Sunday, November 15, 2015

Quilt-Cam 11/15/2015

Isn’t this a great photo?

Ria sent it in along with the following words:

Hi Bonnie,
Wanted to show you how addictive tumblers can be...I working with my 7-year old granddaughter on scrappy tumblers!
She's a natural on colour choices!!
Grandson (10 years) listens music and watches Dutch football, although he loves what his little sister and Oma are doing: "you must be making a quilt, right?"  
Love them both! They make these days sparkle!
Enjoy your day!
Love from the Netherlands.
Ria, Nadeche and Joram.

Thanks for sharing the photo and the update, Ria!

I love seeing the photos you send in, especially of kids and grand-kids getting in on the act!

It’s been a busy busy few months and I’m happy for this opportunity to share Quilt-Cam with you.

What am I working on??


I’m string piecing!


This top now has inner borders on!

I envision a wider string border to finish this quilt, so that is what I’m up to.  I can get 2 5’’ widths from each piece of paper I cover, and it is going to take a lot of them to get the job done.

Are you sewing along with me?

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  1. working on my mini chunky churndash hour glass blocks.... will send a picture of progress soon. So glad I can join you live today... Hugs girlfriend!!!

  2. What type of batting do you use??

  3. Welcome home Bonnie! Its a beautiful rainy day here in Northern California! Yippee! Lord knows we need it! Perfect day for sewing! I am working on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks and Carolina Chain as my leader/ender! Thanks for quilt cam!

  4. what a wonderfull thing for my birthday! i get to watch you in realtime!!!! hugs from the netherlands
    Winda hiemstra

  5. Wow quilt cam on my birthday, what more could I want.
    best wishes and looking forward to the mystery.

  6. Good Evening from Sunny South Africa Bonnie. Good to finally catch a quilt cam again as it's just after 9pm here. Loved reading all about your trip to Peru. Not sewing but am oiling the bentwood cases on my vintage machines. Can't wait for the first clue on Allietare MQ for which I thank you for being so generous. Thanks for quilt cam today. Lisa B in South Africa

  7. Working on Hexie Christmas Ornaments while watching Quiltcam!
    - Laura in TX

  8. Good evening from a damp London (not Ramsgate this time :) ) I am working on Scrap Crystals in Autumn colours. It was going to be a table runner, but just like Topsy....it grew GGG

    Kathryn i London UK

  9. I got my paint chips at Lowe's about 2 hours ago. Yay!

  10. Hi Bonnie!!!! So glad you are doing quilt cam today!!! I'm at the Studio working on quilts but you know I've got Pandora (carpenters....no kids music). We are all excited about mystery quilt!!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us .... That's one I wished I'd been on!!!!

  11. Anonymous2:39 PM EST

    Watching along with Quilt Cam. No sewing for me for a while. Bad right arm, can't do anything right now. Hoping to be ready for the mystery quilt. Glad your home, enjoy your family time. Laura V.

  12. Good afternoon, Bonnie!

    I've spent the past 3 days at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo here in Minneapolis. The first day I picked up an envelope of fabric with pattern to sew a Quilt of Valor block during Quilt Cam today. However, I then bought so much other stuff and it all got dumped onto the already cluttered sewing table so I'll be spending Quilt Cam cleaning up so I can get back to working on projects, sewing and cutting and ironing, etc.

    Glad you're back safe and sound (and your luggage too!) and for holiday family time.

    AndiRae in MN

  13. Bonnie.. I'm working on stitching around baby blankets for someone. My machine does not count stitches. How would you charge someone who offered to pay? Thanks!

  14. Yay for QuiltCam today! I am working on finishing up some Christmas curtains that a friend asked me to make for him and also using the scraps to surprise him with a tablerunner to match. I have run out of tumblers so needed to cut some more. I was going to use all of my fall color scraps but now that I need to cut some more and have been working with Christmas material, I have changed my mind and I am going to use Christmas/winter scraps and also spring and summer, separate the sections with sashing and call it Tumbling Seasons.

  15. Bonnie, thank you for my new Quiltville friend, Ruth, who is sending me the paint cards to Hertfordshire! Penny in rainy Stevenage

  16. Hi Bonnie,

    Carmela from PA. Am just joining Quiltcam, so not sure you're still "live". But heard about the Craft classes and had a quick question. I've already purchased this round of class, but am wondering if you will be doing more online classes, since these were such a success! Thanks, as always, for what you do for us quilters and the quilting world!! Carmela

  17. Workbooks from schools work well...call a couple of weeks before the end of the school year and I bet your local school will have lots of large sized paper for you.

  18. Hi Bonnie! I'm watching and listening to Quilt Cam while doing boring stretching exercises necessary for a knee injury I'm re-habbing. Today I WILL finish the pieced border on my Grand Illusion quilt top so I am ready to start the new mystery. I only have two more sides to add!

  19. Leslie W.3:17 PM EST

    What width do you sew your seams when string piecing? Do you just use the width of your presser foot? I was trying to see while you were sewing. lewjacks@suddenlink.net

  20. First time watching you on Quiltcam from Calgary Alberta! Wuuu whooo!
    My daughter and I will both be doing your Mystery Quilt this year! So excited!
    Thanks for all that you do!
    Margo and Morgan!

  21. Bonnie.. I'm working on stitching around baby blankets for someone. My machine does not count stitches. How would you charge someone who offered to pay? Thanks!

  22. Joanne Smith3:32 PM EST

    Thanks Bonnie for QuiltCam! I remembered at 2 minutes before 3 and just prayed it wasn't a short day today. I enjoyed our time! Could you please tell me the name of the quilt hanging over your ironing board, the one with quarter log cabin units. Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Joanne

  23. Hi Bonnie, my friend told me you posted my picture! I'm visiting friends, so couldn't attend quiltcam.... Will catch the archieved one tomorrow! So excited!! Have a great time at home and preparing for your next trip!
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  24. Hi Bonnie, my friend told me you posted my picture! I'm visiting friends, so couldn't attend quiltcam.... Will catch the archieved one tomorrow! So excited!! Have a great time at home and preparing for your next trip!
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  25. Glad you are back Bonnie. I have enjoyed Peru through your pictures. I hope to see it for myself someday.
    Working on string Christmas stockings. Having a BH quilt quilted now. Will show it too you soon. Looking forward to the mystery.

  26. Hello Bonnie from Tasmania, Australia. What a lovely way to enjoy a cuppa watching you on QuiltCam. I love string pieceing but instead of using paper, I use a lightweight vilene. Today I am working on getting the quilting done on another of my selvedge quilts. I am mad keen on making selvedge quilts as well as scrap quilts, no wastage of fabric in this sewing room.

  27. I'm enjoying quilt-cam late (since 2 pm was 10 am here in AK). Thanks, as always!

  28. Anonymous5:56 AM EST

    Yes, I sewed along and made 6 string pages as well in between rows of a charity quilt for Mission of Hope. Then later discovered that I needed 6" more in width and height and decided to see if the strings would work. Lo and behold they do seem interesting (even before I saw your pictures). Needs a narrow sash first but am now excited to finish . Johanne in northern NY 2hagars@ gmail.com

  29. Anonymous8:48 AM EST

    Bonnie, Have you ever heard of Kathleen Ware, Quilter?
    There is a youtube video of her which was filmed in 1979
    and is well worth watching.
    After looking at the video it made me recall something a nun used to say
    to us in school "maths and art is something that's in you everything
    else you can be taught"
    We are definitely spoilt for choice and maybe even
    brainwashed into believing we cannot make a quilt without a plethora
    of,sometimes, useless gadgets.
    This lady Kathleen Ware gives a masterclass in quilt making.

  30. Watching your latest quiltcam on the day after and it's just as good on day 2!! HOWEVER it kills the Packers fans (ok, me) that you called "that" fabric Steelers fabric. Ugghhhh Bonnie....I'm still a Quiltville fan after all that... :)


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