Friday, February 01, 2019

The Day Before We Play!

I was greeted by THESE smiling and helpful faces yesterday!

It’s time for me to get back in the saddle and throw on my teaching hat and get back in the ring!

In my entire traveling/teaching career of more than 13 years I have never had a 2 1/2 month break away from the classroom.  I’ve got butterflies!  I hope that I can get in there and not miss a beat.  Our workshops this weekend at 35th Ave Sew & Vac will be fun ones to throw myself into – 

Today we’ve got Midnight Flight from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders up on deck, followed by Serpentine Web from String Frenzy tomorrow – how can we NOT have a ball?

Classroom space for 60!

Or nearly 60 – I think they told me the total was around 57 – here come those butterflies again!

Can you see Serpentine Web and Midnight Flight hanging at the front?

We are ready with books and tools in the shop as well!

That’s the thing that’s been nice about this little visit.  No merchandise to ship! When I teach for a shop, they sell all the stuff, making for a very easy visit.  And of course, I’m happy to sign them.

This store is so huge and so fabulous you can’t fit it in one camera angle!

More gorgeous fabric around every corner -

And I know I’ll be sharing more of the store with you over the next few days.

Once the room was set up and all details ironed out – I set my GPS to find me the nearest antique mall:

It’s been a while since I did this, too!

There are actually 2 Brass Armadillo malls in Phoenix, but the other was about 1/2 hour drive away or more and we were crawling up to rush hour time – so another day, maybe?

Damascus beauty!

As I lifted the lid on this machine, watching the chain pulley system raise the machine to view a little old lady stopped by, just watching.  She said “I can’t tell you the number of baby clothes I sewed on a machine just like that.”  There was a smile on her face and a lot of looking back in her gaze.  I imagined her as a young mother, making clothes for her children to the sound of the treadle.

I’m too far away for ANYTHING to come home really, unless it is something small, but it was wonderful to wander alone with my thoughts.

I thought this array of green glass was pretty.

I am on a self imposed “NO GLASSWARE!” restriction! LOL!


Oh, I love it – and I use it!  Expecially the refrigerator dishes with lids.  But how much can you really use and store?  But still, so colorful and fun.

Quilts were NOT many.  Seriously.

But I loved the fabrics in this log cabin -

It was foundation pieced on sheeting.  the blocks are joined together but there is no backing.  Fabrics date to the 1960s.

Oh NO!!!  Taxidermy!

I thought maybe they also would start singing out in Country Bear Jamboree fashion – in JAPANESE!  Something is just even MORE disturbing when it’s front legs hanging there as well as heads.  I think I need another dose of Pyrex to recover from this. Although the tiffany style lamps DO add a nice touch! LOL!

Beautiful pink platter!

Sigh – I loved this one so much – it’s all about the shape and that edging – I don’t collect by pattern, I’m very mix and match but this one did hurt just a bit when I walked away.  It’s glass and it is heavy and I’m not willing to ship it or carry it home on the plane.  Catch and release – love it and leave it.

Last night’s round of Hexie Star sewing.

I settled in to watch two episodes of "Person of Interest" and the "Agatha and the Truth of Murder" movie on Netflix thanks to the smart TV in my hotel room! 

Which means it takes me about 2 1/2 hours to do these by English Paper Piecing.  Did you know these stars are from my RISHI pattern found in the Digital Pattern Section of the Quiltville Store?  

YEP!  Templates are included so you can print your own, or you can order them pre-cut from your favorite template supplier. Sizes and other info included in the pattern.  And for the next 3 days it’s 25% off!

All Digital Patterns are 25% off using coupon code DIGITAL25 at purchase!

Code must be used at purchase, no refunds if you forget, okay?

Sale goes through February 3rd – so hurry!

When you place the item in your shopping bag, the next screen that pops up looks just like this – See the coupon code box in the gray area?  Type in DIGITAL25 and hit APPLY and you are good to go to either continue shopping or go to the shopping cart and check out.  


As you can see from the above, Good Fortune has now been retired from the blog and rewritten into a coherent easy to follow format.  I have kept all of the hints and tips and tricks and many many color photos in this 22 page Pictorial Tutorial booklet so you can make your own Good Fortune quilt on your own time, at your own pace.

Plenty of warning again and again was given that our mystery would retire on February 1st and that all parts should be saved by that time.  I am unable to give free clues from this point forward.  Thank you for your support and understanding!

If anyone asks where to find the pattern, please direct them to the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store where they can purchase their copy.  Thank you!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

A brand new month ahead.

Have you looked at your schedule to ensure there is time to breathe?

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. Such a pretty machine and the glasswear just stunning lol it would cost an arm and leg to ship it all the way here 😂. Your stars are really pretty you seem to have made loads already, how many do you think you will need? it’s going to look so pretty.
    Have a great weekend teaching.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  2. Love all that Pyrex! It's like a trip back in time to my Mother's kitchen!

  3. Eeeee!! Vintage Pyrex!! Almost as much of a love for me as quilts are.

    Always fun to travel along with you, Bonnie.

  4. am still remembering some photos from Japan! Love the ancient lanterns and sake house, with the modern high rises in the background, what a diverse country... love the glassware... and pyrex... i do not go antique shopping cause i don't have the iron will to walk away, thanks for setting such a good example and sharing...hugs and laughter, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Go for it!! Feed those Butterflies some Chocolate, lol Cheering you on from chilly SE Washington. Pretty Glassware, my china hutch is overflowing too. Happy February!

  6. Love those vintage pink glassware items! I have a pretty pink glass candy dish to keep my basting safety pins in.

  7. I have my grandmother's mixing bowls, a set of Pyrex refrigerator dishes, and cornflower blue Corningware that I use all the time. Love vintage

  8. So nice to see the visit to the Antique Mall. It is my cousin's favorite. She lives in Prescott and always talks about the Brass Armadillo. Too cold and snowy to be antiquing in Illinois today. Glad to do it vicariously.

  9. 35th Ave. Sew & Vac is a m-u-s-t stop for me whenever I visit Phoenix. Ditto to the nearby Brass Armadillo. I bought a 30's era quilt top home from there because it was just too delicious to leave behind.

  10. Haha, you are so funny! Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. The quote for the day did not come through in my email :(

  12. Very interesting quote for the day LOL


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