Monday, February 04, 2019

Show & Share and the Love of Family.

I am about to be really bad with names!

That sometimes happens when on a fly-by-night quick turn around schedule – and I had this story all ready to go in my head but as I sit here at my laptop at the hospital while my Sister-in-law is having an outpatient surgery, I’m drawing a complete blank.  AUUGH!

**NOTE** Because of my staying to be transport and emotional support for this procedure, our last Monday Mystery Link-UP for Good Fortune will bappen NEXT MONDAY.  Thank you for understanding.

I know she is from Texas originally – or family is, and this is a family quilt.  She lives near or in Tucson, and was in my classes there a few years back, and I recognized her bright smile and fun personality instantly when I walked into the classroom at 35th Ave Sew & Vac on Friday.  I can see her face as clear as day – but her name?  Gone. just gone.

It will come back to me as soon as I hit post!

FAMILY QUILTS, FAMILY LOVE!  I was told the story of how great grandmother not only ran the post office in a small Texas town “back in the day,” But also the general store which sold yard goods.  While great grandma was not a seamstress herself, didn't have time for it as a busy business woman which was kind of uncommon in those parts in those days, she DID want her kids to have quilts as they set off to start their own lives as adults. 

Grandma paid the “church ladies” to piece and quilt this beautiful tulip string quilt and many others from the scraps and remnants left from the fabric counter at the store so that her children would have the requisite number of quilts to start up their own housekeeping and family raising.

Tulip Quilt Close Up.


Notice that it doesn’t matter that the cornerstone seams don’t match the corners of the blocks.  Focus instead on the fact that ALL of the tulip tips are sold red, sparking interest along with the red of the cornerstones.  And those Baptist fans?  My heart was doing such a happy dance!

And then this quilt came out to play:

Be still my heart!!

Fans that just meet in the middle!

And can you see more than one shade of solid yellow?

This is the same thing going on with our class quilt – Serpentine Web from String Frenzy!  I didn’t have enough of just one solid yellow, so there are actually a couple different yellows used – very close to matching, but not exactly – and this is what adds so much interest to the whole – those variations.  LOVE IT!

Now look toward the bottom left of this photo – the red/white stripe and solid red star?  See that one point that was “frugal pieced?”  SO MUCH FUN! I would have loved to have known this great grandma – we would have gotten along just fine.  And I am happy to know great granddaughter as well!

My Blue Red Heaven!

Great grandma would have been proud of her quilting great granddaughter on the right!  This is her finish from our My Blue Heaven workshop given in Tucson those few years back where we first met.  Such a great array of reds!

Playing with Jacks also happened in Tucson!

Such a great secondary design with those sashings and cornerstones!

You’ll find the patterns for both of these under the Free Patterns Tab at the top of the blog.

It is so much fun to come back to the area a few years later and see just what has reached top or finished quilt stage while I’ve been away.

A Glorious Garden Party from the Addicted to Scraps book!

Loads of Mystery finishes!  Sherrie’s Allietare!

Patty’s En Provence!

Check out this On Ringo Lake in GLORIOUS colors!

Andee’s Good Fortune

In wedding colors for her daughter’s wedding coming up.  Beautiful!

Each quilt shared was met with ooh’s and ahh’s and so much excitement.  I loved them all, and am so grateful to the students who brought them for all to enjoy.  THANK YOU!!

You can catch all of the quilts shared during our two days of workshops in in the video below.  Click to play:

Now do you feel inspired to go play with some fabric and sew? I DO!

But not right now.

I’m typing this post from this little table in the waiting room at the local hospital while Sharolyn is having her procedure done. They said it would take an hour or so for a port to be put in. She is 4 weeks past a double mastectomy, and chemo starts on Friday.

I am so grateful that I am here in Arizona to take my brother Mark’s place while his sweet wife is forced to walk this breast cancer journey.  She’s got this.  She is surrounded by family and friends who love her.  She is strong.

But emotions and feelings and memories of Mark walking this road not so very long ago – are just very close to the surface. It feels surreal.

This is a quick procedure today, and I’ll get her home, get some food into her, and get her resting.  She needs someone with her over the next 24 hours so I’ve got my laptop and my hand piecing with me. 

We will rest and talk and spend time together, and I’ll spend the night.  I’ll head back to Dad’s tomorrow morning when the 24 hours is past.

The iconic Gilbert Silos from last evening’s walk.

This has been a very long trip for me.  But I can put thoughts of home off for a couple of more days.

Today and tomorrow are for family.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

You can start over any place you like!

My fresh start will happen when I touch my feet down in North Carolina on Wednesday night!

Or maybe Thursday morning after a long night of sleeping in my own bed for the first time in 3 weeks.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!


  1. I love all those finished quilts!! Such beauty and inspiration. I'm in the finishing stages of my second quilt for 2019, and I'm looking forward to starting something new... Just not sure which of your many patterns that I will pick. Thanks for the inspiration and many blessings to you. May God bless your sister in-law with comfort, healing, and peace.

  2. WOW!! Magnificent quilts old and new!!

  3. Great Show n Share in AZ. Love the Tulip quilt story. I'm sure your brother isn't that far away from his Sweetheart. Love is forever! Soft hugs and good rest in the next 24 hours.

  4. Thanks for sharing those wonderful quilts but the best part for me today was how you're loving on your family! May God's blessings go with you!

  5. I am also originally from Texas and have 2 String Tulip family quilts. My grandmother hand-pieced and hand-quilted for my high school graduation present, 58 years ago. The other, my mother machine pieced the tulips and set the top together, and I hand-quilted it for her. The tops are set together slightly differently but both are on yellow backgrounds, one a brighter and more vivid yellow, and the other a softer yellow.

  6. A beloved co-worker is also walking Sharolyn's path. And she is doing it with the same grace that I know Sharolyn is showing. Even though she needs to wear a mask and gloves to stay away from office germs, she comes into work each day. She says it's all attitude. If she stayed at home, she would think she was ill! lol Might be something to that. She says it is also a great way to lose weight! Yeah, that positive attitude will get her along the road. Prayers and positive energy for Sharolyn. Tell her to close her eyes and be still and she will feel it flowing over her from all over the world thanks to her very cool sister-in-law and her groupies. Much love to you Bonnie. You too close your eyes and feel the love!

    1. Lisa T. I couldn't have said it better. Thank you, and ditto from Cats in Carlsbad CA

  7. You saw some really beautiful quilts in the show and tell, what talented ladies you must be so proud to see your designs reproduced so beautifully.
    It’s so good that you are there for sherolyn we are all thinking of you both and praying for you.
    Take care love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  8. I had a port myself years ago when I was treated for breast cancer. It's the way to go. Makes the chemo safer and easier. The nurse will be able to access the port almost painlessly. They even have you apply lidocain to the area ahead of time to remove the feeling of even the small pinprick needed. Progress since my treatment 22 years ago. So glad she has you. It has to be extra hard for her without her husband. Please give her an extra hug from me as one cancer survivor to another.

  9. Hi Bonnie, When I had my bilateral mastectomy I used a gifted pink pillow a lot. It protected me from the seat belt, and kept my arm off sore spots. Check to see if Sharolyn has one. Enjoy your rest break at home.

  10. What beautiful quilts in today's post. Love those two older ones. I've never seen that particular tulip pattern. Just think, someday the ones from your patterns will be shown and told about with just as much love and appreciation.

    Lousy random chromosome fate that put your AZ family where it is today. But how sweet it is to have family carry Sharolyn through.

    Safe travels to you as you head home later this week.

  11. Prayers for your sister-in-law. I will be thinking of her. I lost my brother to that nasty cancer in November. This stirs up memories of him. He worked hard all his life and was looking to retirement but didn't get there. I have a hard time dealing with how that fits into God's plan but we must go on. Some days are harder than others.

  12. Thoughts are with you and your family as you face this new hurdle, I’m glad you have your stitching to give you solace.

  13. Fabulous show! I sure recognize lots of Bonnie quilts today. LOL

    Best of luck to your sister in law. You're all in my prayers.

  14. Bonnie, thank you for ALL of this, so very inspiring, encouraging and just heartfelt and beautiful. <3 xx

  15. Hugs and prayers for all of your family. So glad you could be there for Sharolyn.

    My favorite part of your blog is the show and tell and what a wondrous selection this was. I am so intrigued by the use of alternate colors by the mystery makers.

  16. Dear, dear Bonnie.....how is it that you manage to feel like a sister or best friend to so many of us? Bless your sweet heart, dear one. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister-in-law. You bless us unknowingly with your tender thoughts and words. May God bless you in all your endeavors. Loving all the quilts!

  17. glad you are there to help your sister in law it is always rough having to go through cancer and treatment and must be extra tough on her and you having gone through this with your brother, I too will be sitting in a hospital today, daughter is having surgery so I know just how uncomfortable it is sitting on those chairs and waiting around for news

  18. Bonnie, I walked this same road with my best friend two years ago. She had ovarian cancer that was making a return trip with a vengenance. She lost this round, but I was glad I had her for as long as I did. I am so glad you can take Mark's place for his wife. I know he's smiling on your friendship with her.

  19. Prayers for Sharolyn and you. Take care of yourself also. We will be here no matter how long you need.

  20. Prayers for the family. Life is so precious.


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