Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Green, Green - It's Green They Say -

I had a lovely little drive on my "outings day" to take care of some much needed things.

And there couldn't have been a better day for a drive than this gorgeous April Tuesday.

It's like someone somewhere flipped a switch.

Less than a week ago we had snow falling (Last Thursday I believe)

We had crazy hail and torrential rain - morning temps hovering around 18f.  CRAZYTOWN weather.

But yesterday?

The green is back!  YAY!

I loved the difference in texture with the as-to-yet-be-plowed-under corn field -

And the green fields and farms a bit further back -

And my glorious blue ridge mountains continuing beyond.

And Jack.

Hello, Jack! I haven't seen you since last fall!

It's always fun to take a different route, even if it might not be the most direct just to see what is changing, what is blooming, and who is watching as I drive on by.

This morning as I'm writing this post I have ONE song running through my mind - a song that I used to sing with my dad while he played guitar - I couldn't have been more than 8 or 9 at the time, even though the song was popular and on the radio when I was about a year old.

Do you remember this?

Green, Green by the New Christy Minstrels.

You are welcome for the ear worm!

And I am happy with the new hair cut!

The Old Fields Woolen Mill down below Quiltville Inn

I still have not gone down to poke around this place.  The grass at the bottom edge of the photo is my property- and a little creek runs in a ravine between my property and the mill - 

In my mind there are so many echoes of the past as I imagine what the sounds would be like with machines running, people coming and going. I wonder what life was like in this place during the heyday of mill towns such as this.

Scrap Bin Explosion!

I'm doing a semi-clean-up of where all of the mess from the Snail's Trail aka Rockabilly Swing quilt was built.

As it goes with scrap quilts, it feels that there is just as much left as there was when I started.

I tend to call it "Fabric Particle Theory" Meaning that the volume never diminishes, the pieces just get smaller in size.

I tend to agree.  So I just must keep on sewing!

While this bin is here (It's the one "scrappy everything bin" where the other strings and pieces bins are in color families) I am thinking of other fun ways to keep sewing it up.

It's here - so why not?  But what?

A couple of things are in queue, but due to yesterday's Green Green runabout, no sewing machine time happened.

But I did round another corner on the Rockabilly Swing quilt's binding - and that seemed to be enough for yesterday!
Lorraine's Winter Blues finish!

I just love seeing the projects, progress and finishes that are being shared in our Quiltville’s Open Studio Facebook group!

Such a beautiful finish, Lorraine!  I would love to see this in a totally scrappy version - maybe with a black background? Wouldn't that be awesome?

It's another glorious April day out there - our temps stayed in the 50's overnight.  That is such a huge change from last week - dare we think we are firmly into spring now?

It's making it hard for me to even WANT to spend another day at my desk, but if I'm going to have Catching Rainbows ready to release - some desk time has to happen.

What do you have in store for this lovely Wednesday ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Even givers need to learn when to say no and mean it.

Saying no in some circumstances is a form of self-protection. 

You have the right to say no to situations and people that threaten your peace of mind or well-being.

Just file that away for the next time you might need it, and have a terrific Wednesday!



  1. Double header baseball game on the radio while sewing the day away! Marilyn Marks

  2. Great haircut and I especially like that the barber pole is behind your head in the photo!

  3. A charity our group contributes to has a rush request for quilts for men. So my immediate project today is to start with a panel and produce a good-sized quilt. I have so many ideas on my desktop this morning (18 to be exact!) so while I'm pressing fabric, I'll be considering the options. It's exciting. And outside it's raining--just what we need because it's dry around here.

  4. Sewing day with 7 of my quilting friends. Much needed time together.

  5. I'd originally planned gardening on this nice 60 deg day, but today I have a mighty sore arm from shot#2 so maybe some easy stitching at the machine, listening to Tiger Baseball. The Winter Blues finish is wonderful!

  6. Getting MY haircut today. Then some stitching and binding later.

  7. Thanks for the song!! Had to add it to my oldies playlist!

  8. I love the fact that there is ruins of an old fabric mill adjacent to Quiltville, where fabrics now come together for beautiful quilts. Such a nice twist of history!

  9. What a lovely memory you have of singing with your dad! And I believe your scrap tote is overflowing because Lola (your scrap compactor) hasn't been doing her job!

  10. Getting my first COVID-19 vaccination shot today! Have to drive an hour each way, but it’s definitely worth it.

  11. I love hearing that spring is showing itself in other places. Here in Southcentral Alaska the temperature os sitting right at zero! We still have plenty of snow. Only the longer daylight and tulips in the grocery store let us hope spring will be here soon!

    1. I am in Wasilla and it is snowing and blowing and 19f as I read these.. Hang in there PalmerGal we will get there eventually. bonnie your green does make me a little green with envy tho :)

  12. Love the song. Saw that group on stage many times over the years. Good times!!!

  13. Oh yes, I remember that song!! We lived in the country while I was growing up but the radio kept us in touch with the music scene. I must be about as old as your Dad!! Yes, the winter blues quilt is looking good, can't wait to start mine! Cute hair cut too! Back to free motion practice for me today - started as clear blue skies, but the clouds have come to cover us.

  14. The warmer temps mean more time outdoors talking walks and working in the yard. Yeah! I've been taming scraps, and I have an overabundance of squares. I've decided I'll do an Around the World with squares rather than strips. Have a wonderful day!

  15. I’m off to the chiropractor after vacuuming this morning...a weekly trip. Last night, I too rounded the last corner on a quilt I am binding. This will be my first finish in over a year! I hate the quilting part, so they tend to remain tops for longer than necessary. Was glad to have someone else quilt this one. We will be reaching 90 on Friday in Texas...way too hot already for April! But, then it drops back into the 60’s next week. Summer is teasing us...forget spring..😂😂

  16. Ha! Thanks for the ear worrm. In fact, it has been years since I've thought of the New Christy Minstrals and the great songs they sang. So many of the groups from those days weer my favorite, and I don't give them a thought now. Thanks for the great memory.

    Loretta McGinn

  17. Finished up an embroidery project while it rained and now the sun is shining. Need to work on the garden & get more vegetables planted.

  18. Looking good! Your scrap bucket looks like mine. Love to see everything turning pretty and green as well. I went and got my 2nd shot of the Moderna vaccine this afternoon. Now it's a waiting game to see what, if any side effects happen. Looking forward to a much-needed day off tomorrow. It's been crazy this week! :)
    oh, yeah. We've skipped over Spring and gone straight into summer. Typical South Central Texas weather!!

    1. I got my second Moderna last Sat. and only was sleepy and a bit tired. A slightly sore arm for a day or two BUT in about 10 days I'll be SAFE! Yippeeeeeee!

  19. Roger McGuire!!!! What a voice!!! Thanx for the trip back in time!!!

  20. Last week we had temperatures in the 70s, this week they've dropped into the 30s, but with the wind chill factor it feels like the 20s! Keeping my fingers crossed it hasn't spoilt the soon-to-open pear tree blossom!
    As ever, love keeping up with tales of your everyday :)

  21. Thanks for that little video clip. I'd say most of those audience members are creeping close to 80 these days. Time flies!

  22. Havent mapped out my plans for the day. It is supposed to reain so mayve sewing will be on my list of things to do. I have just lost interest lately in sewing and I just promised my latest scrappy to my granddaughter for her new apartment next year at college. Her older cousin is getting one too and that's all bagged up with pillow shams to match and even the pillows. NOw I start on Madison's Well actually finish it. I just have some outer borders to finish up and add . Then off to the long armer and then the pillow shams to match. But I cna't seem to get motivated... I guess it's the knee surgery looming next week. I just don't feel like doing much and I'd love to go outside and take a nice long walk. But that's not happening either.

  23. Love hearing of your adventures, great and small. My friend and I check in daily to see what’s up! We are both finishing current leader/ ender and we’re curious as to your finished quilt size?

  24. That song started in my head the instant I read your heading "Green green"! Good music... My family sang ALL the time at home on the farm - in the house, the car, the barn, in the fields. It has stayed with me in different venues all my life (currently as a member of Sweet Adelines) - between music and quilting I have a full life! LOL!

  25. Love the old mill. I would definitely have to go exploring!!! Any chance somebody could save it? Now for the leftover scrap bin, will you re-sort back into your other bins? Or leave as is?
    Hair looks cute!

  26. your haircut looks super cute!! I am working on cutting out the pieces for 17 more blocks on a quilt I have in progress. Your quote hits it right on the mark :)

  27. Oh I do remember that song and the New Christy Mistrels! I think Kenny Rogers was a member of that group back then.


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