Thursday, February 14, 2019

On This Valentine’s Day, 2019

I am wishing you pretty patches and creative time!

Exactly what is on my own plate today!

More block kitting is happening – These are the Fancy Basket blocks from a 2016 Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker, and I LOVE for once (or at least in a long while)  playing with a dark background in these blocks.  They feel like spring to me.  And a great way to dig in the scraps.

This block can be built in a couple of different ways.  You could use “chisels” with stitch-n-flip corners to do the long angled pieces instead of a 4-patch center, but I chose to do it this way so that my background pieces wouldn’t have any seams in them.  

Whatever method of construction your eyes see, this block comes from 2 widths of strips directly from my own Scrap User’s System thanks to my Essential Triangle Tool.  It makes kitting up the blocks so so so easy!

Each sandwich baggie holds 10 block kits.  It’s easy to keep track and transport this way.

And with blocks at the ready – I’ve got an instant quilt in my suitcase.  Just a borrowed machine is needed – and thread.  I’ll be ready for Texas come Tuesday.

Oh, Lola!

I’ve started letting Lola and Dresden come out and explore the other side of the house a bit at a time – hoping they will not cause a kerfuffle with Emmy Lou (who turns 19 this year sweet thing.) and so far so good.

Last I saw, Lola was under a table in the living room.  I went right back to signing book orders, and within 3 minutes I heard a sound coming from the kitchen.  Click to Play:

Oh, my goodness!  I never expected this.  She will have to be watched a bit closer from now on – and yes, the china coffee pot has been moved elsewhere for safe keeping.  Never a dull moment!

And for more reading pleasure -

I’m on the C&T Blog!

Take a visit over to the C&T Bloc and find my post entitled ALL THINGS SCRAPPY!

I am sharing my love of string quilts, thoughts on my new book release String Frenzy as well as a bunch of helps and hints for successful string piecing!

I dare you not to become addicted!

Jeff, my hero!

Thanking my son Jeff Hunter for his ever ready willingness to help out his mom when she needs him! We picked up a palette of books last night at the Yellow Freight depot in Kernersville.  Of course, our mother/son date night included dinner out at the local Dairi O. Yummy.

We were supposed to go Tuesday night, but it wasn't possible in the pouring down rain to carry a palette of books in the back of an open pick up.

Jeff, You are my hero and I couldn't do this without you! I love you!

37 cases of books are now lining the wall in my dining Room!

I will deal with them at some point – but not likely today.

For the first time in I don’t know how long – I have ZERO appointments today.  None.  There are only a handful of String Frenzy orders to go out, and then the day is mine.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

And that goes all the way to Quilt-Cam time TONIGHT!  Are you planning on joining me?  

If you follow me on Facebook, and are in Facebook at 8pm Eastern you should get a notification that I have gone LIVE popping up on your screen.  If you don’t, come to my page – it will be the top post on my page and you can view there.  

Note – if you are there early you may have to refresh your screen to see it.  If you miss it, I will pin it as the top post on my page when we are done, and it will also be embedded here on the blog in tomorrow’s post.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

Wishing you a day just as sweet as you are!


  1. Thank you for Quilt Cam tonight in advance! We are renovating our bed and bath, so no going anywhere for this girl. Its raining and my DH is out of town. Cocooning with my furry boy in the sewing room ALL DAY! yay! and lots of leftovers to be eaten.

  2. I've put it off as long as I could. I ordered String Frenzy. I kept thinking I'd wait until I was able to come to a class and buy it in person. But no. I have to have it, lol. I saw that mountain of books and it pushed me over the edge. Cannot wait to have it in my hands! Thanks, Bonnie!

  3. Your son, Jeff is so Sweet. Is Dario like a Dairy Queen? We'll see if I get to watch Quiltcam, Hubby will probably want his Valentine's Dinner around that time. Have fun in the Quilt Zone. Thanks for the cute Addicted to Scraps basket.

  4. Oh, Lola! She is so pretty and full of mischief. Such a sweet little face. Now "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" will play in my head half of the day.

  5. Sure hope I can catch Quiltcam live tonite. I will be spending the day in my sewing room trying to catch up some small projects, so I can get to a few I have ready to machine quilt and back to my QOV projects. Enjoy your day.

  6. We have a ton of snow here, roads are ####!!!!! So off to mysewing room I go to finish some OLD UFO’s. I am catching up on my finish list so I can’t complain!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day to you and hubster. Today is happy 50th anniversary for me and hubby. LOL, I have already warned him Quilt Cam is tonight so we will have to eat earlier! Fixing to play in my sewing room....

  8. Hey, I recognize that quilt behind the quote. That's mine that I did in the class in Brigham City. It is living on the back of my couch right now.

  9. Running errands today. We are scheduled for heavy snow tomorrow. Who knows what that means. We will see tomorrow. Hopefully I will finish a quilt and start on a new one. Like the pink one on the page above, anyone know which block that might be?

  10. Oh, Lola!! Was she hiding, or just exploring new and fun places?

    Love that your son is so helpful. Kids at a young age often like to "help", teenagers have to be coaxed to help. But you've an adult who does it willingly! So wonderful.

    Hoping you got the picture of the 4patch pinwheel quilts I sent earlier this week. I neglected to mention that Debbie asked me to send them to you. Her camera doesn't take pictures! Throwback, lol.

    Happy Valentines. Hope I will be able to catch Quilt Cam later.

  11. Your article at C&T was very well written! Makes me want to pull out my tub of strings and play. (It's raining so hard here that I'm certainly not going anywhere.)

  12. Love that block!!!! Not sure I can join for Quilt cam (making Valentine's dinner) but will definitely watch as soon as I'm finished cleaning up.

  13. This is the first basket block that I have ever wanted to make. When you showed them to us during quilt cam at the cabin is a intrigued. I like the dark background. I went looking for that issue of Quiltmaker. I found it. And I had already marked it to make. I on my list to do.

  14. Happy Valentines Day Bonnie and Family!

    I will finally be able to order my own copy of String Frenzy, date book, more playing cards, and who knows what else I shall find, after MAR 1st! The VA is finally getting around to paying me on my disabilities.

    I had two kitties and had taught them to stay down off of things by using a scat mat. Then I rehomed another from a business owner that was leaving the state after 20+ years. She is mostly a very independent outdoor cat that is having to learn what she can and can't do in the house. After 6 months, she is calming down and mostly stays off of things, but every once in a while I find her places she is not supposed to be. Good Luck with yours!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is sunny and cold!

  15. Where you get all your scraps, Bonnie? You must make hundreds of non scrap quilts to get so many scraps. Or do you have lots of friends who don’t scrap and give you all of their “bits” and leftovers?

  16. I continued reasoning I'd hold up until I had the option to go to a class and get it face to face. Be that as it may, no. I must have it. I saw that pile of books and it pushed me over the edge. I will at long last have the option to arrange my very own duplicate of String Frenzy BTW your child Jeff is looking so flawless. older man younger woman relationship advice


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