Monday, April 26, 2021

Quilts Off the Porch! (in the Rain!)

There was just NEVER a break in the weather on Saturday - drizzle, wind, cold temps - Come on, April! Where are you?

At one point, the rain did stop enough - barely enough - for us to get some photos over the porch rail.

At least with the cloud cover - there was less glare and shadow issues, right?

As the Quilt Sisters hail from Texas - and were with me the week that Frolic  became an inspiration in my mind due to a photo op amidst the Texas Blue Bonnets along the side of the highway - it is extra special that a bouquet of Frolic quilts came to grace beds and the porch rail at Quiltville Inn.

Ramona gave hers a wonderful twisted rick rack border!

Jennifer's - so gorgeous!

Her inner border of green really ties things together!

This one is Deb's!

I love that they are all so similar, yet each unique in its own way.

I love "Quilts over the rail" day - and am on fire to get started with this coming winter's Quiltville mystery - I haven't put cutter to fabric yet, but am playing with some fun ideas in my mind!

More porch rail color!

Two Talkin' Turkey quilts from my book String Fling!

Sherri attached her binding and hand stitched it down while here!

(And yes, that is rain - just barely a drizzle - you see on the photo!)

Jennifer's in rainbow with black background.

Aren't these both so much fun?

A Carolina Crossroads top finish by Samantha

From my book Scraps & Shirttails!

I love seeing it in this color way!  Carolina Crossroads was presented as an early mystery - one of our first!

Jennifer finished her Zuckerwatte from String Fling!  It was just a handful of blocks and units when they first arrived - It's gorgeous, Jennifer!

And you can see a bit of Ramona's Garlic Knots on the design wall where she is working.  It has been a week of productivity for sure!

Something I've been working on!

This has been my leader/ender since I finished our Easy Breezy a few months back.  It has been a total strip drawer clean out of all of the old, the ugly, the thready, the lesser loved - the dregs of strips that were left after doing the last SEVERAL leader/ender challenges out of that drawer.

It all started with Checkerboard Rails and went on to Shoo Fly Shoo (I made TWO quilts from that one!) and on to Easy Breezy. What  was left just HAD to go.

My top is finished, but I'm not ready to share it yet - so stay tuned!

What's up next in my world?  (On the side of the Cabin Corners in progress, because a girl just can't have one thing going, right?!)

The solids scrap bin is GOING DOWN.

It's been a long while since I have made a quilt in all solids.  I'm going to be using one of my previous Addicted to Scraps Column blocks. I'll be sharing more of this project in the future.

And now for the moment we've been waiting for!

It's time to draw for the winner of our Catching Rainbows and fabric roll Gift-Away!

We have 8722 entries!!  HOLY COW!

Who is entry 8258?

Bonnie Keilbach!  Congrats!

Bonnie, I have sent an email to the address you provided with your entry.  Please reply to that email with your mailing address and I'll have Irene at Cotton to Quilts get your fabric roll prize right out to you, and I'll reply back with your PDF pattern for Catching Rainbows attached.

Fabric Rolls are still available at Cotton To Quilts!

And I know Irene will be putting more in stock over the next few days so check back with her if they are out of what you are looking for.

And my thanks to her for being so willing to participate in offering these gorgeous fabrics to go along with my new pattern releases.

It's not too late to save!

The printable PDF pattern for Catching Rainbows is now available at the introductory price of $9.00 in the digital patterns section of the Quiltville Store.  That's a 25% savings over the regular price of $12.00.

This price drop is good until May 1, 2021  (This coming Saturday!) when the price reverts back to full.

Today - we are off to Damascus to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail!

There has finally been a break in the weather - temps should reach just about 70 in Mouth of Wilson - it will probably be a bit cooler at the top of White Top Mountain, but we will layer up and enjoy the bright sunshine.

Today is the last day of the Quilt Sisters retreat - they'll be heading back to Texas and Arkansas tomorrow morning early.  Time has sure flown.

How was your weekend?  Did you get any sewing time in?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in Sioux Falls South Dakota.

(Another beautiful idea for those solids!)

I am reminded of the song from the movie South Pacific that went "I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair..." only this time it's "I'm going to wash those thoughts right out of my head!"
Leave those thoughts that keep you from moving forward along the side of the road and wave them goodbye! 

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!



  1. So many beautiful quilts and fun time with friends.

  2. How beautiful - all those quilts hanging over the rail!!

  3. April showers bring May flowers! Beautiful quilts the ladies made. Wish I could see them a little closer up! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  4. So fun sharing retreat fun! Thank you!

  5. Retreats are the best, especially in such a beautiful natural setting. Mine is at a former plantation, now a faith based retreat campus, with cabins and land on the James River. Lovely to walk, quiet, spacious and so restorative. I'm so glad you can offer one in the western tip of this beautiful state.

  6. I’m making some Easy Breezy blocks, great to do. Reading your blog post it sounds as though you put together your Easy Breezy blocks quilt but I must have missed that - although I read your posts every day. Could you direct me to the post that features your finished quilt, please? Thank you.

  7. Having one of my quilts hanging over the rail at Quiltville Inn is definitely on my bucket list. :-)

  8. Love the quilts on the porch rail! Beautiful way to display & brag! :)

  9. So many beautiful quilts and ladies. You can tell they had a great time.

  10. You seem to enjoy the retreaters as much as they enjoy your retreats and your esteemed company! It never gets old for you and that is a wonderful thing, Bonnie.
    You keep everyone stoked with creativity and enthusiasm for the quilting journey. You indeed reTREAT so many of us who cannot be there physically but are equally reCHARGED by all that boundless energy!!

  11. Beautiful quilts ladies! Enjoy your day!

  12. Beautiful quilts ladies! Enjoy your fun day!

  13. Loved every one of the quilts and could not pick a favorite as they all were so great. I gave myself a wonderfully nice surprise last night, I was quilting the borders of my quilt and went to move the hoop to the fourth border only to discover I just finished the fourth. What a great surprise and feeling to have it done. Now on to sewing the binding on by machine and finishing it by hand then it will get a much needed bath to get all my markings out. Safe travels to the various homes to the retreaters.

  14. I love all the quilts hanging from the porch. They are all so beautiful, it always amazes me how different they can look in different colorways.

  15. Quilts on the rails is a wonderful way to display them!! They are all so beautifully done! I got to quilt on my niece's quilt this weekend, and the binding is made. It just needs to be sewn on. I also have a quilt for a customer that I have been putting together and struggling to get the shades "just right!" I recieved today my "Wonky Wishes" pattern. Can't wait to dive in the scrap bucket for that one! Though today was long it finally ended. We now have 4 Mondays left before school lets out. Enjoy the last of the time with the gals and hope everyone has a safe trip back home!!

  16. All the quilts are beautiful, but that red one is outstanding!

  17. Yes, I am greatly enamored of the Talking Turkey quilt in red, too. It is on my "to do" list; I love the pattern!

  18. Gorgeous quilts! The perfect setting to share them!

  19. So awesome to drive by on the way home from Jefferson and see the bounty of quilters languishing in your dream of quiltville inn. Love reading your blog and seeing all your ingenuity. God bless! Your neighbor Judy

  20. Beautiful quilts! So happy to see some normal fun!
    Bonnie, I am curious....just how close are you to the Virginia Creeper Trail? I have ridden it 3 times, so relaxing and beautiful. I love that area of Virginia. I live about 3 hours away.

  21. So many times when I read your posts I feel in-sync. Your enjoyment of quilting and sharing your craft has me wanting to attend a retreat! You are to be commended on how you are handling the 'junk'. Hoping you remain positive amidst Covid and life in the abnormal. Wohoo on opening your space once again.

  22. Good quote, very pretty quilts made by all.
    Yes, it was dreary this past week-end especially southern Virginia.
    Nicer days are coming, but I am sure all of you made your own sunshine
    even in the dreariest weather.

  23. I decided to use up my scraps stash by making kids' quilts for our sheriff's department to use as comfort quilts for kids in crisis. I've given three quilts already and have two more in progress. The sheriff's would like to have 30 quilts on hand.

  24. We are on an adventure to Seaside Oregon for a few days. Very little quilting going on, but maybe a break in the quilt shop visiting drought.......beautiful quilts from the retreat ladies.

  25. How do you make a twisted rick rack border? I hope you'll tell us in a future post! It's lovely.


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