Saturday, December 19, 2015

You Just Might Chance to Meet...

This is a fun shout out to Diane, who happened to be shopping for a very special Marine flag yesterday!

She chanced to walk into my friend Mona's Flag Store in Newbury, Ohio.  Browsing, browsing, choosing items and purchasing, and at the checkout counter, she spied the quilt on the wall behind the cash register.

Conversation ensued!

Diane: "I'm a quilter, too!"
Mona: "Really?  I'm just learning, I've been quilting about a year, my friend has been teaching me when she isn't on the road teaching quilting as her job."

Diane: "Oh, really? Who's your friend?"

Mona: "Bonnie Hunter, do you know her?"

Diane:  "BONNIE HUNTER!  BONNIE HUNTER!  I'm doing her mystery!"
Mona: "I'm Mona!"

And then came the selfie taking and quilt friends for life moments.

And as Mona is telling me this whole conversation after the fact and I am laughing so hard.  I LOVE this connection with quilters!

And it occurred to me just that:

I am Lucy and Mona is my Ethel!

I miss her dearly!  She has been in Ohio since early November, just before her daughter Caitlin brought Mona's first grand baby into the world, a sweet little bundle named Carmen!

Caitlin and Mona's mom have been the powers that be behind The Flag Store, while Mona was here on Buck Mountain with hubby Rick.  But with Caitlin on semi-maternity leave, it only made sense for Mona to be in Ohio for the birth of Carmen, Thanksgiving with family, and helping to run things at The Flag Store through the holiday hubbub.  She will be home by mid January after inventory.

And if she weren't there, she wouldn't have met Diane!  Too fun!

After yesterday's Part 4 of Allietare went live yesterday, I loaded the van, dropped mail order off at the post office, and headed out to do some shopping on my way up to Quilt Villa.

Costco was a mad house.  I knew it would be.  But I bought a few things, mostly grocery related --but I now DO have enough deoderant to last me 3.75 years because it only comes in a 5 pack.  LOL.

New  measuring cups!

I'm having a sentimentality crisis! I did some shopping on the way up to the cabin. Costco had these Pyrex measuring cup set, 100 year anniversary edition for 10 bucks.

My dilemma? I was planning on pitching out my 34 year old wedding gift Pyrex measuring cup, but I am having a hard time doing it! 

It is all scratched up from the thousands of eggs I have beaten over the last 34 years, the spout has been broken off for I don't know how long, why am I so sentimental over this thing? 

When I look at it the last 35 years of my life flash before my eyes. This simple measuring cup represents home, family, babies, holiday meals, watering plants, and so much more. If this were your measuring cup, what would you do with it? ‪

I posted the photo and question on Facebook yesterday and I was amazed at the response!  I'm anxious to find out what you would do with this humble little measuring cup!

Binding going on!

Flipping & Stitching Down!

It was this kind of evening.  And for the first time in December, it got COLD and was throwing some flurries around last night.

Weird weather.  I left Winston Salem at about 52 degrees.  By the time I got to Wilkesboro it was in the 40s by 1pm or so.  By dinner time it was 32 and howling wind.

Sadie is not up here this weekend -- there is more construction going on in the basement for the wall redo and the air compressor and sawing and pounding just disturbs her so much I couldn't subject her to it.  She will spend the weekend home with son Jeff who says he has really missed having her around.  I'll head back home on Monday to take care of the last before-Christmas mail order and bring her back up with me when I come back for Christmas.

It's a lot of back and forth, but it's just a bit over an hour drive and is really no problem at all!

As for this weekend, you'll find me helping with the planking when I am not busy at the machine!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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  1. It was a 2 quilt night here in Florida. 42 degrees! Yummy!
    Merry Christmas Bonnie! Thank you for the love and the quilt inspiration!
    Aileen in Flordia

  2. As for the measuring cup- keep it! use it for a pencil holder if nothing else.

  3. Bonnie, about that pyrex measuring cup. My answer is twofold:

    if you remember who gave the measuring cup to you as a gift all those years ago and have fond memories of that person, I saw keep the measuring cup and place it up on a nice shelf for special occasions;or
    if you have many special memories of when you used the measuring cup (not just the occasional memories) then place it up on a nice shelf for special occasions;
    if neither of the above apply to you
    pitch it and use the new one.

  4. Old time glass measuring cups are PERFECT for the job! They have ounces, cups on both sides... these blasted ones with metric measuring, they can keep at the shop :)

    Love the story about Mona.... and about Diane going wild when she met someone who knows you... small wonderful world Bonnie !!!

    Smilies, and a Merry Christmas to you all....and Sadie too ---

  5. We used to live just north of Newbury and I worked at a place not 10 miles from there. Mona may be snowed in by January! That's Lake Erie snowbelt country!

  6. You can't pitch it! You'll figure out a use for it by and by! I would probably display it with some other vintage kitchen gadgets and wares like my granite tea kettle, coffee pot, lard bucket, flour sifter, etc. Neat Mona/Diane story! Such a small world! Wind chill MINUS 4 this morning... there aren't enough quilts to keep man or beast warm in that weather! Please take me back to Texas! lol Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. Such a cute story, It really is a small world. When we moved to Florida and started meeting people, a man asked me if I knew of a certain man he grew up with who moved to Alaska years previous. So happens that this certain man was a former brother in law of mine. Another man asked if we knew another person, his uncle, just so happens he worked with my husband. It is a SMALL WORLD.
    Do wish I could be as productive as you are, but seems like so many SMALL things get in the way, but I just keep plugging along.
    Merry Christmas to your family and all our quilty friends.

  8. Bonnie, I'm so with you on the measuring cup dilemma. My heart and mind would find EVERY reason to keep it and make them practical as a back up! How about giving it a new purpose? Take it to the cabin and put wild flowers in it. Have a wonderful weekend. The work on the cabin will be finished in good time, just like a quilt. Then you will enjoy it as it wraps you in beauty.

  9. Would it be possible to make a pin cushion/notion holder out of it? Make a pin cushion top that fits down in the measuring cup and fill it with wonder clips, small scissors, etc. I have seen some really cute ones made to fit in small cups, vases, egg cups, this one would have to be bigger. I like the fact that it is clear and has a handle to carry around with your hand sewing projects.

  10. I like Janet's idea for the measuring cup best of all. Flowers in the cabin--even silk ones would be nice and would be fresh for you every time you go there.

  11. Love your stories. I would like to meet Mona almost as much as I'd like to meet you! Hoping your Christmas is happy and full of family and laughter.

  12. a) I love this story about "THE MONA" ....as we all feel like we have come to know her through her friendship with you.
    b) the pyrex measuring cup. Save it for hot liquids, boiling water in the microwave, but not for measuring. I have read that the newer pyrex products have not got the great heat resistance of the old ones. Stories of exploding products that have been super heated frighten me, and I am cautious about what I heat hot water in when using the microwave. ( http://www.snopes.com/food/warnings/pyrex.asp ) Verdict - hang on to the old one.

  13. What a fun meeting for Mona and Diane!! I had the same dilemma with our old measuring cup when hubby found the latest and greatest on sale somewhere. I put it on the counter for awhile to hold my measuring spoons; the ones that come up missing if they aren't attached to that little ring? I also placed my favorite paring knife and small wisk into it. After awhile it made it to my desk to hold the shorter #2 pencils that were getting lost in the larger pencil holder. I recall my Nana, had a chippy pyrex cup she would use as an ivy starter in the kitchen window of her apartment. Lots of other good ideas from everyone. Let us know what place of honor it will serve next. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  14. As a person with OCD, the real kind, not the I am a neat freak kind, I have learned that taking a picture of the item can help me let go, also thanking it for its service. And then recycle it, it will have a new life and you will have space for the new measuring cups. The memories are inside you, not the cup.

  15. As a person with OCD, the real kind, not the I am a neat freak kind, I have learned that taking a picture of the item can help me let go, also thanking it for its service. And then recycle it, it will have a new life and you will have space for the new measuring cups. The memories are inside you, not the cup.

  16. The measuring cup? I'll surely would keep it: for flowers, or sweets (chocolate will do best) or even eggs =^}
    When my washing machine finally surrendered, after 28 yrs of duty, most of the time munching down at least 3 loads a week, I took off the glass door to serve me for keeping fruit fresh and in sight, so I won't forget the apple-a-day thing.
    It's the men's shirt thing: reuse and repurpose! LOL

    love from Witmarsum


  17. Carmen can't wait to meet her Aunt Bonnie!! :)

  18. Carmen can't wait to meet her Aunt Bonnie!! :)

  19. Bonnie, I'm of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Why not keep and use the old cup? I also heard that the company no longer makes these in the USA, I would keep it for that reason if no other! Check the new ones to see where they are made before you get rid of the old~my old ones are about 57 years old now, still see use almost every day! Hope your Holidays are happy and all best wishes to everyone (so many of us!) who read the blog faithfully and TRY to keep up with Bonnie!

  20. I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. For the measuring cup place
    some fabric scraps in an arrangement and display it in quilting room or any room and
    you will have a reminder of your passion and your 35 years of cooking at the same time.

  21. My measuring cup has reached the point where the faded lines cannot be read..... so I pushed it to the back of the cabinet. I have a whole house and garage and storage area of procrastination.... when it becomes my kids problem there will just toss toss toss with maybe a give away here and there. So just toss it and be thankful you still have the memories.

  22. Anonymous10:24 AM EST

    Merry Christmas, Bonnie. I love your stories, pictures, and quilts. I hope to be in one of your classes some day. - Barbara Pattison

  23. Tina in NJ10:36 AM EST

    I can so relate to Mona's story! Strangers call me Susan all the time. They're very apologetic until I explain that Susan and I are identical twins! As for the measuring cup, I'd stick some seasonal fat quarters in it as decoration. Great way to display the stash. Merry Christmas, all.

  24. The change in weather, right? We have had such a warm Nov and Dec in northern VA, then yesterday it dropped 20 degrees and was about 25 this morning! Forecast is for 70 again by Christmas. Good grief. I'm headed out to my garden, which normally would have died off by now, to rescue whatever salad survived the night. Merry Christmas everyone!

  25. I can so relate to your issue of throwing "sentimental" Things!!!! away. A friend of mine told me that it is only "Stuff" - so I say toss it and enjoy the new pyrex trio for the next 34 years. I love all you do and am staying on top of my Alletaire parts - now cutting the black for part 4 - that's a lot of black - 16 pieces per set. wowza - I can't wait for the reveal - I am already so excited!!! woot! woot! you're the bomb Bonnie. Debra

  26. I'd keep it!! Or give it to Good Will. But, pitch it? No.

  27. Everybody needs an "Ethyl" I think I'm Lucy to my friend, too. She thinks I'm Ethyl. Great to see Mona on the Blog even while she is far away. I have a hard time throwing old stuff away because of who gave it me. I have a bowl like your measuring cup. I keep thinking I could get the edge where it is broken, sanded down, but who does that anymore? Put some Fat Quarters in it or some Chocolate always works. Happy Christmas in your remodeled sewing nook!

  28. Anonymous12:54 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie. In keeping with your recycling ways (and because of the sentimentality you expressed for such a humble item), I would definitely keep the old measuring cup and repurpose it, possibly as a scoop... e.g. for sugar, dog food, powdered laundry detergent. I keep scoops in larger bins which makes it handy when refilling smaller containers, such as refilling the sugar bowl. I also loved the idea of using it at the cabin as a simple kitchen vase for a few fresh flowers, possibly picked on a morning walk with Sadie? or as a kitchen pen/pencil/utensil cup. That old glass cup can continue to serve and please you in it's newfound purpose. Simple pleasures!
    Teresa mk

  29. Merry Christmas, Bonnie! I couldn't throw that measuring cup away, either! I'd plant something in it! Herbs, flower, whatever you like!! That would be recycling, and preserving your memories at the same time!! Joanne in Charleston, SC.

  30. Anonymous1:55 PM EST

    I would use the measuring cup for scooping bird seed or dog food. It still has life.
    Merry Christmas!
    Hamilton, Ontario

  31. Since it has the broken spout you should replace it, but with all of the memories it holds I think a special place in the cabin would be nice. I would find a shelf or a nook in the cabin and fill it with something seasonal, display and enjoy the memories.

  32. Stick pens in the broken jug and buy a new one!

  33. Oh my gosh so many replies, and I don't do Facebook at all, so someone might have already said this...
    I'd drink champagne out it in the hot tub each time you are home and have those rare and treasured moments to do so.
    I'm just sayin....

  34. Bonnie, if the measuring cup speaks to your heart you should keep it, maybe put it in your studio with something pretty inside.
    It has finally turned cold here in Tallahassee, Fl. But for how long? Who knows? Have a very Merry Christmas!

  35. Anonymous5:43 PM EST

    I would make a utensil holder from it, be it for the kitchen or your sewing room.


  36. Keep it! I have one that is 31 years old and the markings have all worn off, but it still is great to use in the microwave and to pour liquids into a bowl or even whip up some eggs. After all these years I can pretty much guess a cup, half a cup, etc!

  37. Either I would keep it in my sewing room for things like Pigma pens or use it at the cabin when you pick some fresh greenery to brighten up your dinner table.

  38. I would use the Pyrex cup as a vase used only on special occasions (you know what they are in your heart). I would also have something else which is used at that time. Ex. A tablecloth where you write the date and a note about the occasion and a memory from earlier in the 35 year history. Or in a book or perhaps in a media mode so you have the voices, yours, your husbands, sons, etc. Thank for all you do and share with us! Howlandquilt (at) gmail.com.

  39. So many ideas! Use as a planter maybe for cactus. Put some rocks at the bottom and it doesn't need to be watered much and doesn't need drainage. Or for a pretty collection of something special maybe from your travels.

  40. How fun for Disney ton meet the infamous Mona! :-) I'm so glad you have an Ethel in your life! We all need one or BE one! I miss my Ethels! I've had a few different ones through the years as a Military spouse (ret. Navy) but keep touch with each one.....although I still miss the closeness of living nearby! Hope you two get together soon! Merry Christmas!

  41. How fun for Disney ton meet the infamous Mona! :-) I'm so glad you have an Ethel in your life! We all need one or BE one! I miss my Ethels! I've had a few different ones through the years as a Military spouse (ret. Navy) but keep touch with each one.....although I still miss the closeness of living nearby! Hope you two get together soon! Merry Christmas!

  42. Weather is crazy here too (Europe). Just been on a mini cruise and it was 16C in Amsterdam and still so warm back home in Wales that I haven't got the central heating on this morning. Unheard of for mid December

  43. Oh Bonnie! I am soooo you! My mother-in-law, rest her soul, gave me my measuring cup when I married her son and it is just so special to me because she was such a special lady. Now, 40 some years later, you can't read the measurements at all. I just can't throw it out. How in the world can you become attached to a measuring cup?! Go figure!

    I finally bought a new one, but I put my "special" cup up on a top shelf in the back where I can see it, but I don't have to worry about Himself tossing it because it is useless. As if!!

    Keep that cup!

    Loretta McGinn

  44. Repurpose the measuring cup for holding seam rippers, small rulers, pencils, marking tools, and keep it in your sewing room.

  45. Anonymous8:17 AM EST

    As I age I need to begin downsizing so my sons are not left with my treasures. My oldest suggested photographing my treasures. I have been able to give items away after learning that a photo gives me the memory. I have also realized that many items have memories for me, but not my children. You have a photo of your measuring cup, now recycle that glass. Best wishes,

  46. So...here's my take on the Pyrex...:)
    Keep it and use it. I'd read on the net a couple of years ago (No, I'm not entirely sure it's true - you know the net...) that the 'new' Pyrex is being made differently than the 'old' stuff. Lots of people have had explosions when using the new Pyrex in the microwave. The glass breaks in the microwave and massive problems arise. As I said, I'm not sure how true this information is but it pays to be cautious - maybe do some research online, too.

  47. I have that same Pyrex measuring cup. I would not part with it. I'll let my kids do it when I'm gone. If my husband were alive we would have just celebrated our 49th anniversary. I still use it even though I have others. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and family.

  48. Mona doesn't realize how many quilters know her name and would love to be taught by Bonnie Hunter. How fun! And a new grand baby too! Lucky lady. Don't throw out that measuring cup. I would use it to keep my fresh cut herbs in water, grow a sweet potato vine, plant something in it, hold buttons, bobbins, dole out birdseed. It will tell you it's new role eventually. It holds many memories.

  49. I would keep the measuring cup and use it as a pencil/tool holder in my sewing room. You could also fill it with brightly colored buttons for a decorative piece??

  50. Anonymous5:11 PM EST

    How about making it into one of those Coffee Cup Caddy for sewing tools. Another option is make a planter out of it. Place an herb plant in it.

    I love my Pyrex cups as well.


  51. The measuring cup seems to have gotten you plenty of ideas. I thought the wildflowers was a good one because you used it in the kitchen and that's where it should stay. Not in your sewing area.The cactus on rocks, maybe, although I really dislike cactus since they are like a porcupine, when I get near one. Somehow, I always get needles on me no matter how careful I am.
    I don't see you with a plant in it since you are not there all the time and as much as you travel, it would just be plumb irritating to see a dead plant, every time you went to the cabin.
    I have one similar to yours except my lip is still there but I still use it. Its great for heating something in the microwave. I may not be able to see the measurements anymore but its great for some cooking chores.


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