Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quilt-cam on Facebook Live 10/25/2016

Gail in Virginia sent this photo of herself doing some relaxing hand quilting while she has our first Facebook Live session of Quilt-Cam going right where she can listen and sew along!

It’s still a learning process, but it will get better as we make adjustments along the way.  I know Facebook is not going to work for everyone.  But if the ration is something like 9 out of 10? We have to choose it.

In fact when I announced the reminder today, I would save half of the responses both on the blog AND on Facebook were “Sorry, we are watching the Cubs tonight, I’ll catch you in the archives!”

Which is PERFECT, and just what archives are for.  So if many folks aren’t catching it live on the blog and are going to watch it in the archives anyway, what does it matter that those same folks miss it in Facebook and catch it in the archives when they can?

I tell you, all of this new “LEARNING STUFF” kept me hopping and I have learned so much just from the last time we did this. 

We definitely are never too old to learn new tricks.

So if you are showing up on the blog now to watch Quilt-Cam live and need to know where to go – head over to my Quiltville Facebook Page.  If you are there before I start the feed you may have to refresh a few times before you see the feed come in.

If you have liked my page, and you have clicked follow, or maybe even “See first” then when I go LIVE you will get an announcement while you are within Facebook that Quiltville is LIVE and you just click the announcement to watch.

To watch the archived version, click the arrow on the screen to start the feed:

What am I working on?


What I’m working on!

I’ve got my new Bernina 117k set up and ready to sew.  The bobbins are wound, the seam allowance is set.  I’ve got to crank out 22 more pumpkins for the size of quilt I want to do so this is what I’m working on.

If you want to share with me what YOU are working on, please email me photos and any background story.  I can’t be flipping between the blog and Facebook so email is the one sure fire way to reach me and I will get to as many emails as I can during the time given.

**UPDATE**  Since we received the latest shipment of the Addicted to Scraps book last evening, ALL who have ordered just the book [not the Essential Triangle Tool or the book/tool bundle] should be happy to know that their orders have all SHIPPED and are on their way.  That was my goal today, to get those out the door before I leave for Quilt Market on Thursday.  And hopefully by the time I get back there will be TOOLS IN THE HOUSE!  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for that.

And with that announcement, I think I’m ready to send this up and get it ready to post!

And scramble to get Facebook Live to go live at the right time –whooowhooo!

Let’s Sew!

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  1. Enjoying quilt cam as always, here's a name for your new machine.... Helga


  2. I like the new external camera for Quilt Cam. It was nice to see your machine and get a tour of it from the front angle.

  3. It was fun watching Quiltcam live on FB tonight. It was my first time and I look forward to the next.

    I'm also looking forward to participating in my first Mystery Quilt. Where do we watch for the information on the mystery quilt? Blog, FB?

    Thanks so much!

  4. One of my Vikings is Helga. How about an EMMA or Sophia? Loved watching and making some Hourglass units on my "Priscilla" Treadle. The vests are great. Next year at the PNW Retreat we could do a fashion show. Debbie and Charlotte do Tutus in Vegas. LOL I thought we might get a LIVE view of the color cards. OH well, I'm not watching the Cubs & Indians. It's NCIS night.

  5. I missed Quilt Cam...was watching the INDIANS!!! Go Tribe!

  6. what a great night, ,tips, entertainment, lessons on vintage machines, laughs and viewing quilts alnd all for free. You are Wonderwoman indeed. Loved the waistcoat display

  7. I plead guilt to watching BOTH!! Had Quilt-Cam on my iPhone with an earphone ... watched the Cubs on TV with the hubby ... it was an interesting experiment! LOL GO CUBS 2016 !!! Linda

  8. Rats! I missed quilt cam again. I guess because we're in different time zones, I don't get the notification on time. Thank heavens for your archived quilt-cam. It really calms me to watch you sew and listen to what you have to say. It is an uplifting and positive thing you do.

    Sooner or later I'll get there live!

    Thanks much,

    Loretta McGinn

  9. Love, love, love your new Facebook Live format!
    Not sure if it's your new setup or FB Live, but I can hear you so much better now.

  10. How about Constance for the Bernina's name. All vintage Bernina machines were manufactured in Steckborn, Switzerland. The factory is just a few blocks from Lake Constance. Most of the original factory buildings are now used for boat storage.

  11. I love the idea of quilt-cam! I will try and catch it next time you do it!


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