Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cabin-y Kinds of Things...

We ran out of plank wood.

And that's just a small hiccup because we can get some more, but it put us at a stand still for the wall remodel at the cabin.

Sadie was HAPPY that the pounding stopped!  Poor girl!  This is where she would be when the compressor was running for the nail gun.

I have never seen a dog so scared, and it seems to be getting more intense the older that she gets.

The air compressor doesn't even have to be plugged in ---if she sees it out in the room, she starts shaking like nobody's business and she finds the most comforting place to hide -- in this case, under my knees as I treadle!

We have taken to putting her upstairs and closing the door, but she really WANTS to be where her people are, scary compressor or not.

Planking in the sewing nook!

When I last shared with you this wall was not quite half done...we've gone to the top now, and have started on the adjacent wall:

It's coming along!

There are still 2 walls left to be done in here, and then of course all of the staining and rimming out.  It's a winter-long project, but it is such an amazing transformation from cheap bead board paneling to REAL plank walls.

Before I headed home:

Borders went on THIS!

And I switched machines to stay stitch around the edges.

Stay stitching keeps all of those string piano keys from popping open, and helps minimize stretch in the quilting process.  I only switched machines because I was in a time crunch, and after a week of treadling, my LEGS were tired!  The 301 does 1300 stitches a minute and I had that border stay-stitched in no time.

Loaded in the machine at home!

There is no moss gathering under my feet!

It's not a very large quilt by my normal standards, and I want something to bind on over the weekend, so I will finish the quilting today before I head up to the cabin after tomorrow's Allietare clue 4 goes live!

If you missed Quilt-Cam from last night, you can find it in the archives under the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog.

I've got something special reserved for tonight's post, so be sure to come back and check on that!

In other news -- haircut and a massage will restore me to almost human --

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your special place with us, it is just lovely there!

  2. I can't remember if you have already named this quilt. The colors remind me of orange and lime sherbet. You could call it Sherbet Crumbs. Thanks for sharing your progress on this quilt.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Love the new walls! They are making a huge difference and the end result will be beautiful.

    Have you tried a Thunder Shirt on Sadie? I feel so sorry for her! I have used Thinder shirts on my two "brave" German Shepherd and they have stopped hiding when there are storms or fireworks. I have been surprised how it has calmed them .

    Thank you for this years mystery! I'm loving it! I've done the last two and they seemed much more challenging. This year I've been able to keep up without any strain
    and that is a good feeling.

    Thanks for all you do for us! I'm so happy you have had this month to rest and spend so much time in your special place! We can tell reading your blog that stress melts away when you get to spend more than a weekend at the cabin. It is a joy to see you relaxing and creating beauty.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for a splendid 2016!

  5. Anonymous9:55 AM EST

    I feel for you and Sadie. Our state legalized fireworks a couple of years ago, and though there are rules, many don't follow them. My dog, champ hates them. I would just be getting ready for bed and someone would start firing them off and I would have to stay up with Champ until they were over. Sorry I missed quilt cam last night, but it was the survivor finale...I'll catch you on the archives.😀
    Jill in Michigan

  6. Alice Kane10:59 AM EST

    Sadie might like a "thunder jacket," which is a thing that looks like winter jacket, but provides pressure, sort of in the same way that swaddling does for a tiny baby.

  7. My little dog is also a different dog in his Thunder Shirt. It's like a sleeveless lightweight sweatshirt. I sometimes put it on him in winter whether he is nervous or not for additional warmth and he looks very handsome in his dark grey outerwear.

  8. Poor Sadie. My golden was afraid of noise too. Wanted to be close to Momma. They don't understand. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & New Years.

  9. The double wood wall will be a perfect and really nice isolation, it will keep you warmer for less fuel =^} Maybe you could place some (silent!) headphones over Sadie's ears, as dogs really have very sensitive hearing.... as most animals do! The cats over here hide under the bed, or in a cardboard box for noises, or sit out to wait for the whining to stop.
    We plan to have wooden walls as well, as that has been te wall covering 150 yrs ago, wshen the house was built. It's funny to find out that what we plan for colors and decoration seems to be pointed out by the house itself.
    Waiting for your post in a few hours!
    Love from a dark Witmarsum,

  10. Love the new finish on the cabin walls. What a beautiful room to sew and quilt in! Our dog has the same problem with loud noises. She likes to hide under things too!! I've been making yoyos for small projects, Christmas trees on kitchen towels, candy cane tree ornaments, and some Halloween pumpkins, and have really been enjoying it! I think they are really cute and a lot of fun to make. The cat thinks they're his personal kitty toys! Have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy your cabin. I might go there with my machines and never come out!

  11. Poor Sadie - the position of her ears speaks volumes! That planking looks so nice. The string geese look great. Hope all goes well in town and you are back to the cabin Friday afternoon. Happy binding too! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  12. I love your wall planking. Perfect for the cabin, it keeps with the rustic look.

    I am so happy to read that you are staying home for a bit and get to enjoy your cabin and family time. I bet Sadie is very glad to have her Momma home as well. Thank you so much for this years mystery. It is so much fun and we all look forward to this time of year for more than just the holidays now. Love and Prayers for you and your family. Jeanne

  13. Anonymous5:52 PM EST

    is there a clue on the Friday the 25th?

  14. Poor Sadie, I have one that is very much like that, if mine wasn't so big she would get right on my knee. I can tell the next book is going to be a good one.

  15. Your sewing nook is going to look great when it's all done. I am hoping to do some changing around in my sewing room after Christmas.
    I enjoyed quilt cam last night, it made me get in my little room and do some much needed sewing, been having trouble getting motivated to sew the last month or two, so it was a good boost that I needed. Merry Christmas to you and your family Bonnie and all the best for a happy and healthy new year!!


  16. Bonnie, what is the name of that panto you are using.
    Thanks Paula in KY

  17. May I suggest Rhodiola for your dog right before you get ready to use the compressor.
    (I get it at the health food store--and it works for people too. Its job is to stop or at least slow down the flow of cortisol in the brain that is a response to alarm or stress--and the rise in adrenaline that follows the cortisol surges and leads to an unpleasant cycle of cortisol, adrenaline, more cortisol, more adrenaline.)It can be a small miracle in a capsule.

    Your room is becoing even more wonderful!

  18. can i enter to win the quilty box here? cwhitcher@roadrunner.com thank you and waiting with toe tapping for tomorrow's clue, <3

  19. Hi Bonnie,
    Can you post a picture of the front of quilt cabin? I would love to show my husband
    thanks and Merry christmas,

    wendy Dillon

  20. Anonymous12:25 AM EST

    Sadie's ears probably hurt when the compressor and/or nail gun are used. Dog's ears are sensitive. She is afraid of the pain coming I bet. Maybe you could take her out of the cabin when you guys do that stuff?

  21. You rock, Bonnie. I wish I had half your energy! My puppy, Monty, a 34# mini Aussie would have been hiding right where Sadie is and he is getting worse with age too. We live in south Texas so Christmas night will be fireworks so we just stay home with him. It is too hard to leave him home alone when we know he is so afraid of fireworks.

  22. THE walls look so much mixer in your cabin. IT gives warmth to THE room. We did THE same thing when we loved in TX.
    Poor Sadie our dogs (2West Highland White Terriërs) also hate noise THE oldest Moshe would bark and shake. Now that he is 14 years he stays calm his hearing and eye sight is not THE best . He still acts sometimes like a pup and plays with his 10 year OLD brother Levi. They are my loves i never could have gone through THE last 5 years looking my eye and seeing double without them.
    Meert Christmas to you Bonnie and Wishing you a healthy blessed 2016.
    Happy quilting, Yoka xxx

  23. Sorry for THE typo mistakes i use a Dutch keyboard on my iPhone and iT changes words sometimes in English Bonnie.

  24. Anonymous12:04 PM EST

    Love the look of your wall. You are amazing, all the things you do.


  25. I like the wood...but poor sweet Sadie! Dogs hearing is soooooo extremely good, that compressor HURT MOM! Doggie-ear plug? Sleeping pills for her wrapped in bacon? Something....poor scamp. Good to see, you look happy at your treadle...

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  26. bonnie
    our greyhound Bella hates fireworks and we live in the country where folks shoot off their guns.... if we are out walking she does a no way I am headed back inside moment...keep your Sadie close and give her love..
    Keep on inspiring us with all your quilts and your Energy!!!


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