Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Day to Work, A Day to Play!

In the warm months there are OUTSIDE kinds of things to work on, saving the inside jobs for the cooler temperatures, which have NOT arrived!

This weekend is one of incredibly beautiful weather and we have taken to the outdoors in an effort to soak it in as much as possible, because this IS North Carolina, and when ice storms come, it is easy to forget just how nice it can be when it is as nice as it was yesterday.

Do you see this?  Only a denim shirt thrown over a short sleeved t shirt ((my uniform of choice on most days!)) for a morning walk in the woods, about 8am!

It was close to 60 degrees at this point and Sadie and I were loving every moment of time in the woods.

With a weekend like this upon us, we headed back to the cabin to put in a morning of planking the walls in the basement family and sewing nook --with a plan to take the motorcycle out on to the Blue Ridge Parkway in the afternoon, firmly believing that this will likely be the last riding opportunity in 2015.

Let's take it out with a bang!

But first:

An update!

The corner is now planked and molding is in place.  Oh, I am loving this!  It is just what this room needed.   Bye bye, tacky paneling!

This wall is also nearly complete at this point.

There will be a new computer desk in this corner for office space at some point.

Before photo.

Moving on into my sewing area!

Making good progress here!

After lunch it was time to get outside and enjoy as much of the day as we could:

70 degrees on Dec 12th?  Amazing!

It was a fun day for riding!

We rode the Parkway all the way to Blowing Rock.  I'd love some more time to explore that area, I saw all kinds of antique stores and places to putter, but I was on a motorcycle --I really need some girlfriend time up here to get the most of it. Will plan on that in the spring hopefully with Mona!

For those asking, she has been extremely busy --she is a new first time grandmother!  Her granddaughter just turned 1 month old this week, and she has been up in Ohio helping her daughter with their business, The Flag Store as her daughter is on maternity leave.  She should be back home here in the next couple of weeks!

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I'm thinking we can squeeze in a Quilt-Cam on Wednesday evening, December 16th at 9pm!  Be watching the blog for more details!  I'll be HOME that night because I have some appointments on Thursday morning, and then I'll be back up at the cabin.  

Yes I am soaking up as much cabin time as I can in December, because my 2016 on the road tour starts again December 29th!  It's coming all too fast.

Happy Quilting, everyone!

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  1. Looks like you are having a productive time on your down time Bonnie it is always nice to get things done and see progress. the planks look great. Have a good day hope to see you on Wed.
    Terry from Canada

  2. we are getting some of that warmth way up here in lobsterville too...like 55 yesterday? oh yes, and no snow yet either!

  3. Love your plank walls! Your remodel is beautiful! So happy you are getting you time! Continue to enjoy!

  4. Love your plank walls! Your remodel is beautiful! So happy you are getting you time! Continue to enjoy!

  5. The plank walls are beautiful...does it smell good, too?? Just the thing for a "cabin" :)

    Looking forward to Quilt Cam.

    Your weather has been warmer than ours so far this winter. We live in NW AZ (elevation 3350 ft.) and have had cool nights (30's, 40's) but the air is cool during the day even though the sun is bright. Our daytime temps have been in the 50's and 60's.

  6. Don't you just love it when it all starts coming together! Looking good. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy this lovely weather! It's and unusual 72 here in WV and am going out for a walk...gotta get those 10,000 steps in ya know. Looking forward to Wed. night cam.

  7. The planks look great. Are you and your family doing or did you contract it out? Looking forward to Wed.

  8. The strips of wood on your walls remind me of the strips you put in your quilt blocks. The last time you did Quilt-cam from the cabin I thought it worked out fine... did you decide not to do it up there anymore? Hope to catch you live on Wed. Thank you for including us in all you do.

  9. Beautiful. I love the walls. I have been in an upheaval in my basement since a rain storm in the spring when my sump pump failed and I got water. Ever since I feel that my whole house is tore up since nothing goes down where it should. I ca't get reliable workmen so am doing it myself and I can't work and get things done at this time of year. After Christmas, hopefully, I will get it finished and have a really nice sewing area and I can get busy on the mystery. So glad you are getting things done.
    Enjoy your holidays.

  10. It's great to get jobs done and see things coming together. Looking good all round. Wish we had some of your weather in the UK. We have had strong winds for weeks and now we are getting lots of heavy rain. Got no chance of getting 10,000 steps in without getting soaked! Many people have been flooded in our beautiful Lake District area and some even twice in the last two weeks. It's bad enough getting the mud out one week without having to do it again the next week.

  11. I love the plamking on the walls, as well. Are you going to shellac them, in case of flying food or liquids?? The weather here in Northern New York has been unusually warm. Many days I have gone out in short sleeves. I was at the eye doctor's today and many of the patients and the staff were rejoicing because we can still wear our Crocs. Usually, at this time of the year, we are in snow boots! Have a Merry Christmas and a hppy New Year!


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