Saturday, December 12, 2015

Still Stitching! Video Giveaway!

Have I ever got a great blog post this morning!

I am so excited about this streaming video and DVD I can hardly stand it.

And yes, I’ve watched it so I know!

Have you heard about STILL STITCHING?  It’s all about collectors and vintage sewing machines. 

In fact, I was contacted earlier in the year to participate.  They had asked if there was a time that crew could come out and interview me with my collection, but I just couldn’t do it.  My schedule was too cram packed with no wiggle room ((You who have followed me over the past year remember what it is like to have only one or two days turn around in between trips on opposite ends of the country!))

But I wanted to lend support to this very important project so I suggested that I help on the promotion end and do what I can to get word of this documentary out there.

Sewing machines are fascinating.  The passion for vintage machine collecting, and might I add USING is at an all time high.

Dig deep into the roots of the vintage machine, with stories told by their owners and caretakers and you might find yourself on the look out too!

Watch this trailer!

Now this is where WE come in!

Our machines are our best friends!
And we love the stories behind them!

This just in, a testimonial from Suzy!  She writes:

I wanted to say thank you for your blog post about “Still Stitching”. I rented the video for a month from Vimeo this morning and I enjoyed it from start to finish. I think it was most interesting to see that people from all different walks of life ... and amazingly enough – people that don’t even sew ... have such a love for these vintage machines. 
I feel like I’m part of a not-quite-so-secret club that feels joy by continuing the useful lives of these great machines. I’m off to sew on my Necchi Nora (or 201 or 301 ...) but once again THANK YOU!! 

Have a Wonderful Weekend, 

You can follow Still Stitching on Facebook and learn more about the DVD HERE.

Visit the Still Stitching website HERE.

So what is my part?

The streaming cost of the video is $14.00 for 30 day access.  You can watch it as many times as you want within that 30 days.

I have  FREE STREAMING CODES for 3 lucky winners!

I have TEN 50% off the streaming price codes for 10 more lucky winners!

And for everyone else, STARTING NOW!!!  a $5.00 off purchase code through Midnight Tuesday: This code will give the user $5.00  off the $23.95 price of the DVD which will ship by January 1, 2016. Use this code at check out to get the $5.00 off: QUILTVILLE

You can buy the DVD and have the hard copy with this coupon code for $18.95!  But hurry, as this is only good through Tuesday, 12/15/2015.

If you are thinking you might want this as a gift for someone special for Christmas, remember that it will be out by early January, so just let them know in your card that it is COMING.  We all know that a little anticipation is good, and so is an extended holiday!

So let’s do this.  I want to try something new.

This year with the Link-Up for our Allietare mystery, I purchased a “deluxe” membership or whatever it is called, giving me more capability, and one of the things I can do is host a give-away using the link up.  It should be easier for those who do not comment regularly or know how to comment.

We are going to use the LINKY to enter the giveaway!

And while you are entering, I’m going to go spend some more time with this vintage beauty --

1921 class 15 with Tiffany decals!

Remember how I adopted her HERE?

You only need to leave your name AND your email address in your entry. Don't worry about the Http URL field. That isn't needed for a giveaway - just NAME AND EMAIL are needed. Entries will be automatically numbered so it will be easy to have the random number generator choose our winners.

All 13 winners will be chosen in Tuesday evening’s blog post, December 15th!

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  1. Would love to watch this! Hope I win! Julianofamily@msn.com

  2. Thank you Bonnie for the code! Now I am definitely buying the DVD. And thank you for introducing me to this fine madness of collecting vintage machines. I have a 27 treadle, a 128 blackside that was my Mom's, and just rescued 3 99s, 3 301s, a 15 and a wonderful little New White Peerless hand crank. I can't keep them all but I can get them running again (I hope) and pass them on to someone that will appreciate them.

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM EST

    I love this! Cathy Racine is one of the most lovely shop owners I've met.

  4. Anonymous8:55 AM EST

    Pat M. - great giveaway!

  5. So fun! I am well on my way to a severe vintage sewing machine addiction!

  6. Awesome! This is another perfect gift for my mom. She loved the sewing PJs for her bday. I think I'll get her the code and stream it while she's here at Xmas. Then she can also watch it once she gets home. Thanks again!

  7. Anonymous9:49 AM EST

    I would really enjoy this because my son has now taken up this obsession of saving, collecting old machines. He has gifted me a couple that he repaired. He says he doesn't know if he enjoys the 'hunt' or bringing them back to usefulness. He also sews with them. He used to come home from school and sit in my sewing room and talk about everything while I worked on someone's clothing. I did alterations and sewing for years. Now I am a quilter. I still have a bit of a collection of lovely ladies that I enjoy using. Janice P

  8. So excited. Thank you Bonnie. I am a newbie here.

  9. So exciting!Thank you,Bonnie for this wonderful giveaway! hannahsfamily3@yahoo.com

  10. Yes, it is on my list to purchase! Great way to increase traffic to the Linky!! Too bad they couldn't have interviewed you. I was available!! LOL Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  11. I would love to win and watch this video, I own a treadle and 4 vintage machines.

    Annette Parsons

  12. I would love to win this!! Thank you for another fantastic give-a-way!! lydiabaker60@gmail.com

  13. You have hooked me with the allure of vintage machines. this movie looks very interesting. I am just sorry you weren't able to be in it.

  14. Ooh, looks like a great video. I have three vintage machines now.

    Mary Ellen

  15. I love all of my machines! There is so much history in them. Now, I am adding to the history.

  16. Janet wells6:27 AM EST

    This would be a great addition to our Guild library! Hope I win!

  17. great idea to add to the guild library! Thanks for the great info.

  18. Thanks so much for discussing our film, Bonnie! If anyone has any questions please reach us at the Still Stitching Facebook page or info@stillstitching.com. Our next film is on the fabric industry! - James

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I LOVE vintage machines!
    Bev Sarchett

  21. This sounds like a fabulous documentary that will add to our collective consciousness about the history of sewing in our culture. I can't wait to see it!

  22. lots of thoughts here... the preponderance of people in the trailer were men!!! Isn't that interesting???

    I would LOVE to own a featherweight, just one... I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SEWING MACHINE!!! really I have a "Baby Brother" for classes and retreats, a serger, a BIG brother for embroidery and my workhorse Janome for most everyday work... There's my mom's old singer out in the shed, so heavy and the key is missing so i can't open it. Sigh... love all our posts, thoughts and etceteras... Thanks, Bonnie, for the opportunity... cwhitcher@roadrunner.com

  23. I was @ The Charlton Sewing Center when they filmed Cathy Racine"s segment. Would love to see the whole video. Thanks for the opportunity Bonnie.. Cathy is a genius when it comes to vintage machines.

  24. I love vintage machines. Would love to win video. Lisa Carberry car499@aol.com

  25. Anonymous1:09 PM EST

    thanks Bonnie for the chance,
    I love to have my one vintage machine,


  26. Anonymous1:58 PM EST

    Bonnie, the DVD would be a great treasure!
    When I showed my hubby a sampling of your machines , his reply to me was "just because you have a few like hers you don't need to try and compete with her, you need to stop at this point". Imagine me telling him no moe drills or drill bits, assorted length dry wall (self tapping) screws, wrenches, etc, etc.
    thank you to a very generous soul.
    Donna Senters. Dsenters@fuse.net

  27. Susan sobon iamchickenfoot@yahoo.com

  28. Ok I'm in. Whether I win or not, I'm going to watch the video. It looks so interesting and Already I feel the urge to go out and get another vintage machine.

  29. Anonymous5:25 PM EST

    Well, you've convinced me now to have my old singer repaired. I bought it in 1973 and the only problem is with the tension release. I know it can be fixed Will need a good cleaning too.

  30. I loved the story on your about the lady in (I think Idaho) who mounted a hand-crank in her GPS-driven combine so that she could sew while the machine made its way down the long rows.She only had to turn the machine at the end of the rows.

  31. Thank for the code for the discount. Looks like a great DVD

  32. looks like a wonderful dvd. thank you for the giveaway

  33. Love my vintage machines! So enjoy seeing other's as well. Will look forward to having my name drawn. Thanks, Bonnie.

    Carolyn S Cecil cscecil3@gmail.com

  34. Folks, please do NOT leave your entry in the comments section. You need to click the blue ADD YOUR LINK button at the bottom of the page. Just put in your name and email address, leave the other fields blank. Thank you and good luck!

  35. I would so enjoy. I have a real problem when it comes to passing up old sewing machines. Thanks for the chance to win an awesome dvd. Good luck to all and Happy Stitching from Maryland. Karen Kane kaykane34@gmail.com

  36. I rescued a 1974 White sewing machine from my local thrift store. She is Turquoise & white and sews beautifully. She also came with her own cabinet and the paper work from the original owner. I couldn't pass her up at the awesome price of $12.50. Love to learn about the vintage machines. Linda craftylady65@hotmail.com

  37. It might be dangerous for me to watch. I might just see a have to have it to add to my collection. sbartee@msn.com

  38. The video looks wonderful!

  39. Very exciting video! I hope to win, but I'll probably buy it if I do not. I have a thing for vintage machines just like most of the others here. My oldest is a Superba D with M. of Pearl inlay. My appreciation for vintage just extended out to a 1939 typewriter. What fun! Barbara from Plano, Tx (yep, another from Plano)

  40. Very exciting video! I hope to win, but I'll probably buy it if I do not. I have a thing for vintage machines just like most of the others here. My oldest is a Superba D with M. of Pearl inlay. My appreciation for vintage just extended out to a 1939 typewriter. What fun! Barbara from Plano, Tx (yep, another from Plano)

  41. Been collecting vintage machines for over 20 years. They are the best! Will have to order this video if I don't win. Thanks Bonnie for the giveaway and code.

  42. I would love to win as I just love vintage sewing machines, I am new to collecting and it would be helpful in my education of all sewing machines.

    Barbara Adams.

  43. I do not need another sewing machine...I do not need another sewing machine...I really like those cute ole sewing machines and they need homes right??? They are homeless...right...I do not NEED another sewing machine...This is not about NEED right...they are so so cute....darn you Bonnie...another addiction....

  44. I am new to collecting these cute vintage machines. I bought my first, a Phaff 130. Now i'd like a singer. The video will be great to see what I should look for next.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  45. Joanne would sew luv to be the most lucky winner.
    Have my treadle that has sewn through thick and thin.
    All he best on your many quilts for your new book, can't wait to see all your finished projects in PRINT!

  46. Judy Brennan
    Love everything you do and teach us! Wish I could go on one of your trips. Thanks for being the wonderful you that you are.

  47. Anonymous3:40 PM EST

    The DVD is so interesting. I would love to win as I come from generations of sewers. Makes me think of my Grandma treadling away.

    Pat from Corunna

  48. I have begun collecting vintage machines and this video would be extremely helpful! :)

  49. Jamai Freeman Kee


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