Sunday, December 06, 2015

Tumblers On the Side!

Quilter, Quilter quite contrary,
How do your Tumblers grow?
In between
Each chain pieced seam
Colors and Neutrals
Alternating in rows!

Some things lend themselves to stitching with leaders & enders and some things do not --

As I was making crumb blocks for the centers of my stars, or string piecing for the alternate blocks, I found it easier to just piece two blocks at once, using each one as the leader or the ender for the other, a continual chain of two.


But as stars were being assembled -

I pulled out the tumblers in full force!

You just have to decide if this is a good opportunity for making some leader & ender progress or not.


Ready to add another row!

I know many have already finished their tumbler quilts, but I’m just plugging along.  My schedule didn’t really provide me much progress time until after Thanksgiving, and I’m happy to see this growing again.


I added two more rows yesterday!


Treadling the next row on!

I gleefully posted this photo to my instagram and  my facebook page yesterday so happy with the colors and the machine and what a pretty photo it was…only to find when I came back to stitch that on 1/2 of that row I had been air sewing with no bobbin thread! LOL!

A day in the life of a Quilter!

And while this peaceful sewing was going on….there are some cabin improvements at hand!


A load of pine planks!

Yes, that is my tall shadow!

When we bought the cabin 2 1/2 years ago, the basement area was paneled with cheap pine bead-board, and we always knew that down the road we would finish off the downstairs to match the upstairs with knotty pine planking laid horizontally.

Other projects had taken precedence in the past, such as building the shed, or putting the new metal roof on, or graveling the drive way and installing new exterior doors top and bottom.  These were also big projects and things were done by the “what needs to be done most” type of selection.


Couch pulled out, planks going up!


One wall done!

My house smells like a lumberyard and I love it!

We are focusing on the exterior walls, anywhere there was that awful paneling.

We may decide to do the sheet rocked wall areas too, but I kind of like the contrast of having the two different kinds of walls.  It makes it more interesting and yes, less matchy-matchy to use a quilter’s term!

Upstairs the dining/living areas are planked, and the kitchen is dry wall.  It’s a good contrast.  But we will see.

Just a heads up –tomorrow will start our SECOND Mystery Monday Link-Up!

We had over 140 entries on this week’s Link-Up!  I’m so proud and happy for each and every one of you participating and willing to share your progress with the masses!  Click HERE to view those entries.

It will be really fun to see what you’ve done for Clue #2!

Today I’ll be back at the treadle machine working on some more stars.  Sewing slowly, taking my time, enjoying the process.

Savoring each and every day that I am able to be up here.

This "MAY" be the last morning at the cabin. It all depends on a phone call made at 6pm tonight to see if in fact I DO have to appear for jury duty tomorrow. Before anyone reminds me of "my civic duty" Try living my schedule of lets say, the past THREE YEARS straight and maybe you'll realize that I really need this time OFF before I hit the road again Dec 29th!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous8:54 AM EST

    Just enjoy every minute of your free time while you can, there will ALWAYS be something that throws a monkey's wrench into our best made plans, I just roll with it!
    Diane Hiller, N Florida

  2. Air sewing - lol! I had to read that bit to my husband, "See? And she's an experienced quilter, writes books and stuff!" I said. Glad I'm not alone!

    My dad built houses when I was a child. The smell of fresh cut lumber is sooo nostalgic to me!

  3. CarmWhite9:44 AM EST

    Civic duty be damned. Jury duty was one of the worst experiences of my life. Another gentleman and I were the lone resisters for awarding huge dollars to a woman who "said/claimed" there was a piece of bug in the ice of her soda. Claimed it destroyed her enjoyment of fast food... Instead of dinner, I drank a rather large g&t. :-( Good luck!

  4. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, hoping that you may stay at the cabin a little longer... who needs jury duty anyway with your schedule??

    You know... even when I just read about all your travels, all the workshops, lectures und classes that you teach - it already makes me feel worn out...
    I, for sure, could never deal with your schedule - and I am quite a few years younger than you. Kudos to you for your amazing energy & dedication to quilting and teaching!

    So lovely to see how much you have made the cabin your home, step by step improving little bits and pieces, making your Quiltvilla the coziest place on Buck Mountain.
    Your place for breathing in between travels, place for familytime, a place to meet up with friends.

    Not only you share inspiration for quilts, but you also share so much inspiration on how to live a happy and healthy life - reminding us all that timeouts are well-needed everynow and then...

    Best wishes all the way from Germany!

    (off to some more clue #1 units...)

  5. Anonymous10:43 AM EST

    You really do need the time off,hope you can get out of jury duty somehow. I'm loving the mystery even if not able to keep up because we're in the middle of moving.

  6. Old quilter11:17 AM EST

    Sad but true - you are exactly the kind of person that juries need - smart, sensible, and fair. Recognize this if you're unsuccessful in getting dismissed.

  7. I know that jury duty can be a pain but until I did it, I did not realize what a responsibility it was and how important. I got placed on a jury for a murder trial and many of the people on the jury were dismissive, only worried about how much time this took out of their lives. They wanted to voted quickly with no deliberation and little thought. I think this is wrong. If we want a system that works, we have to work to keep it that way. If it had been my child or spouse who had done it or been the victim, I would want people on the jury who listened closely, thought deeply and came to the best conclusion possible given what was presented. In Oklahoma, murder is a death penalty possibility and that is also a very large responsibility. I know, that it is a huge imposition but it is also important that we all take our civic duties seriously.

    Not trying to preach. I too was upset and worried about getting my life back and keeping it on track. But...........

  8. It is your life and you lead it as you desire. I did not try for an exemption the day after my daughter's wedding and have regretted it ever since. 4 hours in the courthouse before being excused to do my civic duty was not a good way of spending the time. I left friends and family the night before, and missed lots of wonderful interactions to do the "right thing". Your right thing should be determined by what goes on in your life. BTW the prosecutor more or less said the defense attorney was never going to let anyone with education or common sense sit on the jury. The guy plead out before the trial started in the afternoon.

  9. Love how your tumblers are looking. I cut a large bagful and have been using them, about 4 rows done. Then I discovered I cut them smaller than your directions! There's nothing wrong with them - they're just small, so raking longer to get a good size quilt. But, I'll persevere, though I need to change to 4 patches for a bit to be ready for a Christmas party exchange. Enjoy your cabin time!

  10. Here's hoping the holiday settlement and plea-bargaining spirit visits your local courthouse. Quiltvilla is looking good.

  11. I've always said that I do my best sewing with an empty bobbin! I'm happy that you're getting your cabin customized to your taste. You deserve it!! Best wishes on getting an extension on your time at home.

  12. Glad you're enjoying some time off, you deserve it. And the best thing about air sewing,is no ripping out. Yea!!!!!! I think the plank wood on the exterior walls and drywall on the inner will look great. That's how our log home bedrooms are and it breaks it up a little bit, plus you can paint the two walls a neat color sometimes your artwork shows up better on one wall or the other depending on what it is. I am sure it will look great.
    I love the way your tumblers are coming out, love the darker 3 or so on each end like of like a darker border, looks really nice.

  13. BogglePlayer411@yahoo.com3:48 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie,
    I am treadling this weekend too. It is my latest purchase - a 201K in a straight legged treadle. I am really loving it since it doesn't have the clank/clank/clank sound that my other Singer treadles have down by the pitman. Try as we might to reduce that clanking it still persists. Happy Sewing!

  14. Sharron Evans5:22 PM EST

    I don't have nearly that many tumblers made! This may be a two year project for me....and you say people are FINISHED with their quilts??? Oh well, I'm having fun no matter how slow I am.

    Sharron Evans
    Spring, TX

  15. Anonymous5:28 PM EST

    I, too, had a recent 'air sewing' event. I was sewing closed a new washcloth rice bag for my daughter. You can imagine the mess I had when I pulled it out from under the presser foot. The pile of the washcloth hides the stitches - if there are any!

  16. Anonymous9:25 PM EST

    You wall looks great and I love the star crumb quilt. I hope it will be made into a pattern when you get time, of course.
    Susan in Utah

  17. Alice Kane10:31 PM EST

    I hope that you have a good experience in re the jury duty. It's great to be a good citizen and some cases are fascinating, but I'm a former teacher and I know how exhausted I was over the Christmas "vacation: and at the beginning of summer vacation. You have definitely earned some "down" time. Have a very fine Christmas with your family.

  18. Had to share with you... looking on my fb page discussions what did I see but a small SPOOL block. Long story made short ... someone is selling a stamp you can stamp the templates shape on your fabric... you know the kind, rather like those art stamps. The spool stamp ONLY without the ink pad is being sold for $32.00 -- have mercy.
    Happy to see you are doing inside fixes you want on the cabin... has it really been 2.5 years? WOWOW

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  19. I also like the look of having some sheet rock to be able to paint and add some COLOR to the walls. We live in northern MN., and just about every house has total pine coverage. Yuck. Boring. I like some, don't get me wrong, but too much is not for me. Plus, I like my wood and furniture like my quilts, SCRAPPY. Our bedroom set is the only thing that sort of matches, and I couldn't do it all, as I had to throw some antiques in there! I am still cutting for my tumblers, (and a SERIOUS amount of 2-1/2" hst for 3 projects) can't wait to get started on both!
    I have barely been home for more than 3 days all year, and I put my foot down. Not going ANYWHERE till March. But, I don't have a business to run! Take your time and just enjoy it!

  20. Scrappy carpentry--a little drywall, some pine planks, add a bit of brickwork--heaven! :)

  21. Anonymous4:38 AM EST

    You DEFINITELY need the time off! How 'bout another 2 months of it?! All in a row! Or would you go stir crazy?

  22. Am so happy that you showde your tumblers. I know now i have to cut light ones. Love iT . It makes it so much more interesting and beautiful. You did a awesome job it looks fantastic. Thanks Bonnie. Happy Quilting and hugs to you Wonder Woman!!!
    Yoka Bazilewich

  23. Anonymous10:55 AM EST

    I love your tumbler progress and the subtle darker colors at the edges really adds a lot. Air sewing is a new one to me. I had visions of "air guitar" and it made me smile.

    Is the star pattern already amongst your patterns or is this brand new? I am a string and crumb fan and really would like to make this. You must be planning a huge quilt to need 80 stars or you've changed your layout from the one you showed us the other day. Quilter's prerogative, right? lol

    Love the knotty pine accent wall. We have those in our house, too. So many see it as out of date, but I see it as just what I want around me.

    Hope your time at jury duty is short and you can get back to your "down time", which is well deserved.

    Merry Christmas, Bonnie, to you and yours!

    Ginny A

  24. i thought i read where you had been relieved of jury duty... maybe it was only for that one day?? with your schedule, you need not apologize, civic duty be blessed!!! I'm waiting for Friday with great anticipation... not finished with clues 1 & 2 yet, but still looking forward... working hard to catch up, must remember to enjoy the process... quilting is not a competitive sport... well maybe! Love you and your quilts and dang! now i've found out about 'crumbs' i will probably NEVER run out of fabric at all... i pulled almost all of MQ requirements from just my fat quarter stash!!! Not even a dent, not a ripple... smiles, i, too, am blessed... and I think you'll like the idea of drywall & wood paneling... i have tile backsplash in my kitchen (makes clean up a breeze)... and breaks stuff up... Blessings and great time off "holiday" for you... xo xo Cats

  25. Anonymous12:17 PM EST

    When you fill out the form at the courthouse list occupation as a "striper" they never call you for the main pool. You're not lying because you're a strip piecer quilter.
    It works for me everytime. I'll test it again on 21 Dec. 2015. The court system is not worth your time I know being on the the other side of the the Jury.

  26. I feel your pain of doing jury duty instead of what you want on your planned break. I am stuck in that same situation almost. I am long arm quilter and each year, I plan on being finished by Dec.1 or very close to it. Well, I misjudged how fast I could do a couple of customs and so here I am with 5 1/2 more to do. I am so annoyed. But this was my own fault. I schedule pretty tight so Jan is already set up so like you, I can't just postpone my break. I hope they decide you are not needed. I know all the stuff about civic duty but you are working your butt off and that is enough of being a good citizen.

  27. Love your picture of your colourful, pretty pieces that are being sewn on your beautiful machine! That Singer with the Tiffiny/Gingerbread decals is one that is in my 'would like to find' list :). Your cabin looks cozy and comfy - good that you have such a lovely retreat to rest up from your busy schedule! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas holiday!


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