Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Monday on the Oasis!

I’d been singing “Monday on the Oasis” to the tune of “Midnight at the Oasis” all day long!  Only I never made it to midnight, as this chickie (and likely all of her quilting cohorts) were long off to bed before midnight, exhausted from a day of stitching away!

I love it that some even brought show and share, and other projects to work on as leaders & enders or just to “take a break” from our Razzle Dazzle project when they were feeling brain dead and wanted to work on something else in the interim!

Yesterday I showed Carla and her lovely Allietare just waiting for binding.  She asked if I would do a demo on cutting bias bindings  while on the ship  [She brought her fabric and EVERYTHING!] so we will do that during one of our evening Open Sew sessions.

Today I’m sharing Joyce and her beautiful mini-sized Spider Web quilt.  Isn’t that green gorgeous?

Her blocks are 5”!!!  SO SUPER CUTE!

We both agreed that when going scrappy is this much fun that you really CAN never throw any small snips of fabric away [for me, I keep everything over 3/4’’ wide] and there is no excuse to ever ever be bored!


We have a flock of Wild & Goosey blocks in class too!  In fact, anyone who has trimmings from their Razzle Dazzle quilts are welcome to drop their small pieces over here to add to the mix of these lovelies growing on the side.

Paper piecing is a wonderful thing to do with these Janome 9400 machines, especially with the  built in led light bar that extends out in front of the machine, and the bonus of the thread cutter that makes piecing small bits such a breeze.

Evening Open Sew means I get to stitch, too!

I brought my CraftOptics microscopes along.

I’ve worked with these over the past couple of weeks, mostly stitching bindings.  My goal this trip is to get the 3rd fill-in corner attached to the Mothership, and I am THRILLED with how I can see with these. 

Do you see that light right where I need it?

Color me one happy quilter who can SEE!

I posted a bit about these before at the bottom of THIS POST.  The glasses part have my own prescription in them, bifocals and all.  And once I plop the telescopes down on top of the lenses and turn on the light – WOW!

**UPDATE!**  This just in from Jeff Caplan of CraftOptics:

Hi Bonnie,
How about this:
Let's offer the readers a cruise deal through October: $75 off the complete set of CraftOptics Telescopes & DreamBeam, and that includes the travel case for free and free shipping, money back guarantee. People often think they will be charged more if they have a complicated prescription and that isn't the case. It is the same price.

The coupon code is QUILTVILLE75

And how about offering the cruise gang that deal through the end of the year?

Whooowhooo!  Thanks, Jeff!

Okay, you guys, you can go to Craftoptics.com and check it out.  I'm loving mine!

I told someone earlier today when she asked about them that we have to do what we have to do to be able to do what we love to do for as long as we can do it!  And I need to be able to see close, and see clearly without straining my eyes during hours of needlework time. 

It was a fabulous Monday at Sea!

This little speedy video will give you a glimpse of everything, including areas of the ship I explored during our lunch time.  We may be quilting away on deck 3 in the conference center, but there is a whole lot of activity going on all around the ship.  And this thing is MASSIVE!

Today we reach  St. Thomas, Virgin Islands by 10am. 

This was breakfast!


I have an evening Champagne and Sunset harbor cruise scheduled at 4:30pm.  Up until that time the day is mine.  There will likely be some hexie stitching and relaxing and a bit more exploring going on.

I'll be meeting up with everyone again in our sewing room at 8pm for Open Sew time, and I can't wait to find out what everyone else did with their shore day!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in North Carolina.

In this day of a very heated political climate, I am watching brothers against brothers and sisters against sisters and relationships are exploding at every turn. The political news is a circus, and respect has completely gone out the window.

Taking a break from it all, and removing myself from it while on this cruise has let me look at things from a bit of a different angle.  The election is not the END.  It is the beginning.  No matter who is elected, we have to learn to live together.  Maybe today, we can start with a bit of respect for other’s opinions.  Just a thought.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Ha ha! I started doing my best Maria Muldaur version of your post's title instantly -- before reading your first sentence! Love you, Bonnie!

  2. That was my first Thought too when I saw your Monday on the Oasis post on Facebook & Instagram. I'm so glad the new microscopes are working so you can SEW! I am cutting the binding for my scalloped Allietare today also! Almost like being with you and Carla, LOL.
    I have 3 bindings to get sewn on for Guild Show and Tell next week. It's going to be SEW fun to talk all about the Mystery again at guild and get them excited for the 2016 Quiltville Mystery. I hope to get a few more Locals to sew with me/us on Mystery Fridays.

  3. Thanks so much for these awesome updates! I almost feel like I'm on board with you. Hope to reschedule a trip on a
    future cruise with you and the quilters!

  4. I hope your not in the hurricane.

  5. Hi Bonnie - I really liked your comment about liking each other. So true. And then I wanted to wish you a continued "bon voyage". I have the "Marine traffic" app on my telephone, so now I am following you cruising in the Caribbean on the Oasis and my daughter on board Nordkapp, cruising along the Norwegian coast. (Nordkapp being probably a 15th of the size of the Oasis:-). And I would prefer your temperatures to hers...

  6. Very generous offer by CraftOptics!!!!

  7. It looks like so much fun! I want to go on one of these type of cruises. That is on my wish list. Those craft lens look great. They are something that would definitely be useful to me. Will have to check into them.

  8. Hi BJ,
    Sorry for the late reply. Most select the regular working distance range (14-16") unless you do long arm quilting, in which case the longer range of 16-18" will likely be better. In any case, if you get a range that doesn't work for you, don't worry! We will switch it for you at no cost. If you have questions, our website has a very thorough FAQ section (www.craftoptics.com) and of course you can always just call us at 888 444 7728 and we'll help you over the phone. Thanks!


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