Monday, April 12, 2021

Weekends and Wanna-dos!

I am back to hand quilting on the Eternal Hexie quilt.

Well sort of.

It's kind of hard to move and maneuver the hoop once these two have settled into their own version of "Pet Tetris" on top of me.

It's about this time that the thimble goes back in its little metal tin along with the quilting thread, needles, seam ripper, a few pins and a needle threader.

Yes, this is getting a bit more difficult!


My weekend went so quickly by and I feel like I don't have a lot to show for it.  Saturday was surrounded with so much morning fog before the rain really it -

I made a trip down to Wilkesboro to visit with Mona on Saturday morning - and the closer I got to the Blue Ridge Parkway - the more "pea soup" thick the fog got.

Kind of eerie on an empty road!

No matter how I flashed my headlights to get their attention, that car in front of me would not turn on their lights!

I kept a far distance - it would have been easier if I had seen the red of tail lights in front of me to gauge things. 

Just beyond the Parkway overpass is a steep grade that winds down the mountain for a few miles, and once down there we were below the fog and it was like a completely different planet!

We had a good visit - we talked of EVERYTHING while sitting in Mona's back yard.  Kids, grandkids, parents, projects - you name it.

Though we are still cautious, it's nice to feel that there will be more normalcy returning in due time.

This is where I am heading with this -

A continuation of sewing up the scraps left from the Rockabilly Swing (aka Snail's Trail) that is now in the done column.

I'm having fun with this - you can see how the red is really a nice accent - 

The inner part of each block is coming from bonus triangles (Bags of them!) and other small pieces.

As the pieces get longer and larger, they are coming out of strings - so it is a combination of many scrap sources in my studio.

(No pattern available until the quilt is finished, bound, photographed and pattern written. Stay tuned!)

It's another long term project at hand - and I love not having to rush through anything. This will grow on the side of other things as usually by June I know which direction I wish to go with our Winter Mystery which should also be underway soon -

Jan's Garlic Knots  quilt finish!

"I just got my Garlic Knots quilt back from the (Judy Lanza) Long-armer. I stopped at the ball field and grab this picture. It was real windy! I love it."

Jan, that black background is just WOWZA!  I love it!

Thank you so much for sharing your quilt through our Quiltville’s Open Studio group on Facebook!

I love seeing all of the interpretations you make, turning the quilt into a reflection of your own likes and ideas. It's so exciting for me to see. I love that every day is like a quilt show right here on my screen!

I'll be back at my desk today, working some more on the Catching Rainbows quilt pattern - I am hoping for a Friday release! 

With all of the rain we've had - (And fog! And wind!) it hasn't been great for photos but I'm hoping that one day this week we can really snap some good ones.

It's going to be a busy week - I have an appointment in Winston on Thursday afternoon - and Friday is also my second vaccine dose so my desk time is a bit short sheeted this week.

How was your weekend?  Any quilty finishes to report?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I love things that apply to life as well as to quilting!
Our mistakes are a way of learning and without them we would not be growing.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!



  1. No Finish yet, I have a few months of Hand Quilting ahead of me. Nice to go and visit Mona! Quilty Friends are the best. I miss mine a lot! And I have a Great Grandson to make a quilt for. My EQ will be working out a fun design for that.

  2. You need a second handwork project close by to work on after Zoey Jo and Ivy Lea take up positions.

    Without pets of my own, I vicariously enjoy yours.

  3. I spent the weekend at my guild's annual retreat! It was sooo much fun. I love the energy that comes with being with other creative people, and the comments, suggestions, and accolades mean so much. Didn't quite finish any project, but NEARLY finished a QOV, and made good progress on a Hidden Wells child size quilt.

  4. That new scrap project is really fascinating because it looks like a pattern with 2 alternating blocks, but it's really only 1 block...very cool!

  5. I cut for two solid days and yesterday sewed a billion and a half HST. Today is iron and trim and stack. Working on your Blue Skies pattern and loving it! Marilyn Marks

  6. Just finished hand quilting Good Fortune last night! Nice to have it go from the "to be quilted" pile to the "finished" pile. Now to pick out a binding color.

  7. I really like this new project! No sewing for me this weekend but I'll make up for it today! Doing two QAL and trying to L/E them.

  8. Cabin Corners is just... good heavens that's gorgeous! I'm so looking forward to watching that project grow and evolve.

  9. God forgive us if we move or wake a sleeping fur baby!

  10. Your new quilt is going to be beautiful! The black background on the garlic knots is gorgeous. Have a great day! Oh, my second shot kinda threw my for a loop. I had chills and my joints and lower back really hurt. I took two Alieve for the joint and back pain and slept like a log. Next day it was like it never happened. My sister, who has major health issues, was fine after hers. We both had the Moderna.

  11. I really like your new project. The way you're doing it makes it look nearly impossible until I did a close up look. Iaughed out loud. It is so attractive.

  12. Several years ago I noticed that my new car had headlights but no tail lights but when the light switch was in the auto position. Great new quilt idea.

  13. Very little sewing this weekend. But I did get my second shot Wednesday. Arm was sore but not near as bad as the first one. Friday morning it was like it never happened

  14. I finished and gifted my Grassy Creek quilt to our son. I need to get photos, yet, because I was so anxious to give it to him that I forgot to do that.

  15. I just got my Grassy Creek quilt back from the long armed. I will have several evenings seeing a binding. I still need to make a label for it and I have downloaded the zazzie logo for it!

  16. I love your new scrappy Courthouse Steps on point. I will make this quilt, for sure!
    Current project is setting vintage 9” Pinwheels together with sashing for a client who had stitched them when a girl under her quilting grandmother’s guidance. It’s time to turn those blocks into a quilt!

  17. I like the tiny red triangles tucked into the "NOT red and white" blocks! And I like your theme of learning from our mistakes as one of my parents believed and tried to inculcate into me that everything should be done perfectly the first time. NOT a great model for a future quilter.

  18. This weekend I finished sewing the color strips for Winter Blues into pairs. I'll continue cutting 7" off to use for the braided border blocks. Probably wait until I have at least 46 border blocks sewn before I go back to pairing up the colored pairs and subcutting those for the 16-patch blocks.

  19. Driving without lights in foggy/rainy/snowy conditions has always been a pet peeve. One thing I figured out, if I use my daytime running lights the tail lights do not come on, only the headlights. So I just always use my light switch. Not sure if all cars are like this, but might be worthwhile checking your own vehicle.

  20. So glad to hear that you got time to visit with your pal! I also dislike driving in the pea soup fog. It is very dangerous. As for quilty things, I finished the twin size top for my niece. I am penciled in on the long arm machine so I can quilt it this weekend. I have a scrappy wallhanging to go with it. It's going to be busy here this week, so there may not be much sewing time in the evenings. Waiting to get done with the next two projects and then I will be ready to cut my scraps into several projects lined up. Enjoy that snuggle time with the furbabies!

    1. I have finished the Leaders and Enders from 2017, Checkerboard Rail. Due to Covid 19 the quilting has to wait until next vaccine shot in may. Next on my list is the leaders and enders from 2019, ShooFly. All blocks done and sashing cut. Thank you for your inspiration.

  21. What a pleasant surprise to se my quilt in your blog! Bonnie you are my muse and inspiration.

    1. If that is your Garlic Knots, it’s beautiful! I love the black background and the brights. Way to make it your own.

    2. yes it is.Thank you so much.

  22. I have wandered from project to project, with husband getting home hospice care,I have many emotions and need the comfort of sewing without problems to solve. I hapoened on boxes and bags of 1and1/2" half square triangles and settled on the churn dash leader and ender project. Also have many many 2 1/2" squares. A quick cutting of some off white strips and I am off and running. Piecing and webbing this block is just what I needed right now. My pieces are sorted by the machine, ready when I have a bit of time while my husband naps.

  23. Correction : the block is Shoo Fly, not churn dash!

  24. OMG I am absolutely loving this latest project of yours! I love the way the red strips form diamonds and how the lights give the eyes a chance to rest. I am definitely buying this pattern when you get it done. I'm not trying to rush you, I've got lots of projects in the works myself, but this one will absolutely join the list. Thank you for your everlasting creativity! Karen L. in Florida

  25. Carly Nord, yes that was my Garlic Knots quilt. Thank you for the compliment.


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