Monday, February 18, 2019

Ice, Ice Baby!

When Ice storms happen in the mountains -
They REALLY happen!

Was it really just Friday that I was taking photos of pink blooming trees, and posting them on Saturday?  And then Yesterday THIS!

Holy moly.

The temp for the day started out at 36 and continually dropped – the rain started in earnest when the thermometer had dropped to 31 – instant ice storm.

The big question of the day – would we lose power?  Would the new generator kick on like it should if we did?

We didn’t get a chance to find out.  Evidently the fact that we installed one means we’ll never get to use it.  LOL.

Oh. My.

Someone else is unimpressed with the weather as well!

Beautiful – in a FROZEN sort of way!

When ice storm meets rain chain!

Click to Play:

The saga continued  and intensified– as in the midst of this storm, The Hubster locked his keys in his pickup, and the spare set was at home in Wallburg, NC.

As the ice pelted he had taken my van to drive 100 miles home to pick up the spare set of truck keys.

Our Toyota vehicles will not allow you to lock your keys in the vehicle. However, Chevy thinks this is just a fine and dandy thing and On Star could not even unlock the truck remotely. #onstarfail

Luckily it was only raining – no ice – on the other side of the Blue Ridge Parkway and on down to lower elevations so he was okay.  But I was one worried mama.

Thanks to son Jeff, he only had to drive part way, and Jeff met him in Yadkinville to pass off the extra set of keys.

It has already been determined that we need extra sets in each location.  That will be seen to forthwith. 

It sure was pretty – but SO TREACHEROUS!

Crystal clear coating of solid ice on everything.

When the tough get scared, the tough get sewing!

I pieced a bunch of shortish strip sets for the sashings I am working on for the Fireweed Quilt.  I needed a ton of them so strip sets is the way to go. 

I lined them up following the cross cutting marks on my Accuquilt  Studio and sent them through to cut them to width.  It made this job so much easier!

Assembling rows!

I had hoped to get the whole top off the floor by the time I left this morning, but less than half was sewn together by bedtime last night.

This morning I am out of here as soon as this posts so I can get home and pack for Texas.  The rest will just have to hang around on the floor until I get back – NEXT MONTH!

But still, I’m happy to be at this stage. Color me one happy quilter girl.

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

The hardest lesson in life to learn, but crucial!

Make it a happy Monday for yourself, it's not your responsibility to make it so for others.

Have a good one, folks!


  1. Thanks once again for sharing your world. Have safe travels and I look forward to your pictures while you teach!!

  2. Jeff to the rescue again! You should name a quilt block after him :)

  3. It will be seen to forthwith--someone has been watching Blue Bloods! :)

    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Icy roads are keeping me homebound. I hope to sew a bit. The extra wet snow makes the roads glisten in the dark. Extra keys will save in the long run. Happy you didn't lose power.

  5. We live in Ashe county and believe me you will use that generator. We have a whole house generator also and it has clicked on many times over the last 12 years.....

  6. Just got a whole house generator last year and no power outages since the installation. Isn't that always the way.

  7. I don't like the looks of all that ice! We discovered a few years ago that if you have On Star activated in your Chevrolet vehicle you can just call them and they will unlock for you ... over the airwaves!!

    1. Bonnie said OnStar was a fail. They could not unlock the door.

  8. Winter time means ICE WINE! It is Yummy!

  9. Certainly glad your new propane tank was delivered prior to the ice storm!! That would have made for a much more interesting delivery and set up!! Have a great trip to Texas, where I hope the weather is warmer for you!

  10. Lovely pictures of the ice. And Sadie's pic is just about right - wants no part of it. Enjoy your trip to Texas.

  11. The ice looks scary to me. I'm sure your dog wasn't even sure footed on that. I'm impressed that your husband knew where the keys were at home. Our spare keys never get put back in the right place, or the same place, twice.

  12. You will love your new generator when you need it! Pretty ice pictures.

  13. I always learn something from your blog Bonnie. I had no idea what an ice storm was. Looks scary and beautiful at the same time.

  14. Looks beautiful, but scary stuff! So good that Jeff was able too meet hubby half way, he really is a gem.
    Have a safe warm trip to Texas.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  15. In All this Heat here in Sydney, your pics made it feel a bit cooler and Oh! so pretty. Safe and happy trip. Still hope to meet up one day. Love from Sydney Australia. Denise

  16. We are having bad weather here in Crete, Greece, but no ice thank goodness. Safe travels.

  17. Wow! Very pretty - to look at from the safety of indoors! Even your steps had pins and needles, no wonder Sadie was not impressed!

  18. Bonnie, A safeguard when you lock your keys in a vehicle from way back. If you have a dealership near you, give them your vin # and they can make you a new key. You can see the vin # through the windshield. It may save a long drive in ice. Stay safe everyone.

  19. I'm so happy to have found you (I'm eternally grateful to a sweet stitching friend for that!) and your blog! Just getting back to quilting now that I'm retired, having moved from N. Illinois to E. Tennessee. Thanks for providing endless inspiration AND a dose of good life thoughts along the way.

  20. Ice storms are scary. You say the generator means you will never lose power again. I agree. :) The year I finally bought a 4x4 for work since it had snowed several years in a row is the year it stopped snowing on a workday. Actually, a few years. lol
    My favourite part of your post today is your quote. So very true, and so very difficult.

  21. Great quote of the day, Bonnie!
    We have so much new snow- I am waiting for someone to come plow my driveway, as my snowblower can not handle the depth. One guys plow broke down on Saturday, another could not get to it yesterday. One plow breaks down, compounds the load for others. I need to leave by noon for Physical Therapy, I could get out, if I shovel the garage incline, but it would be a struggle to get back in, even in 4 wheel drive. If he doesn't show up by 10am I will have to cancel for today. It doesn't matter to me- I have everything here at home to do my own therapy anyway.

    I see you have a lot more snow, rain and ice coming your way, too.

    Stay safe, safe travels!

    Kasilof, AK


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