Thursday, February 07, 2019

Nothing Could Be Finer Than to Be in Carolina -

My 3 weeks worth of hexie stars.

So many miles, and even more memories!

I brought home a bunch of Japanese fabrics, and I want to work some of those in here – as well as the African batiks that I’ll be picking up in Kenya come October. 

If this is the everlasting ongoing on-the-go project with no deadline, then I can also add fabrics found along my way and really make it a memory quilt.

I’m not tired of these yet.  They are a tad bit more tedious than “regular” hexies.  The sides are nearly 2’’ long, requiring thread basting THROUGH the paper (I do not like glue, don’t tell me to use glue!) to keep the sides from flapping, but the basting comes out with one snip of a stitch and a couple of pulls taking no time at all. 

How big will I go?  I don’t know! I don’t know how I will even set them yet – block to block?  Or with setting triangles in rows?  Or perhaps with large unpieced hexagons to float them?

No need to worry about that yet.  Just keep stitching.

I did have to chuckle at the flight attendant last night who asked me if I was “making coasters?!”  Well, you could use them that way, I suppose!

If you are wanting to dive in, these are the same stars found in my Rishi digital pattern found in the Quiltville Store.  

The pattern includes pdf to print your own papers should you wish, or you can order them from paperpieces.com.

Leaving Phoenix.

A few hours later, landing in Atlanta.

And home to someone waiting for me -

Hello, sweet girl!

Son Jeff was there right on time to help me with my luggage, and let me tell you – I fell right into bed upon arrival at home.  NOTHING feels as good as your own bed when you’ve been away for 3 weeks.

Morning walk – favorite tree.

Saying hello to my hood!

Good morning, babbling brook.

Good morning, sun!

And be sure your volume is on for this one.  Click to play:

I love this sound so much!

I have printed the invoices for orders that have come in since I left for Japan.  Those will begin filling today in the order in which they came in.

The plan is to get these 100 orders out the door by 5pm tomorrow so that I can head up to the cabin for the weekend.

42 in the done pile.

It feels like it should be more than that.  LOL.

All I want is a weekend date with my sewing machine!  I barely got machine time through my holiday break due to the String Frenzy book release, and now I’ve been gone for 3/4 a month and as much as I love them, the hexie stars are not filling my need to slice and dice and sew and make.  You get it, right?

I’ve got about 10 days before I head off to Texas – let’s see what we can do with it.  There should be time to through a Quilt-Cam into the mix as well, just let me get my bearings first!

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Playing with Jacks quilt shared by Alice during last weekend’s workshops in Phoenix!

I truly believe this!

Give it a try - What have you got to lose?

What have you got to gain?

Have a wonderful Thursday – it feels so great to be HOME!


  1. Welcome home, your chatter has been missed!! Thanks for all you di.

  2. Your final image is not showing in my browser. Hasn't happened before

  3. Image is not showing in my browser either.

    1. Go to instagram and you will find it.

    2. Not all of us are on Instagram

    3. It is on Facebook.

  4. Thanks for the earworm. YES, Some slice, dice and machine time are in order. Frigid temps in my forecast means I'm wearing my woolly socks as I stitch downstairs.

  5. Thanks for the nature sounds. Good to hear. Needless to say, nothing is babbling here in Minnesota except me.

  6. Playing with Jacks quilt not showing.
    Love the hexies next to each other. Would be awesome floating if you don’t keep them together.
    Love Sadie. She reminds me of my dear departed grand dog Molly.
    As always, thanks for sharing...

  7. Welcome home! Looking forward to acquiring some fabric in Poland next year to do something like your diamond hexies. Hugs to Sadie! She must have missed her momma a bunch.

  8. Loving the Star Hexi blocks! I was traveling also for two weeks in Jan. My two friends I visited are also quilters, so I got in some stitching time! I finished my Majestic Mountains top in Kaffe Fassett jewel tone fabrics and worked on my Talking Turkey blocks. My trip north included a quilt retreat in Petaluma, CA., beautiful countryside! Downside, very firm beds!! I was happy to return home and sleep in my own bed! Looking forward to taking a workshop with you in June in San Luis Obispo, my home territory! Enjoy your time at the cabin and home!

  9. No quilt or quote showing?? Any suggestions?

  10. So glad you are home, and the therapy of sewing time will revive you. When you can, please check on the problem of the quote/quilt not showing in your post. It's been like that for a few posts for me, so maybe I need to do something on my end - any ideas? Thanks for the spring sounds this morning.

  11. Hi Bonnie- I am sure it feels wonderful, delightful and all things good to be home again! Glad you are back safe and sound, with s little time for a breather. A person's bed at home is always the best!

    No spring time sounds in Alaska yet, but the snow is sure beautiful, although I hope we are through getting it for a while. I watch the birds in the back deck, along with the kitty cats. I get out and walk when I can, but blowing out the driveway comes first, to make walking easier.

    Have a Great weekend at the cabin!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the sun is shining, and it is sure to be a beautiful day!

  12. I totally understand the satisfaction of hearing the peepers! We usually hope to hear ours around St. Patrick's Day here in NW PA.

  13. Looking forward to seeing you in Texas! I have to get my scraps together! I have a couple of special scraps for you, too!

  14. You are AMAZING Bonnie!!! I so admire you missy :)

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  16. I love peepers too! It will be a while before they come out in NW Indiana...

  17. I enjoy your daily posts. I know that I will never travel abroad so it's great to see things thru your eyes and camera. I'm jealous of your spring coming...Not really. It was -27 yesterday in Montana. Thanks for all you do and your inspiration.

  18. The stars are so lovely! It will be fun to see what you eventually decide to do with them. Welcome home!

  19. Welcome home, I've really enjoyed your blog, travel photos, etc. Love your hexi stars, the fabrics are stunning.

  20. Yes it is good to get home, but it is also nice to have another trip to look forward to. I am working on my first EPP project and I am adoring your stars. Would you be willing to show the back of one? Do you whip stitch the pieces together or do it flat? At least my inquiring mind wants to know. Thank you


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