Sunday, October 02, 2016

All Aboard the Oasis!

This was my first glimpse of the Oasis of the Seas as we pulled to the pier, ready to begin this adventure!

Another cruise?!  That makes 3 in 3 months time.  What a crazy, busy, exciting year this has been.  The nearer we get to the holidays, I start looking at everything that has happened this year and this one has been extraordinary!

And we are going to keep it going, I’ve got some very excited cruisers with me and we are going to fill this week full up with sewing, laughing, getting to know one another and exploring our ports of call, Nassau, St Thomas and St Maarten!

But on a ship THIS HUGE?  Oh my!

This is “Central Park” in the middle of the ship!

Central Park from ground level!

Complete with boardwalk and Merry Go Round!

Oh boy!  This is going to be FUN!!

Bye Bye, Fort Lauderdale!

And after our first wonderful dinner, we met and began sewing right away!

Last night was a make it/take it to learn to use the brand new Janome 9400 machines that are here on board with us. The ladies were STILL having a great time as I hauled my tired self off to bed.

Great job, Christine!!

And we’ve reached the Bahamas this morning.

We are back on ship by 2pm.  Hurricane Matthew is not supposed to come over the Bahamans until TUESDAY and by then we will be hundreds of miles away.

I’m nearly tired of fielding warning messages from “arm chair” travelers who think they know better than the captain and crew of this ship who are very experienced and dedicated to keeping us safe.  Please relax and enjoy this  cruise from where you sit. We are fine!


BE YOURSELF!  Most of all!

And remember you don’t have to explain yourself to those who don’t understand your journey.  It’s not theirs.  It’s okay if they don’t get you!

Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Hi, Bonnie and Joyce! I recognized both of your voices on that stitching video. Have a great time today!

  2. Hi Bonnie - You deserve a nice relaxing trip! Especially after that drive home from our class in Dover DE. That ship looks awesome!!! I know you will have fun exploring the nooks and crannies while on board; and the shopping in ports. Hope you find a little fun UNIQUE fabric in your adventures too! I just unpacked a bag of "donated to the guild" fabric, and found some of that Y2K fabric....I pressed it and folded it, priced it and laughed! ENJOY! Mary/Stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

  3. You need a Marty McFly hover board to get around!!

    Do enjoy yourself. It's been MANY years since I took a cruise that went to St Thomas and Nassau. I remember those sights like it was last week.

    I agree that the cruise line wouldn't risk such a large investment if they weren't sure they were going to outrun the hurricane.

    What a beautiful ship. You will just have to do it again when you can walk comfortably. I may even come with you next time. I nurse two cats who need daily meds so no trips for me until they are gone, but after that one of these is definitely on my radar.

    I'm still thinking about starting Razzle Dazzle but will probably just work on unfinished things (and sandwiching and quilting them) until the mystery this year.

    Thank you for all you do and for sharing it with us!! Finding you has made such a difference in my life!!

    Donna in Tallahassee

  4. The machines look awesome! This reminds me of my dad who loved to try out the new cars each year. Have a wonderful, happy, productive cruise!!!🛳

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  6. Bonnie, I am so happy for you to get to take another teaching cruise. Travel and quilting combined - what could be better! While in St. Thomas, you must check out my cousin's gazebo, Scoops and Brew where they are celebrating 2 years in business selling outstanding ice cream and coffee drinks. It's in Crown Bay Marina in Charlotte Amalie. Tell Sarah I said, HI


  7. Wow! Looking at the size of that ship, it just amazes me! I wonder how long it would take to do a full tour and become familiar with it. It is my dream to go on a cruise. Sigh. Bon voyage!

  8. As one who has never been on a cruise ship (not even on the Queen Mary, a local attraction), I'm blown away at the immensity of the ship. Especially, I was looking at the image with the pool - that's not a puddle on deck...it's a full-size+ pool! and probably not the only one on the ship. Plus a park, with plants and walkways. Enjoy your cruise!

  9. Wow! Years ago when visiting Florida we saw these huge ships - never realised they actually had a park in the middle! How awesome!!!

  10. That is a beautiful ship and I did a quilting cruise on her several years ago. Our teachers were Edyta Sitar, Sandy Klop and...oh no, I can't remember!! Lissa from Moda was with us as well and it was great although I'll never do another quilting cruise. The time spent sewing I wanted to be out by the pool or doing other stuff! LOL And dinner on that ship was an ordeal..took HOURS it seemed, so many people to feed. Have fun!!!

  11. Happy sewing!!! Enjoy your time!!! You are an inspiration and can't wait to see where you will be next.

  12. What a beautiful ship! Looks like Janome has an awesome machine. When you get back to Ft Lauderdale, stop by Las Olas Paddle Boards. My son Tim owns it and he can give you a tour of Ft L. By paddling through the canals. Almost as good as Venice except you supply the muscle. Have a great cruise. Wishing you smooth waters.

  13. Sherrill, you must try a quilting cruise with Bonnie!!! You only sew when the ship is at sea so you can go into port and explore. There is plenty of time to rattle around the ship discovering wonderful things to do. If you need a nap, take one. If you need a swim, take one. If you want a massage, get one. It is your vacation and everyone is encouraged to do what they want to do. You can sew when the ship is at sea and in the evenings...or not. A lot of the ladies packed up and went to the shows at 9:00. We knew when it was time because husbands came to claim their wives. So nice that you can leave everything right where it is and come back to it tomorrow and it is still there!!! Oh and dinner...you can do the dining room or you can opt to do dinner at one of the restaurants or buffets or Johnny Rockets...Burgers and Karaoke. I highly recommend a quilting cruise with Bonnie. We took one last year and I am kicking myself that we didn't do it again this year.

  14. I hope you brought your husband on this one.
    I hope that captain stays clear of Matthew. It's a biggie.
    It's headed towards my sister in NC.


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