Monday, November 30, 2015

Mystery Monday Link-Up! Allietare, Part 1!

Oh, I love this part of our Mystery process!

Today I get to see what YOU are making with your clues!

This photo was sent in by Connie during yesterday's Quilt-Cam showing her completed step 1 units.

Great job, Connie!

Our Monday Link-Ups will happen every Monday while the Mystery runs and then after 30 days or so  past reveal we will do ANOTHER Link Up to see how quilts are coming.  Then perhaps another 90 days past reveal we can do a final one.

That said, I want to reiterate that the mystery is NOT a race!  You can take as long as you need to finish your quilt!

I have some fun photos and a story to share with you!

Check this out!


It’s a Kick Off Party Allietare Cake!


Partners in Quilt Crime, Andee and Kathy!

Andee writes:

Hi Bonnie,

We held the third annual Quiltville Mystery Kickoff in Chandler today! 


We had a fabulous day of sewing and sharing with plenty of laughter and fun! 


Nine of the ladies from last year were able to bring their completed Grand Illusion quilts from last year’s mystery for show and tell. 


Wrapped in Grand Illusion Love!

We enjoyed posing to show them off and then had to do a photo with duck lips too!  Of course we had a potluck and a special cake to round off our celebration.  We gifted labels to each attendee too. 
We even had a first time new convert to mystery quilts and Quiltville!  SEW much fun to share all the different ways to make HST's and to learn that everyone has a different way to do them--in the end they just need to measure what they are supposed to measure and it is all good.


Thank you once again for taking your time and talent and sharing this mystery with us for FREE.  We are truly blessed and really appreciate all you do for quilters young and old, new and experienced.  Each mystery is a gift we unwrap clue by clue. 
Andee and all the Quiltvillians in AZ
So the point is – even if it takes you a YEAR, MAKE IT FUN!  Thanks for sharing your kick off party with us, Andee!


I am looking forward to seeing your  Allietare progress!  You may remember the drill from last year, but just in case there are newbies amongst us, may I present you once more with the small print:
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  1. Yesterday on quilt cam you were asking us to leave comments about where we are from and a little about ourselves but I don't see how to do that with the link info.
    Could you please explain how you would like us to do that?

    I have company coming on Wed. and have not done the first thing to get ready so... do I go finish my clue one or clean my house and get some food shopping done? Mmmmmmmm tough one!!
    Thanks Bonnie, I always enjoy the mystery so very much.
    Enjoy your time at home and Happy Sewing

  2. Thanks for the Link-up! Eye candy on the Blog today. I hope to get a group working on the Allietare Mystery at our LQS this week or next. The shop is willing, will they come??? Gonna be a fun time at the Quilt shop for sure.

  3. This year, I really AM glad it's not a race! I am so far behind in general, I'm not sure I'll ever catch. You amaze me with your ability to do so much! Thank you for your example - something to strive toward!

  4. Thank you for the excitement of what is sure to be another fabulous BH quilt. I've never known a quilt designer who is as energetic and generous as you are!

    Love the story from the ladies in AZ!! Never wanted to live there before, but would love to join that group - what a great bunch of ladies. Would love to see the Grand Illusion in red and white a little better... They are all lovely, but I don't think I saw any in that colorway before.

    Today's link ups look great! Having been away last week, I'm about to start cutting; hopefully will be sewing by tomorrow. Darned work, it gets in the way of the things I want to do.

    I'm looking forward to each step of the mystery. The colors you've suggested are so warm and inviting so I will follow them rather than make any substitutions. Last year's GI is done up to the reveal stage, but it has now gone BACK to the back burner. Couldn't pass up this year's and have challenged myself to keep up this year.

    Thank you again, Bonnie. Small words, but I hope you know how heartfelt they are.

    Peace and Joy,

  5. Anonymous7:41 AM EST

    That's my photo at the top - Woo-Hoo! And Bonnie playing Itsy Bitsy spider on Quilt Cam. LOL! Actually,I think she was explaining how to measure the completed units. Love the colors for this year's mystery.

  6. Thank you for all the work you do to set up for these mystery quilt alongs. This is my third year to participate and though I rarely keep up, I really enjoy sewing along.

  7. Hi Bonnie,
    This is the first time I am attempting to do one of your mysteries. The only social media that I am enrolled with is Facebook (and I only use that very rarely) and I do not have a blog account. I don't even know how to create a Blog account. Can you tell me how I can go about linking up or if I should just try to follow along with the clues?

    Thank you for any help you can give me

  8. That is so neat to see the group finishes of the ladies who work on the mystery together each year. Thank you for another fun year of Bonnie Hunter mystery!

  9. I commented on every one of the links! I hope to keep up all mystery and do that..so much fun to see them all come together! I always find a new quilty friend or two along the way. Thanks for making us all smile during the hectic holiday season!

  10. I am so inspired by seeing everyone's choices of the constant grays. I'm following along through the instructions and all the progress photos. My plan is temporarily derailed as my son has been hospitalized for the last two weeks and isn't coming home soon. He has quadriplegia, so we do not leave him alone. Oh, for an 8'table (and the space to put it) in his hospital room! I'd be cranking out some mystery units! This is the first time I planned to do the mystery and I was so excited for the first clue. But by that Friday we were still fearing for his life. I've learned over the eleven years since his spinal cord injury that most things I might have stressed over don't really matter at all. Keeping up the pace of quilt unit steps doesn't stress me because of the freedom to work when I can. Any mom would feel the same. So I hope to join you when he is released. Love the Linky pix!


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