Thursday, October 06, 2016

Wednesday in St Maarten!

Our last port of call day!

The beautiful island of St Maarten, with its dual citizenry –one half French  and the other half Dutch!

I’ve been here several times, and St Maarten has become a low key, great place to have lunch and poke your head in the shops kind of place.

After this day we have 2 days back to back of being at sea and in the workshop room, so get your land fix now, ladies!  It’s going to be a  long sail back to Florida.

Last year on this cruise, The Hubster was with me, and because I was so worn out from the previous hot hot day in St Thomas, I sent our machine guy Scott out on the 4 wheeler ATV dne buggy super excursion that had been planed, going in my place so I could stay on the ship and just relax.

What is it with guys and EXTREME EXCURSIONS?

This time Dave isn’t with us, having burned all his available vacation time on the Mediterranean cruise in August.  So instead, Scott and I wandered into St Maarten in search of a great lunch spot to talk shop.  He does this enough that he knows where ALL the best places are!

Taking the Water Taxi on over!

St Maarten is a very pretty little place!

Beautiful beaches and folks swimming!

The Oasis just beyond!

I put all of our little scenes into the slide show/photo combo below.  Things to look for:

Hello, Amol!

I was typing yesterday’s blog post at the desk area, and turned to find Amol hosing off my balcony!  I guess it was balcony hose-down day.  Good thing I wasn’t writing my blog post in a towel!  There was a notice in everyone’s room that cleaning of balconies would take place while we were in port, I just didn’t know when.  It was amazing to me that the glass partitions between the balconies are actually hinged and you can pass from one to another if you have the right key of course.  No climbing over railings!

There are also more scenes from the ship, it was great to take photos while the ship was mostly empty as Scott and I didn’t head out for lunch until about 12:30pm.

We didn’t leave port until about 5pm, so there was time once back on the ship to float around the adult pool in the solarium, and even strike up conversations with non-quilting passengers!  Several are from Florida so of course they are worried about their kids, and their homes, etc.  It has kind of put a damper on people’s moods while on this cruise.

But this….this is peaceful!

Stitching on the balcony as we sail away!

And this morning:

It’s another beautiful day.  Two full days of workshop time ahead, and my quilters are making so much progress on their Razzle Dazzle quilts!  Now that our shore days are over there will be more photos of fun workshop activity!

Time to get myself ready for this day!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Show yourself some kindness, and stop focusing on your flaws. Find the one thing you can appreciate about yourself and carry it with you today.

Vintage Churn Dash quilt found in North Carolina.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Nice to have the Pool less crowded yesterday. Glad you had a relaxing day. Every day is a good day to be NICE to yourself! I am praying for all those in Matthew's wake. I used to have a niece in Florida. I worried every time a hurricane was forecast.

  2. I so love the idea of cruising. Take time out to relax and enjoy your trip. Everything doesn't have to be done now... I love every moment of your photos. Enjoy yourself. It isn't just work. It is life. Take time to get over your latest sufferings and look forward to the future. So missing you in Australia.
    Safe travels...


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