Friday, February 08, 2019

Quiltmaker March/Apr ‘19 Gift-Away #2!

A Strange thing happened on the way to the mailbox!

(Wouldn’t that make a great title for a quilty murder mystery? LOL!)

I went through a mountain of mail yesterday.  And I’m not joking!  3 weeks of mail covered my dining room table and overflowed onto any horizontal surface in the kitchen.  It was quite the undoing!

Of course most of it was junk mail and found its way quickly to the recycle bin, but THIS!

It seems Quiltmaker likes me so well that they sent ANOTHER envelope with 2 more copies of the March/April 2019 issue!

Remember our first gift-away sharing the issue HERE before I left for Japan? 

I happened to pop that one into the outgoing mail yesterday, so it was a double blink when I opened the envelope and found:

Two more issues!  Whoowhooo!

This time I’m going to to draw for TWO winners!  

One will receive the magazine, and the other – well hold on to your hats folks, it’s about to get really stitchy in here!

Adorable sewing machine panel!

Along with the panel and the March/April ‘19 issue -

A Sherbet Delight pattern by Nan Baker
A Package of Insul-Fleece
A 40’’ double-side handbag zipper by Annie.com
Aurifil thread to match!

I tested.  I tried.  This is as much as I can fit into a priority mail envelope.

We will be drawing for our winner on Tuesday morning since our LAST Mystery Monday Link-Up for Good Fortune will be happening Monday (Delayed one week due to my needing to be at the hospital with my sister in law on short notice this past Monday) and I am looking forward to what finishes you have to share then!

Around here:

This morning’s out & about with Sadie -

The Forsythia hedge has BUDS!

It reached 78 yesterday.  78?!?!?!  It was crazy.  And I took full advantage of it with open windows and ceiling fans whirring – there is NO WAY I am turning on the A/C in February. 

It’s supposed to cool down again back to normal “winter” temps this weekend – and I am escaping to the cabin this evening, returning Tuesday for some R&R.  It’s okay with me if the weather gets bleak again.  I plan on spending the weekend at the sewing machine – and I dare anyone to stop me!  It’s been a LONG TIME since I have sewn anything other than handwork.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not knocking the handwork – but get out of my way and let me at the MACHINE!

This happened yesterday -

And this was AFTER the postie had already picked up a batch!

More to get me caught up today -

But first – we’ve got to get Dresden OUT of the empty tubs!

(He is such a handsome fella, isn’t he?)

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage quilt shared by Irene!

I understand that some can’t see my Quote of the Day photos and I am working on fixing that . I think it was an album setting from within Google Photos. 

As with all other changes that are constant (InLinkz above being one –) Google+ is also going away and my ability to share blog posts to Google+ is now gone.  I have stopped posting there.  If you have followed me on Google+, please consider Instagram if you don’t “DO” Facebook.  I don’t want to lose touch with you.

I also share my daily Instagram and Facebook posts to TUMBLR for those who don't wish to sign up for anything.  You can read me there. Just bookmark my profile and you can visit at any time.

Along with the demise of Google+, Google has also changed the settings on which I can use an outside editor to write my blog posts offline using Open Writer.  

I can still write the posts, I just can’t add images, so I’ve been linking to my Google Photos (Which they BETTER NEVER GET RID OF!) so I can still write the blog offline – it allows me to see the images LARGER while writing where the blogger interface has a lot of side bar and a very small viewing window for writing not great for my eye sight.  

Anyway – more than you wanted to know and I’ll end it here!

Have a wonderful Friday, folks!


  1. hmm isn't technology wonderful.....when it works. Glad you are home and enjoying the weather. Winter has arrived here in the frozen land of MI. Thanks for the opportunity. Cute cute cute

  2. I have reset the giveaway to the old format. Please enter again if you haven't already.

  3. The wonderful internet is not going to let us get set in our ways. I entered (I think). Thanks for all the fun and the chances to win. Enjoy your machine time -- you have definitely earned it!!

  4. Mr. Dresden, you are so handsome. Bonnie, I love seeing the pictures of the cats as well as Sadie. Good morning from cold MI.

  5. And all of this frustration is going to make your weekend at the cabin all the better. Wishing folks would read and comprehend the material before responding, much like with most conversations, emails, FB posts, and texts these days. I am working on resisting FB posting unless it is positive. Have a great weekend - you've more than earned it.

  6. I adore grey kitties, Dresden is an exceptionally handsome one. I agree with Kay about only positive FB posts! Bonnie, have a wonderful and relaxing weekend at the cabin.

  7. Your quote of the day - great timing and realizing just how much "stuff" I've crammed into my kitchen, remodel starts on Monday and I'm packing & cleaning, will purge in more detail when done and I start putting things away again. Welcome home, and enjoy your cabin and sewing time, your animals, family, friends...all that you enjoy while you're home!

    1. we can be remodel buddies! We started our bed/bath remodel with a bang! Mold! UGH...they are cleaning it up as we speak and start back up on Monday. Oh DARN...I will have to hibernate in my sewing room!

  8. I would enter just for that fun Panel!! Dresden is sitting tall. Who named him?? Happy Cabin stitching. I think I will be Snow bound this weekend. I have plenty to keep me busy ! I have had the final Good Fortune Link-up in my head all week. I figured it was delayed. There will be a Snowy picture... it's the only thing that I go out in the white stuff for. Snow gives such a fun effect.

    1. Jason did - after one of his favorite music DJ's. It has nothing to do with quilting - or so he thinks!

  9. Have an awesome weekend! We are having another blizzard, so I'm staying at my machine & pretending it's warm out! lol

  10. Our forsythia bloomed Tuesday here in Georgia. I'm afraid it's going to get bit by the cold this weekend. Love Dresden. He's so cute.

  11. I don't believe photos are ever safe.. lost all of Picasa and what ever storage I had before that.. With help I was able to recover some even with an external hard drive.. but some years are just gone... Love that panel!!! Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

  12. Technology "improvements" keep making it more challenging to participate in the easy way we used to! I have noticed that blogging gets increasingly complicated. Things that used to work, suddenly don't work etc. I'm pretty sure that eventually I'll give up on it, but I sure will miss it and hope that smarter minds like yours will be able to persist!

  13. Oh, forsythia. I love it. We had lots of it in my growing-up neighborhood. It doesn't grow well in Alaska though. And spring is a long way away. But it was light by 8 am this morning!

  14. I noticed my trees were budding this morning, and it dropped from 76 yesterday to 30 and sleeting this morning. I think the plants have been fooled again! Have fun with your R&R at the cabin.

  15. Dresden is beautiful and I am so happy that he and Lola have setled into their new forever home so well.

  16. Yep, Dresden's a handsome dude!
    I'm kind of a "techy" person but the constant changes to websites and programs gets old.
    I sure am glad it'w warm somewhere in this country. We've been freezing here in Nebraska.
    Enjoy your sewing & relaxing time at the cabin!

    1. It makes me crazy. I go away for 3 weeks, log in to Paypal to process orders and they've "moved things around" and now I have to search for them - don't change the housekeeping folks! If you have to add a new functionality, fine, but now I have to retrain my mouse hand to go where the new click is, and it is clear across the other side of the page - not good use of mouse motion!

    2. I agree! wholeheartedly, stop changing things just to change them. grrrr. But, it is nice to see someone who struggles through the changes and conquers them. Thanks for your persistence Bonnie. I wish I could come help clear your mailroom for you. Oh, and to pet Dresden and Sadie too of course.

  17. Bonnie- I am Thankful I can still get you.
    Yes, Dresden is Very Handsome! He is almost a snow shoe.

    I would Love to win the Quuiltmaker Bundle with the Panel, batting, zipper, etc. That would be so cute in my sewing room.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the sun is shining, but cooler today.

  18. Bonnie, since our class in Phoenix, I've been making Serpentine triangles like crazy. I love the process. Can't wait until I can finish so that I'll be able to share my quilt on your next quiltcam. Glad you're home.

  19. I still see you , I am on clue 5

  20. Dresden is very handsome company. Just purrfect.

  21. This is the first time I have posted. Your email arrives here in Australia 4pm approx.I watch the clock and stop for a cuppa. I feel as if I am sitting down reading a letter from a dear friend. Thank you.
    Today I have been cutting and sewing all day. There is nothing better then a date with the machine. Enjoy your weekend.

  22. I'm hoping your quote doesn't refer to fabric!! LOL You are an amazing woman with all the things you do for us. Thank you for the give away. I hope you enjoy your machine time.

  23. i'm sure i'd cry a bucket of tears if google photos disappeared!

  24. Thank you for this opportunity. I 🙏🏻Your sister is ok.

  25. Glad you are home. would love to win one of the prizes.

  26. Love the panel! I would love to receive it!

  27. I'm behind with my blog reading and just catching up with you today. I 1,000% agree with you that Google better not do anything with Google Photos!! I have a friend that works for Google and I gave him a piece of my mind when they sunsetted Picasa. I loved that for organizing my pics and Photos isn't quite as nice.

    Dresden is mighty cute and I'm happy he's warmed up to you!



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