Monday, December 07, 2015

Allietare Link-Up: The Midday Edition.

This is my face when I go through the links in the Link-Up to find that more than half of the folks linking up have NOT followed directions and have not included a link back to the Link-up page in their photo descriptions (for those on google+, Instagram, Flickr or Pinterest) or in their blog posts.

I had this problem last year, and no matter how many times I reiterate how important it is to include a link back to the page so that those looking at YOUR page can come and see the links that others have posted as well, PEOPLE ARE NOT READING.

Slow down please.  Read what I write.  There are rules and directions to make it better for everyone.

I’m really sad that I have had to delete the more than 20 entries that I had to this morning – but there is not enough time in my life to email everyone one at a time and ask them to include the link to the page in their entries.

I shouldn’t HAVE to ask you to include it when it is already in the directions for linking up in this morning’s Link-Up post in the first place.

In the future there will be no notifications.  Include the URL to that week’s linky page IN YOUR POST or your entry will be deleted without warning.

For example:


Vintage Christmas Lights!

How many of you remember vintage Christmas lights?  Where if one bulb burns out – the ENTIRE STRING of lights doesn’t work?

That’s what happens if we have dead end entries with no link back.  The circle is then incomplete.  People may not find YOUR entry at all if the person before you doesn’t include a link-back.

For those who don’t understand HOW to find the URL of any given post (Though it should be self evident because I have given it to you in my text, in big BOLD letters in a larger font!) PLEASE read this linky tutorial before you link up again.

If your post was one of those that I removed, I welcome you back to link-up again provided that you edit your blog post or photo to include the url of this week’s link-up within your post.

If you don’t know how to link it so it is clickable in your blog post, don’t worry about it.  Just copy and paste the URL into your text.

For an example of a post including a link back, click HERE.

For a Pinterest post including a link back, click HERE.

For an Instagram post including a link back, click HERE.

For a Flickr post including a link back, click HERE.

If you have linked to my main blog address http://quiltville.blogspot.com  that also needs to be changed to the URL for this week’s linky page.  Please check your post or photo and make sure you have the right link.  Please do not just link to the allietare mystery tab either – because that tab is going away when the mystery is done, and then you will also be another dead end street. 

The linky pages will be alive FOREVER in the archives, Your link will stay there so people can find you, please link correctly to my post so people can find me and the others who have shared their links as well.

Teamwork makes this work – for EVERYONE!

Let’s try this again, shall we?

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  1. The link service, InLinkz, has the option of requiring a link back to the link-up. When creating a link-up, it's under the Advanced Options and is called Require Link Back. Amy of the Blogger's Quilt Festival uses this, and the link back must be included in the blog post before it will be added to the link-up. It's a simple solution to the problem.

  2. Myra, while nice in theory, it doesn't work with pinterest, instagram or flickr photos. I have given those without blogs the opportunity to share on these other formats, and I can't require a link back if they use these platforms.

  3. I think a big problem for blog posts is that people are just linking to their blog, not the actual post. Once they create the post, they should click on the post title. That will then take them to THAT POST and the link for it. I've found a lot of people don't understand this concept.

  4. Anonymous12:41 PM EST

    I's like herding kittens. Ha

  5. Anonymous1:18 PM EST

    It's not anger....just frustration and the desire to have ease of finding these posts at a future date. In my opinion, Bonnie is a very kind and generous individual! And this is all for fun, remember!

  6. So sorry to be one of the delinquents this morning. I fixed my link-back and relinked. And next week I'm going to double & triple check my link-back before I link up.

  7. I haven't linked this week yet but did last week. I linked to the mystery page but not the link up page. So sorry to be one of those linkers. I promise to do it right from now on. Thank you for doing all you do for us.

  8. Ah, but your face is so cute!! ;)

  9. Anonymous10:44 PM EST

    Nothing more fun than getting scolded in a post!

  10. Bonnie, I'm anxious to hear what happened with your jury duty. Please let us know.

  11. Gee I wonder why post #9 is Anonymous?

    Dear Anonymous, I am sorry you are having a bad day. I hope it is temporary as it would be awful to be so sour all the time.

    All we have to do is follow step-by-step directions and all is good.

    Bonnie, you are the sweetest person I know. And the most generous. Please know that 99.9% of your readers/fans/friends love you.

  12. I'm sorry but linking is not in my vocabulary just yet. Need someone to hold my hand. Thank you Bonnie for all you do.

  13. Yes Bonnie. I want to know about your jury duty. You have left us hanging. I read your blog faithfully. And am totally amazed at your level of energy.. Mom.quilter

  14. Old quilter8:37 AM EST

    Cute, cute baby picture, and I love the rainbow "rocketts" . Kick 'em high !

  15. I always include a link, but don't put the words HERE on it. is that acceptable? I normally put linking up with Bonnie at Quiltville and insert the link into those works (on my blogpage, and of course always to the individual page) If this is not acceptable I would love to know! If is wrong my bad sorry didn't mean to be a bad poster and I will fix it! Thanks again Bonnie for all you do!!

  16. Oh oh. I don't do 'links' - for that matter have no idea what you are talking about. I thought I would be able to get all and any information from your home page right here. Now I'm wondering if I should continue - am I missing anything by 'not linking up'?

  17. Brenda Wilkinson, WL, BC3:48 PM EST

    I am one that does not do links. Firstly, because I am only partway through step one; secondly, because I am still at the point of not having the wizardry skills to get the photo from the phone to the computer. And if I did, I still would be shaky with the magic of getting it from point A to all points north. I think I might be able to get the "bippity" and "boppity", but would probably forget all about the "boo" !

  18. Love your "frowny" face!

  19. I am not super savy when it comes to linky things so I'm terrified to try. Think I'll sit this quilt out and just post on Facebook.

  20. Anna Lee/ quitngannalee@yahoo.com12:37 PM EST

    Anonymous (9) was probably trying to make a funny. I love all that is Bonnie Hunter. You make me smile.


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