Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday Morning Check Out!

73 blocks in the pile.

One still in the machine.

Not that many left to last me the rest of the trip!

This is what I call a successful round of retreating fun!  I’m so glad and grateful for the invite 2 years ago to spend time with this wonderful group of ladies who have welcomed me in with open arms. 

As an instructor, I am usually there to enjoy the ladies during the day and the class room time, but then I’m off to take care of other things and rest up for the next day while the fun continues without me.  This was just balm to my soul!

There was time to play dress up for “Quilt Bee Game Night!”

Bees to flowers, flowers to bees!

I lost all 3 of my fat quarters AND my $3.00 in a cut throat round of Left, Right Center!

Freida takes home ALL the fat-quarters -

This retreat focused on FUN NEUTRALS!

Bees & Keepers -

It’s a good thing I didn’t laugh myself too hysterically – there is no fast way out of a zipped bee-keeper onesie suit! LOL!

Glenda’s Punkin Patch from String Frenzy -
Top done including borders!

Her Pineapple Blossom from the free patterns tab -
Also ready for borders!

(This girl was on FIRE this weekend!)

Jen, kicking back as she takes the last binding stitch
in her Good Fortune quilt!

Three Good Fortunes in the yard!

Mine in the middle!

it’s just been a wonderful retreat reconnecting with those I knew, and forming new friendships with those new to me.  I can’t say enough good things about away time with friends.

In our busy lives – we NEED this.

I have also learned a lot of things from these two retreat venues I’ve stayed in – ideas I can’t wait to incorporate into my own retreat venue as we move forward with Quiltville Inn.

I just hope that I can find groups as wonderful as these two groups have been who will love to come fill the space with projects, smiles, chatter, laughter, and so much friendship.

That’s the thing that will take Quiltville Inn from being a simple retreat facility, and turning into a retreat HOME.

I’m packing up my things this morning – loading up the rental car, and I’ll be in Denton this afternoon checking in and setting up for the next 4 days of workshops ahead.

Before I end this post, I want to share something destined to put a smile on your Monday. 

Meet Fatsy Cline!

Click to Play:

I have loved being out here in the country, sewing as much as walking the grounds, enjoying the river, petting the dogs, gathering eggs from the chickens, petting the goats, laughing at the braying of the donkeys and filling my soul with the laughter of the quilters.

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

This is a direct quote in honor of my friend Ana's dad who used to quote this to his kids quite often while she was growing up!

Happy Monday, folks!


  1. Sounds like a little bit of Heaven! Looking forward to seeing you in Denton on Thursday!

  2. As a retirement gift from where I worked , I was given an AccuQuilt but I don't know which dies would be best to get. Any ideas? I do mostly scrap quilts and always your mysteries.

    1. Jayne, what a lovely gift! I've had my Accuquilt Go for many years and love it. I also have a nice collection of dies, some I have yet to use. IF you are an applique lover, you will use the dies for those. I use my flower ones the most. I also have the strip dies and love them. Not only do I cut strips, but I then lay the strips across the blades to cut squares. You can cut so many at one time it is fantastic. Look at the patterns you like to make and soon you will see what shapes and sizes you will use before you spend money on dies. As you know, they are not cheap, but last a long time. Recommend when you buy the thick plastic to cover the fabric, buy two so you will have an extra one and not have to put your project on hold while you run to get one or order it. The die I was most grateful to get as a gift is the Double Wedding Ring! There are so many pieces to be cut I would never attempt it with templates. On the Accuquilt, a queen size quilt was cut in less than 6 hours - well over 1000 pieces! I hope this helps. Often you can get them on Amazon or ebay at lower prices. Seldom have clearance sales on them, but when they do you can score! I have never paid full price, always good sales or clearance and free shipping. Have fun in retirement!

  3. oh we will fill the quiltville inn as soon as you open reservations My group can not wait to come.

  4. I had a bit of a fall so sending this comment from a rehab facility while the binding for my "Good Fortune" is waiting at home for the ends to be joined. Love the quote about attitude, it is right on! My roommate here gave me her mothers favorite advice " when you meet someone repeat their name 8 times and you will never forget.....works here with all the different therapy people, bet it would work at quilting retreat also. Hugs everyone

  5. Oh, what fun! Those costumes are toooo much. Hope you have some neutrals someplace to replace those you lost, lol.

  6. Glad you had a great time at your retreat!! Looking to a quilt retreat in just three weeks - counting down the days and I cannot wait! I agree, it will definitely be a balm to the soul. Fatsy Cline is mighty sweet! Thank you for sharing your video.

  7. What a wonderful retreat and a lovely bunch of queen bees. X

  8. You look cute in the pigtails! However, in the beekeeper outfit, let me tell you this! The mesh hides the hat, and the "mesh" looks like a veil and you look like a princess!! Glad a fun time was had by all.

  9. Glad they shared a bee outfit with you. Sew much fun, and I am sure lots of laughter. The Good Fortunes look great!

  10. Just to let you know, usually if I can't see photos on my cell I can see them on my desktop but not this time. Three photos in the middle of the post of quilts are a small gray, round circle. I'm glad you got time for a retreat for yourself.


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