Wednesday, October 05, 2016

A Tuesday in St Thomas!

It was a bit cloudy when we pulled into St Thomas, but the temperature was wonderful in the morning.

If I had to guess, I would say it was not as blazing hot as it was last year at this same time when we did the same itinerary on another ship.

However, we pulled into a different port this time, likely due to the massive size of the Oasis of the Seas, and it was nice getting a different view of Charlotte Amelie!

Back on American soil!  Well, sort of!

There is an American flag flying in front of the post office!

But it doesn’t feel like the USA.  Folks here are very grateful that Hurricane Matthew didn’t head this direction, but we are very worried for those in the path, so please stay safe!

I took a taxi to town, wandered just a bit, and when my foot started throbbing, I grabbed another taxi back.  It would have been a shame to not at least get off the ship for a bit!  I would have missed the sounds of this:

The sounds of steel drum music make my toes tap, my hips wiggle!

I love the buildings!

And the incredible history of hearty hard working people!

The sign reads:
Constructed Circa 1890-1905 - Danish West Indies - Reconstructed 2006
This open market pavilion, traditionally know as "The Bungalow", was constructed in the late 19th century or early 20th century during the Danish colonial era. It was financed with the assistance of local merchants for the primary purpose of providing cover for local female hucksters, known as "market women", who sold their provision from this open square. The legendary women were a vital force in the commercial and economic life of Charlotte Amalie.

The Bungalow was designed to grace this open square, the named Casmin Square, which was bordered with Mahogany and Tamarind trees. When initially constructed, the Bungalow looked very much as it appears today with an open pavilion and a steel curved roofline supported by cast-iron columns. The Bungalow had only a cistern on the inside. Later, wooden tables were installed to accommodate the market women. These wooden tables were eventually replaced with concrete tables known to the market as "trays".
In 1984, the 15th Legislature of the Virgin Islands officially named The Bungalow in honor of Mrs. Sanderilla Indiana Blyden Farrington Thomas, affectionately known as "Miss Sandy", a well-known and beloved vendor at the market.

This market was a new discovery for me as it was a bit off the beaten path.  The road less traveled by tourists!

Hello, little fella!

Time to get back on the ship for some R&R!

The ship is a great place to be while everyone else is in port.  You can actually find an empty lounge chair.  There is room in the pool to float around and relax.  Sometimes when on these tours we are so busy busy busy that there is no time to enjoy the ship.  I spent the afternoon all the way until our 8pm Open Sew time just relaxing.

And stitching some of this:

Fill in corner #3 is ON!

Remember that I am designing this as I go, and have been working on it for the past several years as ONLY a take-along project.  I know I need to float the two sides with a couple rows of hexies, and then Ill decide if I want to border it yet.  There is still a long way to go, but fill in corner #4 is well under way.  I’m now on row 3 of that one.

The rest of my photos from yesterday are in this quickie slide show below.  The internet has been pretty horrid, as expected.  It kicks me off about every 3 minutes or so so it has taken a long long time just to write this blog post and get it uploaded.

Today we’ve docked into St Maarten!

It’s not a bad little balcony office!

Not bad at all!

I have no plans for today other than to grab some fish tacos with our Janome guy, Scott from Citrus Sew & Vac.  He has been on every cruise I’ve done over the past many years with the exception of our August Mediterranean affair.  He knows where all the good food is in every port!  Should be fun!

Back on ship time is 4:30 – and we start our journey home.

Two more days at sea, arriving in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday morning.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Before you judge another, find something to appreciate about them. We need less division and more unification.

Vintage star quilt found in North Carolina.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. I enjoy reading your posts! Glad you are enjoying your trip - It brings back such great memories of the July Cruise to Alaska with you! Please tell Scott hello from Minnesota.
    Have a great rest of your cruise!
    Leah Kuyava

  2. I love seeing your hexie project spread out on the bed. I knew it was big, but that really puts perspective on it. Hexies are beautiful, but they are not for me. It is so wonderful that there are so many kinds of sewing / quilting, that we don't all have to do the same thing! Thanks so much for taking us all on your vacation!

  3. thank you for sharing this cruise with the land lubbers of us ... hope you get a little bit rest and let that foot heal -- meant it as a joke when I mentioned you should not talk about the HOA or nobody would be interested in the cabin... of course you should express your feelings whenever they need venting! and as for me, I am impatient for you to get home to finish mailing the ruler and book combo... it's not s if I had nothing to do, just wanna hold it in my hands ... like fondling fabric I suppose... all your blogs reach me a day after, so it's Wednesday evening and i'm just receiving this Tuesday in St. Thomas... <3 hugs and happiness... Cats

  4. I hope your toe feels better soon. Glad you're enjoying the amenities on the Oasis when others are still being tourist. Always looking on the best side. Our Sweater Weather has arrived in the PNW. Great time to stay inside and bind my Allietare.

  5. I hope your toe feels better soon. Glad you're enjoying the amenities on the Oasis when others are still being tourist. Always looking on the best side. Our Sweater Weather has arrived in the PNW. Great time to stay inside and bind my Allietare.

  6. Once again I love your quote of the day. I hope you will make a book of them.

  7. Bonnie, I love you hexie quilt! Reminds me of your posts of mosaic floors in Italy! Quite stunning! Hope you will share your design later on. Glad the bad weather has not ruin the trip. Thank you for your blogs. They add a bright spot to my day. Bless you and the toe.


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