Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bonnie and Irene Antiquing in Dallas!

Look what came out to play while I flew to Dallas!

It was luckily an uneventful trip, and I happily stitched away while talking to a very interesting lady who lives in Greensboro not too far from me. 

She was interested in what I was doing, I showed her how each hexagon is cut larger than the paper foundation under it, explained why the paper is there to hold pieces in an exact shape so they fit easily together like a puzzle. 

I showed her the whole process of attaching one hexagon to another, to another, and she was amazed that this project has been going on for more than 2 years now.

Meanwhile, she told me all about her family and her working farm outside of Greensboro and showed me pictures of everything she grows.  It was wonderful to hear about another's passion for what they do.  While I am happiest with needle thread and fabric at hand, she is happiest when she is digging in the dirt and communing with nature.  I loved our chat!

This section is ALMOST done. I will finish it before I am home, and will start on the next.  There are 4 of these elongated triangle shapes needed to turn my hexagon shaped medallion in to a rectangle so I an call it done.

Yes, it takes a long time to make something of this magnitude, but it is worth every stitch, every found moment of otherwise wasted sitting time.  I’m happy to have it out again!


Bonnie & Irene go Antiquing!

So fun to have Irene meet me at the airport and whisk me away from lunch out and a day of antique mall browsing before we headed over to Fabric Fanatics in Plano and got everything ready for the next 5 days of workshops. 

Here you can see we are all excited about what we might find inside!


And find we did!


36 patch quilt!

1950s goodness!

And another:


Love the yellow sashings and green cornerstones!

In talking to the booth owner, both of these quilts are from the same maker and were found at an estate sale.  Of course my heart goes right to the family wondering why they didn’t want/keep these lovely farm style quilts with all of their wonderful vintage dress and shirt prints of the period.

But maybe there just isn’t anyone.  I’m understanding that more and more as I get older.  There isn’t always a “next” generation to be the care takers of these objects, and this way they will be CHOSEN by those who really want them, rather than just passsed on as another item to those who don’t feel a connection in an “old object.”



Look at that red!


Close up of great fabrics!

Yes, I could see myself making one of these!


Oh sweet!


Close up!

I love the soft apple green fan bases – and those fabrics!  Someone loved this quilt a lot as it was shredded in many places, some fan blades completed worn away.  But oh, what a life this quilt had while it was so loved!


Now THIS is fun!!


Yes, I can see myself doing this one, can’t you?

16 patches and strip sets.  Great fabrics!


Ha!  I must be in Texas!

I was sorely tempted to buy these, but they weren’t the right size.  I really do like the black and white so I looked around to see if I could spot a theme.

The weirdest thing in the antique mall that fit the theme:


Charles & Diana commemorative dolls?

No thank you!  These are right up there with Chuckie and clowns, ventriloquist dolls and Elf on the Shelf, all which freak me out!


Hello little black beauty!

Do you fit the black/white theme?

Close enough! And you are 25% off!


Works for me!

My birthday is in 3 weeks.  This will go home and be a companion to my tan one!  It’s a Singer model 20, the same model that Carla used to sew her way to China and back. See her in hand cranking action HERE!

We really had a great day!

Today starts our 5 days worth of workshops.  Today and Sunday ((day 1 and day 5)) are a mystery that I have designed just for this event.  I won’t be sharing any of my photos of projects, but you will get plenty of photos of happy quilters sewing away and doing what they love best!

When I am done with this workshop series, the Plano mystery quilt is being shipped off to the folks at Quiltmaker Magazine, and it will appear in the May/June 2016 issue –out in April!  So hang tight, and in just a few months you’ll have a chance to see it.  My hope is that my students will have perhaps finished tops by then, if not full quilts and I am planning on doing a show and share on the blog to kick off the magaine issue when it is released.  So stay tuned for that!


Today’s Wise Words!

I have always loved quotes and inspirational thoughts and words as much as I love quilts.  This year I am wanting to put my favorite words and my favorite quilt photos TOGETHER as something that you can save and share with others.  I am posting these to facebook, pinterest, instagram –and you will find them under the Quiltville Quotes tab at the top of the blog.  See something you like that means something to you? Something that hits your heart? Save it!  Share it!  Pin it!  Post it!

My feeling is that photos of quilts on their own are nice, but if there are words there, maybe the quilt will mean more, maybe people will take time to read it and gain something from it -- it's more than "just a quilt" that way.

There is a story behind this quilt: Scrappy Snails Trail 1995, pre long arm. Straight line walking foot quilting, tons of scrappy neutrals and even recycled plaids. I forgot how much I loved my early quilts!  I want to share my earlier quilts as well as new ones and antique ones, and I think the quotes are the best way to do it.

The question is, do I save them for the END of the post, or do you want them to be the first thing you see when you read my blog?  Thoughts?

We are up to 80+ entries in Monday’s Mystery Link-Up!  Have you checked them out?  Go HERE and take a look!

Have a terrific Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Wheee! What a great way to start your trip to Texas . . . antiquing and with all your finds!! So glad the little Singer Sewhandy 20 is now yours. Might we see you hand cranking on a plane in the future? That would be fun. Speaking of fun, have a great time in class and I'll be by at lunch to give you a hug and hello and watch Show-n-Tell. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX USA

  2. what a cute birthday gift! getting used to winter here and ready for the new year, a super quilting year!

  3. I knew this post was coming when you posted the teaser photo yesterday--I want to go antiquing with you! Love your quilt quotes, wherever you choose to plac pe them.

  4. I love seeing pics of your first quilts last in your blog. Gives me sweet anticipation to read all the way to the end to have the dessert, your wonderful eye candy. I have a hand crank Singer on my wish list, hoping Santa takes the hint sometime. Have an awesome time! Thanks Bonnie!
    Chris D

  5. Love the Snail Trails. And I like your idea of matching quilts with quotes. It will give us a chance to see what's in the archives at Quiltville and Quiltvilla. I like to see the quotes in different places... as I loved seeing you with your half square triangles first thing...it wouldn't have been as cute if you would have had a quote first on that blog page. However, on other days, you've had the quote first and it was very appropriate. I vote for switching it up. Good luck at the eye doctor... you are in still our prayers waiting for the scans to be evaluated... how long does it take? Have fun in Dallas and don't worry... no matter what the outcome you'll make lemonade.

  6. What fun quilts in that mall! Love the one with the red centers...I'll make one too when you decide to do it!

  7. Love, love that quilt with the red block centers! Wonderful. I lost my quilting/needlework mother and mother in law in the last year, as well as a friend whose family sold all her quilting things so I've had a lot of time to think about this topic. I also know how much all the things I've brought home from their households has complicated my own life. I think the time to think has helped. I'm able to let go of some while valuing all they were and did. It still makes me sad when a family doesn't want the handwork, but I understand more and feel no need for my children to love the things I made after I'm gone. I just want them to be happy and, if these things don't contribute to that, then they should let them go. People, not things, matter.

  8. So enjoy reading your blog....I like seeing the photos of your quilts with the explanations/comments sprinkled in along the way. And as for your flight to Texas...I would thoroughly love being your seat companion some time..what fun! Looking forward to seeing what those "Texans" do in your class, Bonnie.

  9. The box for the sewing machine is adorable!!

  10. Bonnie, I haven't been a follower for very long but am really enjoying your blog...especially since I recently purchased a former quilter's stash....21 boxes...eeeeek! By the way, are you planning a leaders and enders project for 2016?> Thanks, Margie

  11. oh, to go antiquing w/Bonnie... and the woman seatmate on the plane! Had a 'free' lesson from my idol! Luck passenger! Now, it's way late here on the west coast, almost 9 am and i must be done w/facebook and chatting and get to the studio, have not finished Clue 4 or 5.... time's a wasting!!! LOL ... i love this time of year between Christmas & New Year, it's my 'scheduled' down time to just drift and float and kind of wander in the studio... pick up, straighten up, do a little stitching... yep... do what makes your heart sing xo Cats... cwhitcher@roadrunner.com

  12. I love your antique mall quilt find pictures!! They make my day and I'm always so inspired :0) I just got a tan Sew Handy for Christmas - after seeing the airplane video it was at the very top of my Christmas list. I am always happy to see pictures of any of your quilts - old or new, with quotes or not, at the beginning or the end of your posts. Happy New Year Bonnie!

  13. I love that snail trail quilt! and what a great find with the Singer. One day I will find one myself ;) I really enjoy seeing all you pictures and quilts... beginning.. middle... or end of a ost :)

  14. I can't believe the hexi quilt with the red spokes didn't come home with you, haha. I also just love your snail's trail. I didn't find it listed under your free patterns. Is it in one of your books?

  15. What a darling little machine! I had a red Singer electric toy sewing machine when I was small in the 1950's, but graduated to a real sewing machine so early that it was hardly used. Once I started using mom's White-Westinghouse cabinet model, that chain stitching toy didn't measure up, but I still loved it. The quilt with the red centers caught my eye, but I boggle at the thought of all those Y seams to put it together. I guess a hexie girl like you wouldn't be intimidated! And, I'm glad to find someone else who thinks Elf on the Shelf is creepy.

  16. I think switching it up works best. Keep us reading and not just going right to it. Same old, same old routine gets boring. Although you are never boring. I love looking forward to your daily posts....

  17. Would love to see the quotes at the beginning of each post. So far they have all been great. I was just telling DH about them today as we were doing errands in the van.
    Mystery link up..hmmm I have fallen behind with the deadlines of Christmas projects so I will be doing catch up and hopefully linking up this coming Monday! Have fun in Texas!!

  18. What is the pink and white thing with your hexes?

  19. Bonnie, all of these antiques malls should give you a hefty discount! You literally are advertising them online to many thousands of quilters! :)

    I like the little machine.

    Have fun, stay safe in the weather


  20. I love reading about all your adventures! You sure can find some good finds. I need to go with you when I get to NC again, lol.

    I have a question, that possibly you have already answered, sorry. How in the world do you get on a plane with scissors? Or do you? :) Just curious.

    Thanks, Bobbi

  21. Those are awesome finds. The hexie with the reds is amazing and the little Singer is a keeper!

    Seeing the quilts n quotes at the end leaves us with great thoughts.

  22. I have the big-girl hand crank, but is almost too heavy to carry. I even found a Plastic carry case that was too thin for it's former owner's machine (yay). I do have to remove the hand crank for it to fit, so "Cranky" travels with her hardware kit to assemble her "motor" when we arrive.

    After your description of the little-girl Singer hand-crank machines of 50's and before, that is now what I will be looking for in our local collectible's stores. Yours is a beauty. Most of my sewing is done with my hand on the wheel so hand-cranking shouldn't be a problem.

    In organizing my "stash" I found an old unfinished quilt (rescued from the recycling center). It needs batting, backing, binding, and either quilting or [sewing through with buttons] whatever that is called. I have done everything but the batting and backing with my neighbor who moved away (sorrow). Hopefully now I may finish it - my first. She would be proud that I had made the leap into quilting.

  23. I also want to know what that pink thing is. Is it a needle threader? If so, would love to see it in action and know what kind it is. Also, would like to know if you are happy with it. For that matter, I would love to see your sewing travel kit and to see how you organize it. Not asking for much, am I? LOL. Safe travels. Faith

  24. So glad you got your model 20 for a birthday gift to self. I wanted one ever since I saw Carla sewing with hers. We saw one at an auction and DH got it for me. I am so happy to be her new owner/caretaker for now. She's just so much fun to look at and "play" with. I'm glad she came home to "play" with you!! Enjoy and best wishes to your and yours and all our quilting friends for a very Happy New Year!

  25. Anonymous3:31 AM EST

    I love your Scrappy Snails Trail quilt! My favorite part is the neutral/neutral pinwheel units. I'm so glad for you that you found the model 20 in black in a great box, Happy early Birthday! As far as the quote and photo, it doesn't matter where in your blog post it is; I just hope you continue to post them to Instagram where I follow you. Thanks for a wonderful 2015 where I got to take two classes with you (Talkin' Turkey & Smith Mtn. Morning) and the Caribbean Cruise!!
    Kathi in Gainesville, Virginia

  26. Today's Wise Words would be a great end to your daily blog. Your idea to put these together with your older quilts is so insightful. I will look forward to collecting these.

  27. Today's Wise Words would be a great end to your daily blog. Your idea to put these together with your older quilts is so insightful. I will look forward to collecting these.


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