Friday, February 15, 2019

All The Pretty 16-Patches! (And Quilt-Cam!)

A veritable mountain of 16-patch scrappiness!

This was hands down the most “brainless” quilty fun I have had in a long while – in my book things like 4-patches, 9-patches and 16-patches are just THE BEST and are right up there with string piecing.


And better yet – I am using up a bunch of OLD OLD blues – from 1980s and 1990s calicoes to florals and geometrics to recycled shirts and batiks.  It’s all in there.  And it is the mix – the complete and utter no rhyme no reason variety that makes me so happy.

By the time we started Quilt-Cam last night I only had the last batch of 10 to complete, I had 8 1/2 done by the time Quilt-Cam was over – I stayed and finished the last two after hitting STOP on the camera.  I just couldn’t leave them until they were all done and packed in a bin.

All the little lovelies!

They’ve been with me through the decades, like true friends!  And now I’ll move on to the alternate blocks I have planned.

But not until I am back from Texas!  I spent the rest of yesterday kitting and packing up this:

I lost track, and just kept cutting -

I ended up with 90 block kits! LOL!!

I was watching Morocco, Love in Times of War on Netflix while I was cutting these out. It's Spanish overdubbed in English. And it drove me crazy trying to watch the characters mouths, so it was much better as a program to listen to - not watch!

Similar to the old Godzilla throw-backs of my childhood, they could have done better casting the voices, it's almost comical!

GREAT story line about a time and place I knew nothing about – but very hokey over-dubbing.  If you want a giggle – give it a go.  Best while stitching with your head down toward the sewing machine.  LOL.

Or evidently – a great way to kit up 90 basket blocks and have them ready for an epic trip to Texas!

Are you ready for some Quilt-Cam?  Click to Play:

Our hour together flew by so fast!  Thanks to those who joined in and sent emails.  I love hearing from you and seeing what you have to share!

This morning I’m off early – Nothing to eat past midnight – it’s a day of doctor appointments, physical and blood work.  It usually happens around my birthday, but we pushed it out due to Japan and Arizona.  Here to hoping that everything is spit-spot and we can get on with this thing called living.

Oh, Dresden!

There are a handful of orders that came in over night and I’ve got just enough time to get them out the door on my way – I’ll be up in Virginia hopefully by lunch time.

That is, unless an antique mall run happens – we shall see!

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

It's a hard habit to break, but stop minimizing your strengths and successes to make others feel better.

Stand tall and own this day!

Have a wonderful Friday, folks!


  1. I love people who actually go get their physicals yearly. When I was younger people would make fun of me because I insisted everyone in our family have physicals every year. One of the people that made fun had severe complications from diabetes that went undetected for longer than it should have. I wish that on no one, but a yearly physical is a must in my mind.

  2. I recognize many of those blues, some of the same fabrics will be making an appearance in a spiderweb string quilt just started. So fun finding old favorites and trying to recall which quilt they made a first appearance!

  3. Love how Dresden is a box baby.

  4. Thank you for the reminder Bonnie, I think it is an age old habit to do just that. We are all unique with special talents that should be humbly celebrated. Xx

  5. It was so nice to be able to watch you live yesterday. I was auditioning borders for my Christmas quilt, and now have a winner! I am collecting fabrics for classes at Mackinac Island; have not done string blocks before so I'm hoping to try some beforehand.

  6. Your house is like mine: two inspectors and one supervisor. Or is it the other way around?

  7. QuiltCam was fun! My hubby came running when he heard you say my name. I love when you say Walla Walla. You should come visit, lol Bring your hubby!

  8. We had problems with our electric going out and causing flooding in our basement. So we had a gas generator installed. To keep certain rooms going. The whole basement, the kitchen, the tv room and my sewing room. Oh and the internet. It has been a life saver for us. Think about it

  9. You get so much done everyday. I'm in awe. To make all the kits to take on your trip - WOW!. It would take me days. Thanks for spending time with us yesterday.

  10. I’ve never had a physical, it’s not something they ever suggest in the uk. But I do get regular blood work for my thyroid so see the dr every 6 months.
    I loved quilt cam your blueblocks are beautiful and I have a basket with scraps from when I fussycut some hexies for I swap I do these will end up in another scrappy quilt for sure I’ve finished my mystery still working on my leader ended and now I’ll go back to my ufo’s I’ve got a alphabet quilt that is needed for my new granddaughter due shortly.
    Thank you again for bringing us all so much happiness
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  11. Love that quote! I think I will borrow it. Women are especially bad about doing this, at least the baby boomer generation. We were never supposed to blow our own horns. What a lot of hooey! Thank goodness we’re teaching girls differently now, to stand up for themselves, to be proud of their accomplishments!

  12. I so wish I could come to a workshop in Texas! I'm right here in Coppell, near Denton and Dallas, and COULD go, if it weren't for that thing called "work". But I'm retiring the end of April so please please come back next year! I love your blog and have learned much by reading along.

  13. This is more than a comment because I have a question--not sure if you answer here. But I was watching this quilt cam live and got inspired to do the 16 patch for my next scrap--taking a break since finished Jamestown Landing. Anyway my question. You mentioned quilt shops in Phoenix and I will be going there on Feb 25 would really appreciate a suggestion of name of a shop or two that I should not miss. I'm spending time there with my sister--her son just died and this is a very sad time for us---so perhaps a shop or two would bring a little sunshine. Thank yu very much for an answer. patsyruth33@comcast.net

    1. Bonnie had a workshop at 35th Ave Sew & Vac in Phoenix. If you Google Quilt Shop Locator, you will find all different ways to find quilt shops while you travel!

  14. It was my first live quilt-cam, and so much fun. I was working on some paper piecing blocks for my online bee. Hope to catch the next one live. Enjoy your weekend.

  15. You should hear Hoss and Little Joe (Bonanza) re-runs with German dubbing and French (even worse).


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