Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A Day Among the Yagua

Yesterday’s highlight –

Spending time amongst the Yagua natives who live communally in the Amazon region, and have lived this way for centuries.

When the Spaniards came in 1491, the Yagua natives were living much as they are today, living off of the land.  Hunting, finishing, farming and making life as a community of support for each other in this amazing place.

The Yagua population numbers approximately 6,000 with communities being found from Columba to Peru along the Amazon, Napo, Putumayo and Yavari rivers and their tributaries.

And so, after breakfast, we loaded up our boats and headed down the river, stopping to watch pink dolphins surfacing along our way.

Why are there no photos of pink dolphins?  We were too busy trying to spot them, and by the time we did, they were back under water!

But here is one from google:


And yes, they are pink!

Leaving the dolphins for the Yagua village!

Offloading!  Stay on the boards, the banks are muddy!

Rice is a staple crop and grows on river banks and sand bars.


The community house comes into view.

We were welcomed with a ceremonial dance!

Photos were encouraged, and I took many!

Getting in on blow dart lessons!

Making friends with a 3 toed sloth!

Oh look, I’ve found a friend!

One of these things is not like the others!

This next slide show is a long one, so sit down and enjoy! 

Click the photo below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

A Visit With the Yagua, Peru 2015

Everything here has been so well planned out – our excursions have been extraordinary and life changing.  We were able to interact with the natives, to purchase some handmade arts and crafts and to learn more about their ancient culture.

Again, I am overwhelmed by the kindnesses of those who have so little compared to our abundance, and yet I come away feeling like *I* am the one who is missing so much because of my focus.

Work, work work ---needs to be “slow down and appreciate the roof over my head, the food in my belly, the family that loves and encourages me through everything I do.”

I also so appreciate all of the travelers who came to share this experience with me.  I feel that the experiences we have shared over the past few days have joined us together in ways that cannot be explained with words.  To them, I am grateful!

More photos – oh so many more photos to follow!  As it is, this is posting at 1:30 pm approximately because the internet has been really iffy and I just couldn’t get anything to upload.  So I gave up and enjoyed the scenery and came back after lunch to give it another go.

My feeling is, if it doesn’t go now, it will go for tomorrow morning when I am back in Lima!

This evening we head back down the Amazon to Iquitos and the airport – flying back to Lima for a quick overnight, and then off to Cusco we go!

Love from Peru --

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  1. I can hear in your writing that this is a "trip of a lifetime" for you. Enjoy it to the max!

  2. anice...kiddtedford@gmai.com
    You are going to be amazed by Cuzco. I hope you are taking the train ride to Machu Pichu eat the corn on the cob that are sold by the Peruvians....most delicious corn I have ever tasted.

  3. You are quite the animal magnet. Machu Pichu will blow your mind. Find a quiet moment to take it in and visualize what it must have been like centuries ago.

  4. So jealous of you getting to hold the sloths!!!

  5. What a fantastic trip you ladies are having.

  6. What an amazing trip!!!

  7. Wonderful photos. The sloth looks like he enjoyed the cuddles.

  8. What an amazing trip! I am So envious!

  9. I want a 3-toed sloth!!!

    I agree, slow and close living is better!


  10. Thank you so much for making the extra effort so we can see all your wonderful pictures. We appreciate all you do and share with us. Hope you continue to have a great trip!


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