Thursday, December 24, 2015

On a Rainy Stormy Christmas Eve

Somehow the one hit wonder of “I’m dreaming of a torrential rain and thundery Christmas…” never made it to the Christmas music play list on my ipod.

But I sure could use it now as it has not stopped raining since yesterday morning, or was that the night before?

Whenever it started, the one line from “Let it snow rain” that I CAN relate to is “It shows no sign of stopping, and I’ve brought some corn for popping….”
And I’ve got cookies to be baking and quilts to be making!

This is Sadie, shaking to beat the band – who would think that there would be loud thunder in the wee small hours of Christmas Eve morning?

Did I think to bring the Thundershirt up here?  Nope.  It’s back home in Wallburg.

Dear Santa – please add one Thundershirt to your list for Sadie.  Thank you very much.

Updates over the next couple of days will happen, but my messages will be short and sweet as I am busy enjoying Christmas with my family.

Son Jason arrived last night -- driving through the fog and rain.  I'm just glad he got here safely!  He arrived after I had already gone to bed, too tired to keep my eyes open past 9pm.  He's still sleeping so there is no venturing into the sewing nook for some sneaky machine time before breakfast.

I noticed myself on my drive up here that there were many cars off the road.  Speeding with water covered roads due to torrential rain -- have people never heard the word HYDROPLANING?!  Please, everyone - slow down!  It isn't worth it to put yourself and all of the other cars around you in danger.

Son Jeff will be on his way up here later on today.

We plan on netflix movie watching binging.  One movie on my "must watch at Christmas list" that hasn't happened yet this season is Home Alone. 

And there WILL be some cookie baking!  Remember the post from last year where everyone left a RECIPE in the comments section of a certain giveaway to be entered to win?  Those recipes are still THERE!  So if you need some ideas, or want to try something new for your holiday meals and treats, click HERE.
You will have to go to the comments section to find the recipes.  Oh, there are some good ones!

I also want to share with you my favorite song this holiday season.  I have always loved this song, but the way that Michael Buble sings it -- it just goes straight to my heart.

This is my wish for you!  Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

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  1. Merry Christmas Bonnie! Mary in Boston :-))

  2. Merry Christmas Bonnie!!

  3. Anonymous7:52 AM EST

    Thank you for a wonderful year. You are a treasure as are your quilts and posts.
    Merry Christmas Bonnie. Kindly, Rhonda r7ekblad@hotmail.com

  4. Merry Christmas from Ohio, enjoy your time with family!

  5. Thanks for ALL you share and inspire.
    Merry Christmas to you, family and friends.

  6. Crazy crazy weather! Tornadoes here last night! Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that its December!
    Have a safe and very Merry Christmas!!
    (My Honeyman is on shift so I will be stitching away on a very special mystery quilt along!!)

  7. lobsterville is enjoying a warm and wet christmas eve day....thank you el nino! christmas blessings to all in quiltville!

  8. Sherri Delmonico8:17 AM EST

    Merry Christmas to your family Bonnie..You are truly a gift and have connected me to so many wonderful people.

  9. Will finish shopping with my sissy. Starting pie preparing. Merry Christmas.

  10. Will finish shopping with my sissy. Starting pie preparing. Merry Christmas.

  11. It has been raining here in Georgia since yesterday as well and of course the lovely NOOA weather radio decided at 5 am this morning to let us know we have a tornado watch until 10 am, lovely start to a Christmas eve but not going to let it get me down. My youngest is coming home for the holiday's and I too have cookies to do. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Netflix :)

  12. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Bonnie! Debi from Minnesota

  13. Merry Christmas from Germany
    wishes you

  14. Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy your time with your family Bonnie... Although when you post things to us you are already with family... Your quilty family! Thanks for all the fun this past year. You are so very much appreciated!

  15. So glad your boys will spend Christmas at Quiltvilla with you. Christmas is about Family!
    Christmas cookies sound YUMMY! Christmas carbs don't count, lol!

  16. Merry Christmas from Traverse City, Michigan ... enjoy your time with family and friends. Thanks for all you do ... looking forward to seeing you here in March, 2016!! Linda

  17. Merry Christmas Bonnie! I hope yours is wonderful and you have an awesome time with your family.

  18. Merry Christmas Bonnie! I'm looking forward to seeing you next week in Plano! Have a great day with your family.
    Barbara McCollough
    Fort Worth, TX

  19. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  20. Merry Christmas! I am enjoying the new mystery!

  21. Merry Christmas and enjoy your family time!! It's still very green here and to be in the low 70's! One major snow fall last month and a dusting last week. Enjoy Home Alone! Rea from Volney, NY

  22. Do you have an Ace wrap in your first-aid kit? I'm thinking that would work like a Thundershirt for your sad, scared Sadie. Don't make it tight, just snug enough to stay in place.

    We got an unexpected but welcome snowfall last night here in western Oregon, and though it's only a thin groundcover, it's still very pretty this Christmas eve morning.

  23. Merry Christmas to you and yours from warm, north Florida. Thank you for all you do. You and the Quiltville community have become such an important part of my life. Continued good health and good wishes. Donna Fisher (and cat fur babies) in Tallahassee.

  24. Anonymous11:17 AM EST

    Merry Christmas, Bonnie, from warm and green Northern Ontario

  25. I never heard that song before, it is
    quite beautiful :0)
    Have yourself a very Merry Christmas with those
    you love,sounds perfect!

    Happy Sewing and a blessed 2016 too.

  26. Merry Christmas from Alaska. We have very little snow - just an inch or so left over from November. But it is below zero , so that part feels like Christmas. Pat Kilmain

  27. Anonymous12:43 PM EST

    We've also used snug, but not tight, baby/child onesies/T-shirts for the dog. Or maybe you could try to swaddle her in a blanket or yards of fabric if nothing else is available.
    My favorite Christmas songs are Joy to the World, and Mary, Did You Know? Praying for a joyous celebration for you, your family, and all your quilting followers.
    Laura in Escondido

  28. Anonymous1:28 PM EST

    Merry Christmas!

  29. POOR SCAMP!!!!! Hug Sadie while she is so upset.
    I had a cousin whose HUGE pitbull and???? was terrible of storms...any storms. She would try to get out of whatever room she was in, then try to get back in again...over and over and over. This wasn't comical as she would literally rip the moulding off the doorframe etc. if you didn't get to her fast enough.
    You have to think their hearing is so acute...bless them.
    That said, have a wonderful family Christmas....

  30. It is almost 6am on Christmas morning here in South Australia and a forecast of 38deg c (100F) and strong winds, fire warning and possible thunderstorms! Would love some of your rain. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and enjoy time with your family at the cabin.

  31. We DVR'd Home Alone 2 recently and watched it with my grandson. HeLOVED it! Giggled the whole time. We purchased the original Home Alone cd for a Christmas gift for him and look forward to watching with him when he returns on Sunday!

    Enjoy your family time!

  32. Merry Christmas Bonnie!! Enjoy your time with the family and know that we all are thankful for you and all that you do throughout the year..!!
    Happy New year!!
    God Bless

  33. Bonnie, maybe this will help Sadie.
    Oops, can't post a photo here. Sending you a text like I do when you're on QuiltCam.

  34. Merry Christmas Bonnie to you and your family. I hope you have a wonder time up at the cabin. Thank you for all the things that you do for us! Love the mystery quilt that is going on!
    Have a Happy New Year!!


  35. Poor Sadie, try a t-shirt. Duct tape it if you have nothing else. (Tape to the t-shirt, not Sadie. I'm sure you knew that, but just so no one thinks I'm awful.). Merry Christmas! Hope it stops raining for Sadie's sake. Lois

  36. Merry Christmas Bonnie to you and your family ! Enjoy our family time

  37. Anonymous6:30 PM EST

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Bonnie! You are a year 'round gift to all of us!!!

  38. Happy Christmas to the Hunter clan! Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  39. Merry Christmas from Cordova TN ! It was stormy last night, warm and sunny today, and rain predicted for the next 5 days! oh well, lots of cookies to eat and movies to watch and family to love on, that is the bright side. Glad you are safe and warm, best wished to you and your family! thanks so much for the mystery and all the other wonderful things you do!

  40. Merry Christmas from Cordova TN ! It was stormy last night, warm and sunny today, and rain predicted for the next 5 days! oh well, lots of cookies to eat and movies to watch and family to love on, that is the bright side. Glad you are safe and warm, best wishes to you and your family! thanks so much for the mystery and all the other wonderful things you do!

  41. Poor Sadie! She's got those fraidy ears going again. You are cherished and loved not only by your immediate family, but your Quiltville family too. Enjoy the movie binge with your boys!! Hugs and see you next week!! Allison in Plano, Texas U S A

  42. A very Merry Christmas to YOU, Bonnie Hunter! Thank you for all your wonderful work and for your Christmas gift of a Mystery Quilt every year. Be blessed! Bonnie in Mississippi.

  43. Thank you for the Michael Buble song. Also my favorite. Enjoy your family vacation, even in the rain. Work will come much too soon for you.
    Merry Christmas. We all love you.

  44. Enjoy your Christmas, your family and your time away. Happy Holidays from California!

  45. Natalija1:26 AM EST

    Девочки всех с Рождеством!Всем большое спасибо за науку!Всем здоровья,мира и тепла!Привет с Украины.У нас Рождество 7 января.

  46. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I too have a furkid that doesn't like thunder, she now has a Thunder Shirt but before that I would put an old t-shirt on her and with a couple of quick large stitches get it tight. I've also given her Melatonin, check with her vet on dosing.

    Myra Salto

  47. You're right, that is an absolutely beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Joyeux Noel de France.
    Merci Bonnie pour vos messages quotidiens.

  49. How terrible to have all that rain.
    Hope it soon will quit Bonnie.
    We have heavy fog this morning on your Christmas with your family.
    Yesterday it was 82 degrees here at THE beaches.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas day in THE Netherlands it is 2 days.
    Hope THE thunder storms are gone by now.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and happy quilting.
    Yoka Bazilewich

  50. Anonymous9:21 AM EST

    Merry Christmas to all from Phoenix. Arizona!

  51. Anonymous7:56 PM EST

    Watched a video on youtube about thundershirt and a white poodle... I was amazed about how much calmer the poodle was wearing the thundershirt in the car...If Sadie wore her thundershirt in the car she might not hug the floor... it's worth a try? Besides if you put it on her every time she got in the car... it wouldn't ever be left behind in a thunderstorm?


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