had!!!!

  10. I love the looks of the cabinet but like you I have no place to put it. Also, love the blue blocks on the design wall starting around the corner. That will be a stunning quilt when it's finished. Looks like a fun group!

  11. LOL, I took those same classes and now I'll never see apple core as anythign else!

  12. My Jewel Box Stars and Frolic quilts are still
    In boxes, yet to be completed since we had a major move from NC to TN last October. I did recognize it though! Someday...

  13. I've repaired holes in favorite jeans for friends in the past by adding sunflowers & small blocks that I'd pieced & quilted and then sewing it over the hole (after I filled in the hole with fabric and sturdy sewing). Turned out pretty darned cute.

  14. I love that you are once again sharing about the retreat adventures! It's a lovely reminder that our old lives will return one day. Enjoy!

  15. LOL I can't unsee it now either. Thanks for the giggle this morning. It looks like everyone is having a great time. pam

  16. Thanks for the belly laugh this morning to start my day off properly! All these years and never noticed what is so obvious.

  17. What a beautiful piece of furniture - requiring space I don't have! And thanks for sharing the cheddar carpenters wheel (and all the others too) - wish we had shops like that up here in the UP. You all are having a great time.

  18. It’s so good to see Quiltville Inn full of retreaters, I’m sure they are having a blast!! I also really appreciate the post that include antique quilts, they inspire me so much, I always ponder on the maker when I see them, wondering about her life!

  19. The apple core vision - gave me a big laugh this morning. Looks like everyone is having fun and that is wonderful to see.

  20. So good to see your sweet Quiltville Retreat House alive and buzzing. Long overdue. Enjoy it.

  21. I just finished a scrappy quilt for donation to Project Linus. It's quilted with an apple core design. I hope the recipient doesn't notice the panty crotch shape! LOL
    Thanks for the laughter this morning!

  22. Well that is a new prospective on the Apple Core quilt. LOL Thanks for the visual. Also thank you for recommending the book "The Four Winds" by Kristin Hannah. This is the first book that I have read in a while that has made me cry. The sadness of what these people went through, but also the joy of what happens when you are a Warrior. So much in this book.

  23. Love quilters, inspiration comes from the strangest places. LOL

  24. My first quilt was Apple Core. Cut by hand and sewn by hand. Used what I had, since we were stationed on a small island in the Atlantic. Top is velvet and corduroy. Back is velour. I traded a set of 3 cast iron pans and the instructor put the backing on and bound it with the backing. Then I tied it with yarn. Never again. About 6 years later, back in the states, I went to JoAnne's for something and the had a quilt class advertised. "You can do that on a machine?!?" I signed up!

  25. I thought that I was the only one who saw those apple cores as panty shields!

  26. A couple of chuckles in this blog: wonder what your "happy friend" thought about the seating in the PUBLIC restaurant :) and crotch pieces (AKA apple core) :D:D. A couple of envies also: cabinet love (wow) and those lovely design walls! I know the retreaters are having a great time!

  27. hadn't thought of that about the apple core. I made one from overlaping circles. Each core was it's own miniature quilt. Since the backing was flannel talk about heavy. My husband loved it and now it's his sister's since she admired it.

  28. OMG - hilarious, I hadn't seen it that way before, and now I'll never see it any other way. LOL My aunt made one while recovering from TB, took her several years, and she didn't repeat any fabric in the quilt. Love the swing the guys hung for you. Glad to see smiling faces at the Inn again. Y'all have fun.

  29. Many years ago I was in a quilt group that aloud each member to chose a block for the group to work on. Mine was an Apple Core. Boy did I hear complaints! Nobody liked the curves. After, several members decided curves were not so hard. I treasure my little wall hanging!

  30. You're right- I can't un-see that now!! Glad that your ladies are having a blast, and are out and about on this grand Quiltville adventure with you; life is good!

  31. Now I know why I never had the desire to make an apple core quilt!! Once you see it you can't unsee it!! LOL! So good to see life at Quiltville Inn! It needs to be filled with love and laughter!

  32. I am glad that you are ignoring Donna. She is just pathetic! Grow up and move on. You just feel you need to be the center of attention...guess what we are bored with people like you!!

  33. That looks like such fun, antiquing!! Hope everything works out with the electricity. Just making it through the day, so we can get to Friday! Hopefully a little piecing tonight. Enjoy the rest of your time with the girls!! ( Pepper says Hi!!)

  34. I have a reoccurring dream where I run a remote rustic retreat (no electricity), where I supply treadle and hand crank machines for use. The details get pretty interesting!

  35. So, so wonderful to read about retreaters again and see pics of design walls, outings, faces and projects. How we’ll never take normal life for granted ever again.

  36. Bought an acrylic template for an apple core block because it was on sale. Cut out a beejeebus amount of apple cores. Then started sewing them together. And thought 'whoever decided an apple core block was a good idea needs to be in jail'. A short time later I bought a piecing foot for curves and that did help quite a bit, but the quilt still only managed to get to a small tabletop size (as in the top of a sewing cabinet). The table and table topper is now beside my bed and so I'm reminded every morning when I get up that I will never, ever do this again.

  37. It’s so great to see retreat posts again! Its great to see faces, projects, design walls and outings. We’ll never take normal for granted again.

  38. Got a big laugh about the apple core pattern looking like panty crotch pieces.

  39. Bonnie, what a delightful post and side splitting comments today; love how most everyone got a visual on that little curve that will last forever! The cabinet at the antique store is spectacular...it has so much storage space I'd have to make room for it! Reminds me of one of our local antique shops "The Green Pea" had a pristine Hoosier Cabinet that I absolutely drooled over for a few Saturdays (shop only open one day a week) and then Covid caused closures and shop is still closed. I will take a field trip this Saturday and see if shop is open and if I can think of a way to bring that Hoosier home! I'm working on tiny scrappy butterflies from your most recent Quiltmaker magazine pattern....addictive little butterflies...making a few table runners for gifts! Thank you as always for the look inside your life, your ever creative nature and sharing of Quiltville and your furry adventurous critters.
    Bless you.

  40. Fabulous. What lovely stitching progress. Also had to laugh at the photo with the light - it's obviously you having another great idea and that lightbulb moment went on! Thank you - it's been wonderful to see the retreat and ladies having fun.

  41. Thanks Bonnie, for making me laugh out loud - the panty crotch quilt totally cracked me up! The retreat looks and sounds like great fun :)

  42. Well, thanks Bonnie! Now all I can see when I look at my apple core that I made with my favorite chicken fabrics are panty crotch pieces! LOL! Who'd have thought. Enjoy your day of hand sewing. Visible mending should be cool. The younger generation buy them with the holes!

  43. I'll never look at an apple core the same again!

  44. I had never seen the apple core as the crotch for panties. You're right! Once you see it, you can't unsee it! But I have more planned than I can sew in my years left so who needs the apple core?

  45. So happy to see the happy retreaters again! I patched my favorite jeans with a leftover block — it got compliments from Quilters and non-Quilters alike. I’m sure we all have leftover blocks, way more blocks than we have jeans!

  46. The light above you in the picture sort of looks like a crown! That officially makes you che crowned queen of scrap quilts👸

  47. Hi, Seeing a group of happy ladies near brought tears to my eyes. I miss my group meetings and seeing hope on the horizon feels so good. Thank you so much

  48. Rural living? Yes, it's the best but it is also why I own two hand crank Singer sewing machines and two treadle machines. Power outages? Not a problem! I keep on sewing. I also just love the idea of the hand crank machines and made a king size Quiltworx paper pieced quilt using a hand crank Singer. The idea of mixing old with new is fun. I LOVE antiques!

  49. So glad to know that someone else sees the apple core as I have for years and why I have never wanted to make one! Love the hutch!

  50. Thank you for the smiles and laughs. Said I would never make an apple core quilt. Now I know why. Apple core = crotch piece. Too funny!

  51. Holy Cow! I never saw it until you said it, now that is all I'll see too. :) :O)
    How funny is that.

  52. The Apple Core "visual" seems to be universal! Can't un-see the undies! Maybe reds and whites would help, but I don't think so. Some how I just can't visualize "Apple Core". I'd rather do Catching Rainbows. Am ordering pattern right now even though I don't need the pattern to make it. Love the border!

  53. The very first time I ever saw the Apple core quilt I, too, saw panty liners! I’ve never been tempted to make that quilt! Too funny 🤪


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