Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Sewing with Sadie!

I spent yesterday morning in the sewing nook at the cabin!

Just a short morning, really as I had a little incident the night before.

Ever chew popcorn to find you’d chewed your temporary crown right OFF?!

And worse….lost the temporary crown in the process?

Oh, boy!

So I called the dentist first thing in the morning, and they made me an afternoon appointment to go have another one made.  Oh, the laughs between me and the receptionist as I was trying to explain this to her!

So that gave me just a couple of hours to get down and busy and work on these:


My string blocks are going from singles to fours!

And I am thinking of setting them like this:


Sample layout!

Do I like it?

I think so!


What’s that blur?



Someone wants attention!


Pet Me, Mama!!


I can’t resist this girl! 

She wins!

The temporary crown replacement didn’t take long at all and I was back here at home in the studio in no time for a quiet evening of stitching.  Kind of nice, actually!  Thanksgiving was a busy busy hurry hurry bustle of activity and it was nice to be solo for the evening with my thoughts.

The medical stuff isn’t over –I’ve got a physical today.  I have to schedule all of this stuff at the end of the year because the rest of the year is insane.  I’m a bit grumpy and hungry as it is a “nothing by mouth past midnight except water” thing as there are blood tests to be done.  My tummy is complaining loudly!

And then next Monday starts the whole jury duty thing – talk about bad timing!

But there will be more time in the studio when I get back from the doc’s – so off I go!

I do have some great news!  For those who missed my 6 segment workshop series with Craft U (Yes, it ended last week!) I received the information that it did SO WELL that we are running it FOUR MORE SESSIONS in 2016: January, March, July and October.

There WILL be a discount code and I will let you know what/when it is available so you can save that $30.00 when you register.

Stay tuned for more info on that – I’m off to see the doc!

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  1. Have fun with Jury duty. I got a notice that I was supposed to have it this week too. My son is getting married on Sat. and I am baking the wedding cake. Freaked out a bit until I read that I could postpone it one time so I called and felt immediate relief! Have fun quilting this week. After Saturday I can get back to it!

  2. Amazing isn't it, the fur babies certainly know how to get your attention in a hurry! Love the string piecing with the stars! Very colorful!

  3. So ... once the workshop is done I can no longer view the videos even though I've paid for them? I will have to re-register and pay again? LOVE Sadie and glad you understand her when she "talks" to you ... dogs are so wonderful.

  4. Love the strings layout. Glad Sadie approves!

  5. With the string blocks and the on point layout it looks like you've got string sashing. Really like that look.

  6. Love how you plan to set your strings and stars quilt. So cheerful and such a wonderful use of scraps.
    Hope all your dentist/docrtor's appojtments go well. Good luck with th just service. I'm British but we have a similar system and I have only ever been called once, a few years ago. There was a lot of hanging around although I did serve on one short case and ended up being Chairman of the Jury! Made sure you take some hand sewing to while away the time.

  7. Apologies for all the typos in my comment above. I try to type too quickly, errors creep in and then iPad predications compound the problem!

  8. Tina in NJ9:33 AM EST

    Love the strings and stars layout! If you don't already have a name for it, may I suggest "Stringing on a Star" as a name? (Cue Bing Crosby...) Please don't hate me for the ear worm; I can't get the song out of my own head. And I keep getting the verses mixed up!

  9. I, too, had a popcorn vs. tooth incident in which the popcorn won. My dentist says that popcorn gets her a lot of business!! From now on I eat the cookies after donating blood rather than the popcorn. Best wishes, Kathie

  10. I love that layout. I see more string blocks in my future ..........although that is not surprising because I love them. Hope you can get back to the cabin quickly and enjoy some relaxation.

  11. I was a dental assistant in high school. BELIEVE me - there is nothing new under the sun as far as how crowns, bridges, caps and whatnot come off! Popcorn, caramel, hockey incidents ... it's always something. Love your string blocks! I'm busy sewing "fidget quilts" for the Alzheimer's unit where my mom is right now, that's my latest mission.

  12. Congrats on the craftsy success!!
    Sadie is a hoot. I think she approves of the string quilt setting too. Good luck at the drs and I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors. Jury duty? Good grief!!

  13. LOVE the layout. How did you do the center of the stars? Is it just a patterned square, or random-type piecing??

  14. to 45th Parallel Quilter:

    When you take the workshop you get to download the videos to your own computer and keep them forever.

    Also, Craft University's customer service told me, "The class runs until November 23rd, but the read only/material access is open until the year 2080."

  15. Happy you could get your Temporary Crown replaced so quick. Loved your socks in the photo at the docs. I have enough to wear them every day in December. Have a fun time stitching your Blocks together. Lots of srappiness there! Jury Duty= key word DUTY, hope it is a short stint!

  16. Anonymous11:44 AM EST

    Love the strings & stars layout Bonnie! I am enjoying the first session of Craft U & will sign up for the next one in January! I'm working on clue 1 of the Mystery Quilt. Good luck with Jury Duty! :) Pam M, FdL WI gramapama 10 at gmail dot com.

  17. i lost my temp crown to a jelly bean years ago! The "crunch" was the dead give away that something wasn't right! Thankfully I was working in a drug store and able to get Dentemp to hold it in place until I could get to the dentist! (Now I am hungry for popcorn!)

  18. Oh Bonnie! I absolutely love the quilt layout! What a great way to use up scraps and strings! I can't wait until you share all the info on how to put it together! Looks like Sadie loves it too! What a great companion! My cat loves to snuggle into my quilts that I have under my needle on my domestic machine doing my free motion quilting. Thanks for sharing...we can hope the jury duty will be cancelled! Enjoy your time off!

  19. Hard to resist Sadie! Liking what you have going on... Sandi =^.^=

  20. So where did the crown go? Did you swallow it? Ouch.

    Love the quilt layout and glad, but not surprised, at how well your Crafty class went.

  21. Sadie reminds me of my chow chow Molly, who used to come lie on my quilt blocks as soon as I put them on the floor. Guaranteed to get some love time. I love the layout for the string and crumb blocks.

  22. I love the quilt layout! I saw it flash by on instagram or FB yesterday and wanted to see more. Sadie is hard to resist and she probably thinks you're leaving again soon. Thankfully for both of you, you have a month "off."

  23. Anonymous5:51 PM EST

    I was so glad to read that the classes run again as ever time I went to buy them ones of the kids or grand kids needed something. After Christmas it won't be so bad. Thanks for all you do can't wait to buy these classes. jean in Up of MI

  24. One holiday my brother and I were driving to my folks and I brought snacks for the car..all of a sudden.he too noticed his temporary crown missing! Unfortunately for him it was a holiday weekend and there was no quick fix. It was a running joke all weekend that he was going to try and retrieve it!! Poor guy had to chew some gum and put it over the area if he wanted to eat anything hot. I hadn't thought of that story in a long time...he would have loved to known he wasn't alone in that circumstance!

    Your quilt setting is quite lovely. Really beautiful quilt!

  25. Hey, you have the same iron I do! Those Black & Deckers just last and last....even after making a few suicidal leaps off the ironing board. hehe

    May cats would always come and sit on any quilt blocks I was trying to lay out on the floor...and sometimes rearrange them too. No kitties any more and I miss them.

  26. Great layout. Looks like a winning quilt pattern. Sadie definitely approves! Oh all that medical stuff all at once but I guess better to get it all over with and not prolong the task!

  27. I broke my a tooth in half eating a Tootsie roll! A mini one at that! It happens. Glad your dentist fixed you up. Yes, a physical is a necessary evil? I get blood work the week before. I have appointments every 90 days sometimes closer. LOL!

    You should schedule with an ophthalmologist too. Cover all the bases. I can't see well enough to sew or drive right now. I hope that changes tomorrow! Getting my eyes fixed is my New Year wish. I still have other issues but accessories assist with those. Eyes are important to my relaxation.

  28. Looks like Sadie has claimed that quilt for herself.

  29. I like your layout. BTW I thought only kitties like to lay in the middle of quilts!!

  30. Anonymous1:16 AM EST

    Your ability to find new and creative string designs never ceases to amaze me! Love this latest Stars & X's!

    Ginny A

  31. Bonnie, my sympathies are with you on the dental mishap. I just went thru 2 1/2 years on one tooth and about $7-10K later. First a temporary filling, then a build up and crown, which lasted six months. Then it was a root canal and an implant. Then another crown on the implant. It is my bionic tooth! AND, most of my medical stuff is at the end of the year, too. BUT My life is not quite as insane as yours is, anymore. It is just insane 7 months out of the year. BUT, it will be insane for quite a while now, as I am building my retirement home, and will have to move right before things pick up at the quilt shop next spring. SO, I think I am living the insane life for the next year.

    I hope all things dental and medical go well for you! Then rest up and enjoy your down time! You deserve it a hundred times over!

  32. I would say that Sadie is giving her paws of approval for you new creation. Now it's Sadie time. Pats, cuddles & walks please Mum.

  33. Jennifer Grist1:55 AM EST

    I enjoyed the craft U course very much and downloaded the videos so I can watch them anytime, as advised in the instructions. I was sorry that, after giving feedback, I could no longer access the gallery where students posted their work - it was very interesting to see what others had done, but that contact is lost.

  34. Bonnie, I have never posted to your blog but just want to say your string quilt layout is outstanding. I just love string blocks and this quilt of yours is going to be great. Now I'm Hoping we will have string blocks in our new mystery😀 Betty

  35. Wow! I like it lots!

  36. Dang it. I forgot about the video lessons after the first one. Can you post again about the site etc.? I hope I still have access. Bummer. I'm old and my memory fails me all the time. TG for spell check. LOL

  37. I am in love with your string and star block combination. What is the size of your star blocks? Would love to make these. I am currently working on my half square triangles for the mystery quilt

  38. Attagirl, Sadie. Get you some lovin' while you can. Such a sweet dog.

  39. I am just amazed at how much you get done. I wish I was just half as motivated.


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