Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Old Tobacco Road goes to Arizona!

While my dad was here over Thanksgiving he commented on how he loved that we snuggled with quilts to watch TV in the evenings, and that there was always something beautiful around to wrap up in.

Now, dad has some of my quilts and other things I've made, so it took me a while to get the hint!

After about the 3rd time of "It's so nice to have quilts around.." I asked "Dad!  Would you like another quilt for Christmas this year?"

The response?

"I thought you'd never ask!"

So after putting him on a plane back to Phoenix after Thanksgiving, I got to thinking.  

I went looking through quilts that I had on hand, you know -- a day in the life of a closet quilt hoarder -- and I came up with Old Tobacco Road.

I've loved this quilt! It's been a while since it came out to play.

It was the first Mystery that we did from my then new North Carolina home.  This quilt meant a lot to me, and yet I don't teach it, it doesn't travel with me, it's just kind of THERE.

Border detail!

This quilt was such a fun one for clearing out those bonus triangles I'd been saving.  It allowed me to dig into my 3 1/2'' strip bun and pull all the rusty reds to browns for the bricks.

I had a lot of fun designing a strippy layout that was pieced on the diagonal.  ((It's what I like to call a double whammy!  And we had such fun doing it as a Mystery!))

On Dad's Bed!

And yes, I made the reindeer too, back in 1980-something.

He called the other day to ask what to do because the antlers were coming off.  I had to explain what a hot glue gun was, and it is no wonder that after 30 years that glue was finally giving way.  I told him to check with my sister in law to see if she could help with the re-gluing, but if not, just to leave them out until I make a visit in February and we could fix it together.

And I'm so happy that he couldn't wait to unwrap that package, didn't wait for Christmas, went right to it and that he loves it so much.

If you haven't made Old Tobacco Road yet, and you think you might want to, the free pattern is still under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog, down at the bottom where the old un-retired mysteries still live.  Pinwheels, 4 patches, rectangles and large flying geese -- it's a fun one!

Click to see what other Old Tobacco Road quilts turn up on Pinterest!

It's a morning for heading home and taking care of some stuff there!  I'm packing up a few things from the cabin, but not too much -- I'll be back on Friday!

The plan is to come back up for the weekend after our next Allietare Mystery clue goes live on Friday morning. I'll be writing that clue from my big home computer over the next couple of days so you'll have it bright and early on Friday morning.

Are you ready and raring to sew?  Join me for Quilt-Cam from home this evening at 9pm Eastern!  Not sure what I'll be sewing on yet, but it's time to pull out a UFO and get working on it.  I'll join you here on the blog then.

Much love from Buck Mountain,

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  1. Love Tobacco road, so few quilts are set in rows like that one and I love the look. You are a wonderful daughter, I can only imagine how happy your Dad is.

  2. So glad that this one is still in mystery form. I wish the ones you published were available as mysteries too. Somehow it just seems easier to work that way. Maybe the entire pattern is overwhelming. Anyway thank you for patterns in whatever form the come to be. I love your way of thinking.

  3. I sure love this quilt! The setting us so clever but simple easy piecing. It just might be my next
    Leader Ender
    Project. Thanks for all the time and energy you give to us Bonnie! So glad you have thus time to yourself.

  4. That's so sweet of you! I bet your Dad will cherish that quilt better than any other gift you could have given him! Excited about quilt cam tonight! I'm off work tonight too! Hmmmm, sounds like something crock pot tonight and will be working on my hexies. They've been a bit neglected. My Allietare MQ is caught up till Friday. Love all the clues so far!
    Mary W in Fort Worth, Tx

  5. When you give a quilt you have made. You wrap them in love!

  6. Tobacco Road is my favorite quilt of all. Would like to make another one but can't make myself get away from the colors in this one. Love your mysteries.

  7. I made that reindeer too. Plus the girl reindeer to go with it. She has on a pretty red dress with an eyelet ruffle. And patent leather look shoes. My daughter has them and they are getting a bit time worn looking.

  8. I have looked at your patterns over and over, buy I somehow missed this one. Not anymore--I love it! It's now on my shortlist--thanks. :)

  9. I have a BUNCH of half square triangles stored away. Thank you for reminding me of this pattern. I LOVE it!

  10. I love that you sent him the Reindeer to go with the quilt. What a Dad you have! Did he use the Tobacco road at your house before? Love the colors. See you on QuiltCAM, my night is FREE for a change- Quilting all day to get ready.

  11. This brings tears to my eyes. If only my dad were still here, I'd make the most beautiful quilt for him. Good job Bonnie.

  12. I love love love this pattern.I didn't do the pieced border because the quilt wore me out, but in hindsight I should have set it aside until I got a second wind. I think it was a good beginner quilt, too.

  13. I'm working on this quilt right now. I just finished the Center of the quilt yesterday. I've made a good start on the flying geese border too. My 20 year old son keeps checking on my progress on it. I think he really likes it. It might just become his sooner than later. Thanks for the wonderful pattern. I'll share mine when it's all done.

  14. Tina in NJ2:12 PM EST

    My mom heavily hinted that she wanted a quilt this year, too. I didn't have an extra one lying around, so I made her a kaleidoscope quilt, since she and my dad had a kaleidoscope collection.

  15. I instantly recognised the reindeer as the same I made in the mid-90s. I made mother and son reindeers and they come out each year at Christmas time.

  16. Hi, everyone! I'm Bonnie's dad, and I want to thank my beautiful daughter for helping make this one of the best Christmases for me yet. Bonnie, I thank you every night I snuggle under your gift.

  17. Hi, Bonnie's Dad--that's one talented daughter you have there! Happy Holidays!

  18. Hi, everyone! I'm Bonnie's dad, and I want to thank my beautiful daughter for helping make this one of the best Christmases for me yet. Bonnie, I thank you every night I snuggle under your gift.

  19. Hi Bonnie, thank you for always knowing what we like to see. Your beautiful quilts. I just read your dad's comment. How sweet.

  20. Oh Darling Bonnie, I love all your quilts but this one just jumps out and sings to me, it's fabulous. Perhaps it's the color, perhaps it's the design, I don't know, but it's wonderful. It's not surprising your Dad is one happy bunny!

  21. I tackled Old Tobacco Road a year or so ago, finished it, love it, one of my "Bonnie Faves"!

  22. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net11:47 AM EST

    I love scrappy quilts, and this one is wonderful. I have been following your blog for about three years now, and you are amazing. I have often wondered why I am so attracted to the scrappy quilts,and I have decided that it is because that is the kind I grew up with. 53 years ago we received four quilts for wedding gifts. Two of them had fabric from scraps that I recognized. One was a quilt that my great grandmother started for me when I was a baby, but she died just before my third birthday. Then my grandmother worked on it and got it to twin size. When I became engaged, she got it out of a closet and gave it to me. The hexies were already cut out, so I added to it, and made it big enough for a double bed. It was a grandmother's flower garden. We used it for many years. I cherish it and all the other quilts I have. I have decided I need to make labels for the quilts, so that my children know the stories. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the rest of the story. After I got it to double bed size, my grandmother had it hand quilted for us by a church group for a wedding gift for us. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  23. Anonymous1:26 AM EST

    That quilt looks like it fits your dad's bedroom furniture Perfectly!!!

  24. You are both lucky you still have each other and when he misses you he can wrap himself in your love.

  25. You are both lucky you still have each other and when he misses you he can wrap himself in your love.

  26. Tobacco Road is when I started following your blog, Bonnie, and it has remained a favorite in the back of my mind. I think this post is the nudge I need to actually make the quilt! Thank you for your generosity in making so many of your patterns available at no charge. They make your books even more valuable!
    Merry Christmas!


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