Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Good Morning, Texas!

Where All things Patriotic and All things Texas are one in the same!

It was a HAIRY day yesterday – I literally could have driven here in the same time it took me to get here if I had hopped in the car the moment I woke up at 4:15 am NC time.

Trust me – this was a day of “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!” 

If you throw in more than an hour sitting on the runway before turning back to the gate to wait for another hour plus – and you miss your connection.  It’s going to be a long day.

If they start passing our snacks once back at the gate – you KNOW it is going to be a while!

(These things have heretofore been nicknamed sawdust bars. Just sayin!)

And that wasn't ALL that was making me fidget!

I had to sit here and look at that TAG!!

It was driving me NUTS – it was all I could do not to just reach up there and tuck it in.  Seriously.  But I want you to know I showed major restraint as some people would consider it a complete and utter violation of private space if you reach up and...…Just DON’T! DON’T TOUCH THE STRANGER!!

As it turns out, about half the plane ended up getting off and making other arrangements to get to their destinations (We were about 2 hours past take off time at this point) and he was one of them.  So there.  He can be someone else’s OCD trigger!

Hexie stars to the rescue.

I honestly don’t know what people who don’t carry a busy bag DO when days like this happen.  I don’t care if they are going to give me strange looks – just leave me and my pieces alone and we’ll be fine.  Just let me know if another gate change happens because I spent plenty of time doing THAT in Atlanta as well.

They moved me from the 11am flight to a 2:28pm flight that didn’t end up leaving until almost 3:30pm.  And so the crazy day went on and on.

Did I mention that I’d been up since 4:15am?! Zzzzzzz

Watching the lightning and rain to the sound of thunder in Atlanta.

We eventually DID board.  We DID take off.  I DID sleep most of the way to San Antonio.

Just before the onslaught of rush hour!

And as I stood there at the baggage claim, watching suitcase after suitcase come around on the carousel, most of them looking like they’d had to swim the creek to get from the plane to the baggage area, I started to worry.

First worry – would the quilts be wet??  Was I going to have to deal with 100 lbs of wet quilts to somehow dry overnight?

Second worry – wait – the bags are done coming in – WHERE ARE MY BAGS?!

This day really didn’t have room for more hiccups – And I asked a guard if he could direct me to the Delta baggage assistance room.  I rounded the corner, opened the door and there they were.  DRY DRY DRY.  They had somehow made it on an earlier flight!  Don’t ask me how – but from that moment on I knew we had turned a corner and this day was going to end up much better than it had started.

I loaded up a luggage cart with the 3 big bags and wheeled myself over to car rental – thank heavens I didn’t have to go catch a shuttle to some off-site location in the rain.

I went through the process of renting my smallish “intermediate” car due to the amount of luggage I travel with. Economy wouldn’t cut it.  The garage guy took pity on me when he saw all of my bags and upgraded me to a Pacifica at no extra cost!  Sweet!

But the best part of all -

I am staying at my friend Doris’s retreat!  And I’m solo until Thursday when some other folks come in. 

It was dark when I arrived, so no outside photos have been taken.  Later!  Later!  But you can visit Queen’s Rustic Retreat website for more info.

This is the COOLEST building.  It started out it’s life as a milking barn.  Somewhere along the line it was remodeled into a dwelling and it spent many years as a sorority house for a local college – how else could it sleep 20 and have 6 bathrooms?

One side of the main floor work areas!

This place makes Quiltville Inn look like a starter home.  LOL!

Doris has thought of EVERYTHING!

I love the baskets for linens – the peach colored face cloth is for removing make up.  Brilliant, and much prettier than black or navy.  

Bedside tables with cute lamps, quilty decor everywhere to make you feel right at home.  Ideas are flowing!  Yes, this is a fact-finding mission for me as well.

Doris knew about my desire for Quiltville Inn, and our plans to purchase it long before I let the rest of the world know.  She’s been a great encourager all along.

Another one of the many bedrooms.

I could get lost in this place!

The quilts are scrappy and charming and make each room such a bright and cheery comfortable refuge from the world.  It is definitely a home away from home.

I arrived in San Antonio too late to set up my classroom last evening for the quilt show, which means it is extra early out the door this morning. 

Scrap Crystals is our workshop today – books and merchandise have been sent ahead.  Doors open for students at 8am – class starts at 9am and I need to be ready before that.

Doris and I are out the door at 6:45am Texas Time!

I am still trying to figure out why all the photos work except for anything that I have placed text on – like our Quote of the Day.  Something with the formatting is different for just those ones so I am trying to upload those manually once I have sent everything else over as draft.  

It’s a pain in the neck, so thanks for bearing with me – evidently just looking at things in “incognito” mode didn’t let me know that they weren’t working for everyone else either.  Sorry folks – we’ll figure it out eventually!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

I love this saying!  And it really does make the world a better place when we try not to see the best in others – but also in ourselves.  

Your thoughts and actions toward any person may become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Give them the benefit of the doubt and the chance to live up to it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, folks!


  1. Beautiful retreat!!! I bet the ideas are just rolling flowing this morning! Have fun!

  2. So glad everything turned out allright yesterday! Have a great time in Texas and enjoy Doris' retreat! <3

  3. Glad you arrived safely. Travel is really not fun, especially when weather doesn’t cooperate! But you came “home” to the rainbow.... what a beautiful place to stay! Enjoy your classes and I know everyone will have fun, including you!

  4. Glad to read you made it safely to San Antonio. The quilt retreat house looks terrific. I love how the quilts in each room are all different, yet the colors blend nicely. So cool! Enjoy your stay! Hope all your classes run smoothly.

  5. Nice accommodations; especially well deserved, after a horrendous travel day! Here’s hoping your stay continues to be relaxing and full of creative inspiration.

  6. Bonnie, just to let you know, I haven't been able to see the quote of the day IN the blog post for several days (I believe this is what you are referring to with text on a photo) BUT today I can see it - hopefully this is helpful information! Have fun on your fact finding retreat!!

  7. Looks like a wonderful place for a retreat!

  8. I can so relate to the sweater tag. I thought I was the only person with fixing someone's tag issue. Thanks for a good morning laugh! Hubby traveled extensively before retirement, so he also laughed this morning when reading aloud to him of your travel hiccups.

  9. i've never been able to figure out how you manage to keep all the balls in the air when you travel and STILL keep us entertained with photos, quips and strangers with tags poking out... you are indeed a woman with iron will! The quilt n quote for today show up today... whatever you're doing works about half the time and then over time some time... arghhhh.... Gonna go back and peruse those pics again.

  10. Sorry to hear of your travel woes. Just crazy! Reading your post I realized this is the retreat center of Doris who I sat beside at the Oelwein retreat. Please say "Hi" to Doris for me. What a beautiful place. I know you will have a great time there. Hugs!

  11. I always have a 'busy" something along, even if it's to run hubby over to the other farm - "I'll just be a minute, I have to fix this or that before we head home..." 45 min. later!, glad I have something to work on, read or do while waiting. Looks like Queen's Rustic Retreat is wonderful! Great place to unwind after your "adventure". HUGS... and stitches

  12. Cactus Queen was at our guild's quilt show this past weekend, and I learned of their retreat house. Spent ages online when I got home, browsing their website. Your pictures just support how great it looks - hopefully my little group will be booking soon!

  13. Goodness girl, you are amazing. So glad you made it despite all the obstacles. Hope you have sunshine and good times in TX.

  14. This reminded me of trying to get out of a perfectly sunny Austin last summer while my East coast connection was awash. When your airline follows up with, "Sorry about the delay/cancelation, it's definitely worth filling out their survey.

  15. You certainly deserved landing in such a lovely spot after the travel day you endured. Now you can relax and enjoy some Texas hospitality.

  16. Hi Bonnie, Your quote of the day did show up today,but, I didn't get the mini slideshow on the right side of my tablet. When I didn't get your quote of the day in your post, that's where I would find it.

  17. Glad you and your quilts finally made it safe and sound! Have a great class!

  18. We laughed at your description of restraint over a stranger's tag. Hubby was in line at Wally World behind the biggest, meanest looking gang member with a long piece of lint on his jacket. He was really trying not to reach up and remove it but couldn't resist. When the guy turned around and glared at my hubby, he growled and said "what are you doing?". Hubby apologized and said "I couldn't stand it anymore, you had lint on your jacket". The stranger just smiled, said thanks and they had a really pleasant conversation while waiting in line.

  19. I am scheduled to go to our guild retreat starting noonish. The weather forecast is for 5-8” of snow overnight tonight! NOOO. My DH has a lung disease and cannot shovel snow (and shouldn’t be out in the cold). Here’s hoping the forecast is wrong. Love Doris' retreat house!

  20. What a welcoming retreat! Looks wonderful!

  21. Enjoy yourself at the retreat after a long exhausting travel day yesterday! What a lovely retreat venue. Enjoyed all the quilts on the beds!

  22. Love the retreat house! I would have had to tuck that tag in!! NO restraint here. The quote shows great today! Enjoy Texas time, what I saw of San Antonio years ago makes me want to go back for fun.

  23. Nice that the bags made it earlier. Dry quilts that don't need extra care for a Trunk show. The Retreat Center is full of inspiration! so glad you have some solo time to rest after that crazy flying day. Good Quote for today too!

  24. Cute story about a teenage boy and his mom. Boy kept leaving his shirt-tags sticking out, which annoyed his mom to no end. He claimed it was the latest fashion. After a few weeks of this, his mom threatened to cut out the tags and he exclaimed, "NO! The tags drive the girls at school nuts too and they tuck it in for me."

  25. What fun to see the beautiful quilts lined up on the beds! I also laughed at the tag on man’s collar. It would probably drive me crazy as well.

  26. I was really worried about your travel yesterday...it was so nasty in Texas all day. Guess we weren’t the only ones. Glad you and all the quilts made it safe, sound, and dry to your destination. Hopefully, today’s lovely weather made up for it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring??? Enjoy your time here.

  27. Wow, what a fun and inforative day with Bonnie. She has a way of keeping us motivated and seeing things in a different way. THanks for a great day Bonnie, Looking forward to the class of Wonky Wishes tomorrow. BRIGHT AND EARLY.

  28. The sweater tag problem had me rolling on the floor! I admire your restraint, Bonnie! Big sigh of relief to find all your quilts in TX dry and safe!

  29. Wow - that's a super place!
    And so very true - my mum's expectations were low of me and I gave her what she wanted. Many years later I just did exactly what the quote of the day said. It was hard at first because to her I was being rebellious (at 50 years old I'm still the child!) but now we are on really good terms and all is well.

  30. my mother cross stitched the rocking chair and quilt like the framed art in your photo of the basket of linens on the bed. it's called aunt verdi's porch. mom did several of that cross stitch artist's patterns. all with quilts.

  31. I have been tempted many times to tuck something in for someone... it would drive me crazy too. I need to make me a busy bag. I take my NOOK with me and read, but sometimes I just can't and wish I had some handwork. Need to put something together. Could you share yours and what you have in it? I mean everything you have in it... I need some ideas. Last quilt I made from hand (is still packed away somewhere waiting for me to figure out how to finish it off and quilt it) was a Grandmothers flower Garden. One of these days I hope to get to one of your classes/workshops. I did the Good Fortune mystery quilt and just need to finish off the borders. Love your quilts and the directions are great- I can follow them and create something beautiful. Look forward to finishing this one and doing another- I'm thinking the Idaho square dance as I live in Idaho.

  32. I love, love, love the "patchwork" countertop!!

  33. Please take the time to see the flowers
    I'm glad you got here safely

  34. Atlanta has some very interesting weather! In 2009 I flew in with a friend for a conference, but getting there took longer than expected. After being in a holding pattern for 45 minutes, our flight was diverted to Huntsville to refuel and wait out a storm over the Atlanta area. Wasn't until we reached Atlanta when we got diverted because of a TORNADO! Yikes!


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