Monday, December 28, 2015

Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 5!

Part 5!  Part 5! We’ve made it through Part 5!

And just what do you have to show for it?

Yes, I know you were busy – you might still have family, friends, company over --

((Even though they say that fish and company have one thing in common – they start to stink after 5 days!))

I remember a sign that hung in the guest room of my Grannie’s home in Rio Verde, Arizona – it said, in all of its floral grandeur:

“Welcome to our home, we are so glad you are here!  When are you leaving?”  LOL!  No really, I love and cherish family time, and it passes all too quickly.  Enjoy it while you can!

I’ve been doing some spying around the web on how Part 5 is coming along for others, and I have a some photos to share with you:

This batch belongs to Heather!

She writes:
Part 5 is finished. So nice to have a week of no cutting!
It WAS nice not to have to cut, wasn't it?  I really do try to make things easier as we get closer to Christmas.

Oooh pretty lay out!

These belong to Carole!

She writes:
It's been a quiet weekend so I've been able to do a lot of sewing. I have finished Clue 5. The blocks are in stacks of five but I tried to keep from having any identical blocks.
Her rectangle units look great too, don't they?

Sue's Part 5! Oooh!

She writes:

Happy new year!!! Bonnie Hunter clue # 5 finished!!! Hubby was good to me for Christmas I now have a side arm đŸ˜€ guess you can say I am well armed now!  
I'm anxious to see what you have been able to fit in during the past few days of Holiday Hubbub!

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  1. Have any of the participants been successful guessing what the quilt will look like? I realize you can't tell us yet, but could you tell us after the mystery is finished? So much fun!!!!

  2. How fun to see my units on your blog! I am loving this mystery so much. Thanks Bonnie, I am looking forward to the next part.

  3. Such great finishes to Part 5. I love seeing the guesses as to what it will look like when all of the steps are finished.

  4. No guesses from Me, I'm patiently waiting for the Reveal! We should be bribing MONA since she got a sneak peek. Lucky, Lucky GF.


  5. Don't know if anyone else is having problems with Pintrest? I always like to click the link to check it is working but this time it's blocking the link by saying it's suspicious! Obviously it thinks quilting party is leading to some naughtiness. Well apart from perhaps searching pretty fabric that you see and go oooh on other peoples links then perhaps!! Not sure how to overcome that. But I've added a comment underneath to say click on "keep going". This is the first time I've had that happen.

  6. Thanks for the linkup--I love seeing everyone's work!

  7. A side arm? I have one arm on either side of my body (got the mother's eye in the back of my head). Are we talking something quilty or something that goes "bang"?

  8. Great to see what everyone is up to! Who else is itching to see where this is going??
    ME ME ME!!
    Thanks again Bonnie!! ;0)

  9. "The collection has closed." - on Sunday morning? I missed it... :)

  10. how marvelous to see everyone's progress!


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