Friday, February 22, 2019

Wonky Wishes in San Antonio!

And they all came to play!

I’ve learned many things over the nearly 15 years I have been traveling and teaching quilters.

We ALL learn differently.

And what comes naturally and eagerly to some – for others it can be a rather scary, completely out-of-the-box experience.

The fear of failure and “I can’t do this!” runs in waves and you can see it in faces -

Yet, they wouldn’t be here if the desire to do something different than what they’ve always been doing wasn’t encouraging them to take this class, and push those boundaries just a bit further, giving them more room to breathe in the scope of their own creativity.

We are NEVER too old to try something new – it can be the breath of fresh air that kicks us from a comfortable predictable rut – to really finding the excitement and joy in the craft we  have given our hearts to.

It is hard to let go of matching things “perfectly”.

The first time you try you may fail -

Or at least not be 100% happy with where this is going.

You might find your “man hands” get in the way of such little pieces!

And then, being the only rooster in the henhouse can b e intimidating too!

But not for Jim! 

His wife Margie took Wednesday’s Scrap Crystals workshop, and Wonky Wishes was HIS turn!

I was most impressed with his love of the little 1930’s Singer 99 with knee control.

And the quilts he brought for show & share at the end of lunch – fabulous!  i will be sharing those in a later post.

By Jove, I think they’ve got it!


Taupes and tans are going to be wonderful in string sashings -

They are going with a scrap plan of civil war repros.

Well done, everyone!

I love seeing everything all laid out together:

For the rest of our workshop fun – Click to Play:

What a great two day's we've had!

And a special shout out of thanks to the American & Efird Thread company!

They supplied a gift spool of Signature 60 wt 3-ply to each of the 100 students I had – 50 per day, along with a door prize 6 pack of neutrals chosen by ME for one lucky winner drawn by random number generator-

Congrats, Esther!

She looks SEW HAPPY, doesn’t she?

Last night’s dinner at Blake’s!

Country charm and checkered tablecloths – Texas style!

The food was delicious -

Even the family WEARING tablecloths thought so!

It was early to bed, and up even earlier this morning as I pack the car with everything I brought into Doris’s Queen’s Rustic Retreat and head back into San Antonio for my presentation this morning.  It’s the opening of the Quilt Show – a huge one day affair that is well known in these parts as being a quilter’s MUST ATTEND event!

When all is said and done, signed, sealed, and packed back up – I’ll be heading up to Brazos House in Rainbow, TX for a bit of retreat fun of me own.

Oh – side note – There is a group of 6 scrapbookers here at retreat, and we had the best time just sitting and chatting when I came in last night.  I love to see what they are doing, and the parallels between quilting and scrapbooking and the amount of stuff we love and the space it takes to organize it and store it is scary! LOL!

If I’m not careful, I could be pulled to the scrapbooking side of life ---

But then – it’s always GOOD to try something NEW< isn’t it?

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

t can be scary reaching for things outside of your own comfort zone, but you know it will be worth it!

Push those boundaries!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. My sister is a scrapbooker and after a few tries pulled me in too. But she also carries a machine to retreats to sew on paper for embellishments! It is great to share with family and friends our passions.

  2. You could always make a scrapbook of Quiltville Inn. Before, after, during.

  3. I was a Scrapbooker! Haven't done much since I learned about Mystery Quilts. Thanks Bonnie! Love the man hands version.

  4. Yesterday I learned how to use the Essential Triangle Tool. Watched your You Tube videos and read and reread instructions and I finally learned how to use it. Sounds like a little thing but was a biggie in my old brain. Thanks for doing all the educational things. Have fun in Texas. One of my favorite states. Joyce Skinner

  5. Not a big jump from "scrap" quilting to "scrap" booking, is there! LOL!

  6. I love that he had his 99! I’ve got a hand crank 99 that is my “take along” machine, and soon to have an aluminum, Occupied Japan-made “Singer HooVer” for a lighter electric. Easy machines!

  7. There are a lot of parallels to scrapbooking and quilting. In fact, you can make scrapbooks and fabric journals with fabric, and textile embellishments like lace and ribbons and embroidery floss.

  8. I'm pushing my boundaries here lately with a pattern called "Warrior". I'm making it for a friend who I consider a warrior. Every day I tackle this pattern, I 'thought' I had cut it perfectly, I 'thought' my 1/4" seams were just that. I'm learning and ripping and learning again. I have never laughed so much at my sense of "Oh yeah, I can do this" attitude! It's been a trial and it's FAR from perfect, but in the long run, it will keep my friend warm and hopefully comfy in her final days.
    I want to thank you for posting your doings and the fun you all have at your quilty get togethers! I especially love the quotes, because 99% of the time, they are right on for what is happening with me at that moment.

  9. I have attended this quilt show many times when I lived in the Hill Country. One of the best ever local shows. Wish I was there to attend your presentation. And I must say Jim is brave, confident, and a good quilter.

  10. What a fun class these are lovely blocks so many of your pattern I want to try lol 😂. This could take a long time such fun. Thanks for sharing the fun wish I could be at one of your classes maybe one day xxx

  11. Love Jim’s blocks so much I just have to make this! ?? Is there any way to gind out your Schedule Bonnie fir the next couple years. We are way up herein NH and if you are teaching a class or retreat closer to mei would love to try and go! Have a great weekend! ♥️

  12. Quiltville Inn must have a scrapbook

  13. Hi Bonnie, have been following you for awhile and loving all that you do and post about it! I as yet haven't jumped into the scrappy part of things yet but when I see quilts and patterns I just think they are so wonderful and happy looking!!!! I just loved the last mystery quilt and although I've a lot of patterns might just have to buy that pattern as I love orange and boy oh boy what a beautiful quilt!!!!
    Many thanks and hugs for alll you do for us out here in wifi land! From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada ���� where we still have a lot of snow and cold weather!!!!! Loving the non snow pictures!! Hugs

  14. OH, MY! What a surprise. I am enjoying all the pictures of the workshop and lo and behold! I KNOW the lady who won the thread pack. Esther is a wonderful lady that I have known for years from when she lived in Missouri. Congratulations, darling Esther. I didn't know you were interested in quilting!

  15. Thank you for sharing your quilting, sewing and life experiences with us at University United Methodist Quilt Guild & Market the last few days. A real pleasure to meet a true down to earth lady who enjoys her life and living so much; your excitement is infectious and lovely. Until we meet again, Suzanne Freerking


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