Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quilt-Cam! 12/16/2015

Hooray!  It's time to sew!

And I love sewing along knowing that you are joining in and working along with me, no matter where you live or what time zone you are in.

Before we get started, I wanted to share this photo that Jean sent in.  Isn't it a great quilt?

This is her story:

Hi Bonnie, 
I want to show you what I did with your go 4 it idea from last spring. 
Each block has 9 four-patches that finish at 2". And I used some extra four patches to make this on point quilt a little wider. It will finish at 100 x 80. 
I was traveling away from a machine part of the year so many four patches were hand pieced. After I had plenty done I used the 1.5" squares to hand make the cornerstones. Thanks for the inspiration and pushing me off of the "4-patch cliff"!
I am taking my time with Allietare-I stitched the HSTs as leader/enders while assembling this quilt.
I hope you have awesome holidays!Jean Bissell, Salem OR
 I love it, Jean!!  Great use of 4 patches!

As you know, 4 patches are MY favorite block unit, so guess what I'm working on tonight?

Yep!  MORE scrappy 4 patches! 

I've pulled out my blue 1950s Morse for this project.  I haven't sewn on this machine in a while and this seemed like a good task for it.  Besides, I have a penchant for blue machines and this one is top notch!

200 Deluxe
Made in Japan!

Those Japanese import machines from the 1950s and 1960s are just so great, and who can resist a paint job like this? Not me!

The stack of 1 1/2'' strips

I want as much variety as possible, just scrappy light/dark so tonight I am just pairing and sewing strip sets.  The cutting and stitching of the twosies will happen at another time.

Are you ready to sew?  Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed!


  1. Catching you live on Quilt-cam tonight. How many bobbins do you wind at time? How are your eyes and hows Oscar the cat doing? Thanks for letting us share this time with you. Are you not going to do Quilt-cam from the cabin anymore?

  2. I really need to have some QuiltCAM time tonight. It' s been a very intense day. My Quilting machine is still not working right. The darned encoders are a possible culprit. I will just sit and listen as you make your 4-patches and just breathe. No binding for me as I'd hoped.
    I can hardly wait for Friday and then Saturday to sew with a couple of friends at the LQS.
    Thanks for keeping us guessing!

  3. Hi! I'm a new quilter and I am trying to cut different width strips to start my own scrap stash. However I am having a hard time keeping those strips straight- any advice?
    This is my first quilt cam and I love watching your archived episodes.
    You are very inspirational!!
    Jessica Peled

  4. Hi! Tonight I am watching and working on my 4 patches for the Allietore mystery.I was in your neck of the woods a few weeks ago. We traveled to Jefferson, NC to pick up a load of Christmas trees.The weather was awesome and the scenery was beautiful. Thanks for sharing your time with us.

  5. Anonymous9:50 PM EST

    This is my 1st mq with you. Started late,but caught up and waiting!

  6. Bonnie, thank you for Quilt Cam this evening. I'm watching you while I create 2 batches of no-bake chocolate covered fruit cookies; ones that are HEALTHY. The raspberry ones are all done and the cherry ones are in the frig. In the morning I'll melt the chocolate chips and cover the cherry cookies. All to take into the office tomorrow. The dirty dishes can wait until Quilt Cam is over; my feet HURT!

    AndiRae in MN

  7. Hi Bonnie

    Watching Quiltcam from here in Hertfordshire, England with my new friend Ruth in the Pocono's! Ruth sent me the paint cards for Allietare and I'm looking through scraps now for my neutrals. Thanks to you Bonnie, for starting our friendship!
    Penny (pennychattey@gmail.com)

  8. Anonymous1:32 AM EST

    Jean, I really like it that you made each block feature one color! It gives the quilt more interest than when every block is a jumble. Also the dark blue border adds calm to what would otherwise be too much visual activity. Great design work!

  9. Anonymous3:47 AM EST

    Bonnie I always enjoy seeing you machines, how many do you have?

  10. Anonymous3:48 AM EST

    Bonnie I always enjoy seeing you machines, how many do you have?


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