Sunday, November 29, 2015

Quilt-Cam! 11/29/2015

Hello from Quilt Villa!

We are trying something new today –Our first ever Quilt-Cam from the cabin.

I had planned on doing this from home, but I really wanted to be up here at the cabin instead of at home through Thanksgiving weekend --

I drove back up after dropping my dad off at the airport in Greensboro yesterday afternoon thinking all the way of how we could do this!

This is an experient.  I can’t even promise it will be as clear as it is at home as our internet here at the cabin is not as strong or fast as it is at home – but I want to try.

I’ve hardwired the laptop directly to the modem to give it maximum connection power and speed.  The wifi signal is just not enough for good streaming.

As I said – this is a test!  And we will know whether it will work or not after this.

If it doesn’t, then we won’t do it again from up here.  But if it does?  That gives me some more options for connecting with you.

Before we go any further, I want you to take a look at the tabs at the top of the blog.  I’ve added a new tab, can you find it?

Search for the Craftours Coocon, 2016!

Info just posted and registration is open for an exclusive 4-day Quilting Extravaganza!
I'll be teaching with Pam Holland, Mark Sherman and Pepper Cory in a Craftours Cocoon April 3-7, 2016 in Naperville, IL!

What is a Cocoon? Think of it as a comfortable place to learn and expand your horizons with 4 days of instruction from 4 internationally known teachers, authors and lecturers!

Imagine that this Cocoon is presented in the beautiful surroundings of a first class hotel, the Marriott in Naperville!

If you don't like to fly overseas, if you don't like to cruise -- this is a Stateside Stay-cation tailor-fit for you!

There is more info under that tab, so click it and read it and register.  This event has limited occupancy and will sell out fast!

I’ll be posting more info over the months ahead.  My hope is that we will be doing more of these around the country so that I can come to YOU!

So what are we sewing today?


Test photo in my sewing nook at the cabin!


Turning those mini String blocks into 4 patches!

Click the screen below to start the feed and let’s sew!

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Andee said...

Watching you live, yay! Working on Talkin' Turkey Rainbow! It was hiking with you this morning...sort of!

paront1222@comcast.net said...

Hi Bonnie, Peggy from NJ here. Working on my Moda Sampler Shuffle blocks and then working on my hst's for your mystery. Happy to have been able to catch you todaycatch you on Quilt

Sheryl Denton said...

Hi ya!

momquilter said...

It's mostly good reception Bonnie. I'll be cutting strips to begin clue 1 soon.

lourixe said...

Following you from Spain. Sound could be clearer but I'm amazed I can feel like a guest in your cabin and sew together with a cup of tea.

Waiting forward for tomorrow's link-up. I'm caught up with the Mystery's HST's!


Sukochi Lee said...

No sewing for me this afternoon or for the next three days. Rotary cutter injury.

Bonnie said...

Bonnie I am working on James town landing. Would you suggest I wait to press my rows of half square blocks and strings. Should I press the seams between the rows open or?

Bonnie Tucker
Chesterfield virginia

Harrysmum said...

Hi Bonnie! I'm watching as I sew on a binding after dinner in the UK. Thanks for having quiltcam in the afternoon so we can watch live in Europe!

lynn brock said...

Hi Bonnie, You used to have a Fit Bit and now wearing a Garmin? How do you like it? I'm going to ask Santa for one type or another, not sure which yet, so looking for so info from someone who knows. Thanks Lynn from upstate NY

Quiltingbebbs said...

Hey Bonnie - this is Anne Bebbington from Taunton England - how lovely to be with you live this evening (in the UK) - I've finished Clue 1 for Allietare this afternoon so I'm now handstitching hexies around some hexie snowflakes received from a UK swap - nice to see you enjoying some down time at the cabin

CynF said...

Hi from California. Thanks for Quilt Cam! Love sewing together. Today I'm making 3.5" string blocks for a upholstery project -- worn out footstool! Also adding final border to a Hexie Christmas project began in 2010. This is my year of finishes! Yay.
Trying to send you two photos... not sure how to do it.
Cyn; -)

Terri in BC said...

Hi, Bonnie! Today I'm working on pillowcases for the grands. My sister and I make up "goodie bags" filled with fun, little items to keep them busy at our Boxing Day family gathering. We compromise - I buy the fabric and make the pillowcases, she does all the shopping to fill them! I swore not to start Alletarie until I finished some UFOs, but I couldn't resist so I'm only going to make 1/16th of the units, in the hopes I can make it pillow-size. Thanks for all you do. (PS: your voice is coming in great, the screen "jiggles" now and again, but not enough to bother me when I'm getting my Bonnie-fix.

Sean Elsten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sean Elsten said...

Hey Bonnie... Sew excited to get to see you live today. I am finally getting to set up my sewing studio and can't wait to get back to my quilting. Thank you so much for allowing us to peek into your world. Love watching you and getting to feel like I am seeing with someone. Thanks again. Sean Elsten-Chavez. From Oklahoma City

andifar said...

Hi from Omaha. Today I am pressing and folding neutrals. Ordered 10 half yard neutral cuts this morning, so I am taming my small stash as I go thank you so much for helping me to be a better quilter. Paula the feed is a little rough but your smile fills the gaps beautifully

Karen said...

Hi Bonnie from close to home, Salisbury NC. This is the first time I've watched quilt cam and as always, I marvel at your energy. The feed is coming through very well for me. Keep up the great work and you help me stay focused on the goal which is producing more quilts


Laurie Edwards said...

Watching and trying to clear off a very cluttered cutting table so I might be able to start working on Clue #1 HST today or tomorrow. Sunny and a little chilly here on the West Coast in California Central Valley :)

Karen in Naperville said...

Hi Bonnie,
Not sewing today. Daughters are leaving to go back to college. Spending time with them and making airport runs (different flights today). Will be finishing up on a quilt and starting your mystery tomorrow.
The cabin is in a beautiful location. Must be hard to come back inside and sew. What machine are you using today? Seems to go really fast.

cityquilter grace said...

feed was a bit choppy in spots here in lobsterville usa, but otherwise great...ignore the whiners....worked ok....we are on time-warner internet service fyi...

Lisa said...

My first QuiltCam, I'm so happy I got a chance to see you! It was a little choppy in places but considering you're at the cabin, I think it turned out GREAT! Love those little block and good tip about pressing away from tiny corners. Can't sew today so this was my treat. Thanks Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

Great to see quilt cam! The few bobbles were no problem and a lot better than no quilt cam. Thanks for doing this and thanks for your mystery quilt too. Love the colors we are working with but thought I might add a pop of "mediterreanian (sp?) blue." I'm almost done with clue one. Have a few more pieces to press and trim. Thanks again and hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.

BJ in NJ

Kay Dungavell said...

Hi Bonnie,
I have just connected to your Quilt Cam. It is Monday 9.45 am here in Queensland Australia.
I am working on Clue 1 and am excited about it. I finished my 2014 Mystery and it is admired by my visitors.
I am glad to be able to connect to your Quilt Cam. I live in the country and don't get to join in with workshops much these days. So I am so pleased to be able to see what you and others are doing.

Linda Hiatt said...

I live with a slow Wi-Fi connection everyday and was impressed with how well your quilt cam came through today.I personally think you should do quilt cam where and when you want to(always). People can choose to watch or not. Thank you for all you do.

Johanna Lovering said...

Just finished watching quilt cam and it was not bad at all. Loving those string blocks!

Nancy in IN said...

Neat to see and hear you live. I do larger string blocks and use old curtains or ugly fabric as the foundation. I don't like taking out the paper. Love your setup.

Susan Hartman said...

Starting on the mystery. I am wondering about my sanity.

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anniebee0307 said...

It was so nice to have a quiltcam on a Sunday evening from the Cabin. It's great when you do them on Sunday afternoons as we can watch live on Sunday evening here in England. Thank you Bonnie. Ann.

Linda Fowler said...

I turned on quilt cam this morning. First came on an ad that was so disgusting that I couldn't believe it at first so didn't skip it for about 30 seconds. It was about an unicorn on a toilet. Who approves these ads?

Susan said...

Thank you Bonnie for letting us join you in the mountains of NC!! Enjoyed the quilt cam...actually may have liked the set up a bit more than the basement....I could see and hear you a bit better (the basement one always has music overriding your voice for me and difficult to see your sewing). Again, we all appreciate all that you do for us and love the infectious passion you bring to quilting. Please know that you are loved and appreciated.

Kind Regards

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