Thursday, February 28, 2019

Building Sand Castles, Texas Style!

From fine-tuning strip cutting -
To speedy four-patch consistency -
To string piecing our way to block completion -
We did it ALL yesterday!

My thanks to Deb for the candid shots of me doing what I do – hands always a blur in motion as I teach – It’s fun to see what things are like from a watcher’s perspective!

Each day we’ve had new faces – just as I learn someone’s name one day, there is someone else in their seat the next!  It keeps my head spinning, but so much fun to think of all the new faces as friends I haven’t met yet, coming to spend the day playing in the scraps with me.

It’s also not often that I get a soothing water feature behind me to add some ambiance to my demo table- LOL!

I’ve been doing our demo time in the lobby, breaking the group up into smaller sections so that everyone has a chance to see what I’m doing – it’s the only way to manage this group of 40+

Jennifer & Deb -

These gals have been such a great help to me – especially fun having them in class since they were just in retreat at Brazos House as well! 

Extra friend time is always the icing on the cake.  It makes my work day seem like a continuation of the play days we had over last weekend.

Making the lozenge shaped center sections -

With four-patches a plenty!

There were at least 6 301’s in class --

They gave the featherweights a run for their money!

Look at them sew!!  Whoowhooo!

String corners on, trimming up!

Deb’s first four! 

This makes me so happy!

Well done, everyone!

You’ll find the rest of our play date with Sand Castles in the video below.  Click to play:

Wonderful Sand Castles Debut day! I look forward to two more workshops from String Frenzy ahead -

Today we are up to Daybreak – a close cousin to Sand Castles as they both used a plethora of leader & ender 4-patches that had been hanging around and needed a place to land – as will all quilts String Frenzy, there is a lot of string piecing ahead in our day.

I also got some REALLY great news from home.  The replacement windows at Quiltville Inn are GOING IN!


This is going to be such  HUGE improvement – and I don’t envy the guys because 31 windows is an enormous undertaking.  There is a break in the rainy weather so they are doing what they can to get them done as quickly as possible.  

I’ve been begging for photo updates from home since I can't be there until mid March–

This window is in!

It looks fabulous from the inside AND the outside!


They look original, but are such a wonderful upgrade!

We were able to keep the same style as the old windows – but these are so much more energy efficient and look even BETTER than the old dilapidated ones with so many coats of paint on them.

Bay window in the Quilting Quarters – DONE!!

They hope to finish the downstairs today and then move on up to the upstairs bedroom windows next.  I am ONE HAPPY girl – you have no idea – those old windows were horrible and they really did need to be the first BIG job.

Next up – heating and air for the ground floor.

Which means – I need to get to work -

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The minutes fly so quickly, don't let them pass you by!

I will be spending today in workshop number three of four in Denton Texas with a fabulous group of quilters hosted by Minding my Ps & Qs Quilt Shop!


  1. Everyone looks like they are having a great time. The blocks look fabulous. How exciting to be getting the new windows in. They look great. I'm so happy for you that things are going well at Quiltville Inn. I'm hoping to visit one day!

  2. When we first moved into our 1960’s house, the old aluminum windows were the first to go...and functionally they were a vast improvement. They were pricey things and everyone that came to visit after would ask, “when are you going to start doing your remodeling?” We had to save up again before we could go on to remodel bits that folks would notice!!

  3. Hoping you are saving your old windows as they make awesome wall decorations. Can you picture and old block or some kind of quilt behind one hanging up ? Oooh lalal...

  4. The windows look great. No more drafts or loss of heat or AC. Love those sandcastles. Good thing I got the book, I will "need" to make one!

  5. Your Quote gave me an ear worm. A Hymn from Church, Improve the Shining Moments. Thanks, as I shoveled again this AM in the PNW. Beautiful windows, glad you could get them in the old style. You're doing this remodel right! Scrappy Fun in Denton Texas!!!

  6. This retreat looks like such a good tie. Thanks for letting us join y'all (sort of). Happy cheerful quilters' faces always brighten the day.

  7. What a great block! I have your book but haven't started anything yet--been working on charity quilts. I don't know how you continue to come up with such fresh ideas! Love what you're doing at the Inn and hope to one day see it in person!

  8. this quilt is on my to-do list. Well, most of your designs are! xx

  9. So happy for you for the changes at 'THE INN'

  10. Reminds me of the wonderful classes you taught in Phoenix. I'm almost finished with Serpentine and I even purchased the backing fabric yesterday. I really like this pattern you taught today. I am going to add it to my TO DO List. Windows are looking fantastic. Enjoy!

  11. Quiltville Inn will be less drafty with new windows!! Yay! Are you going to book just groups or will you be booking single campers?


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