Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Gettin’ Quilty ‘Round Here! (And 2 Winners!)

Top Done!  Yahoo!

I actually feel like I accomplished something – after a long dry spell!

I just love how scrappy and fun it was to make this quilt as our current Leader & Ender challenge project – Jewel Box Stars.  It’s not too late to jump in.  This challenge continues until July when we throw our NEXT project into the ring.  What will it be?  Just wait and see!

All of the 2’’ squares for this quilt came from my pre-cut 2’’ squares box – that’s what makes the variety so great!

All of the triangles were cut from 3 1/2’’ strips from my Scrap User’s System using my Essential Triangle Tool to cut matched pairs of triangles from strip sets already placed right sides together, so they are ready to sew.  This project was pure pleasure.

The quilting will wait until we get the Longarm machine moved to the Quiltville Post Office in the next few months – with an upgrade.  I can’t wait.

It’s been misty, foggy and rainy over the past few days there there is no “over the rail” photo-op happening at the cabin, the Inn or otherwise – but I figure you’ll see enough of that AFTER quilting and binding.  Stay tuned.

And in the evenings -

The hand quilting continues!  The contentment that comes with hand quilting – it’s something I look forward to all day.  Shoes off, feet on ottoman, comfy chair, hot beverage, quilt in my lap, thimble on my finger – a bit of tv watching.  The perfect end to any day.

I’m getting close to turning a corner here – this is side 3, second row of fans.  I work my way around in a square spiral, from outside edge working toward the center of the quilt. I’m STILL waffling on what I want to do for the outer border, and that is why it is still blank.  I’ll figure it out eventually, it’s going to take a long long time just to finish the center.

It’s already a 20 year UFO – what’s a few more?

Bonus triangles – still going down!

I believe I’ve settled on a plan for these – I only need 12 more of the red triangled blocks, and I am loving the combination of them against the purple – This is going to be a fun one with the recycled fabric nine-patches in the center.  Wheels are turning – It feels so good to be in “production mode” and even forget what day it is, what time it is – just lost in the process of creating something from what is before me.

I’ll be back to this again this coming weekend.  It will wait here for me.  I’m headed down the mountain to home today – appointments are interrupting my flow of consciousness sewing.  Ha! 

There is a pallet load of books to pick up at Yellow Freight tonight – Jeff is going to help me with that.

Chiropractor, massage and yearly physical are also on the docket for this week as well as a bunch of stuff that needs doing to get myself ready for Texas next week.  So excited to be teaching in San Antonio and up in the Denton area – and retreating with friends in the interim.  To-go project is ready TO GO!

Let’s get down to this!

We are looking for winner number 3059 out of 5708 entries for the Quiltmaker Mar/Apr 2019 issue!

Chris Gray!

This issue is coming your way!

And for the winner of the bundle:

Who is 369?

Ramona Riblett!  This bundle is yours!

Ladies, I’ve sent you each an email – please get back to me with your mailing addresses and I’ll be getting these into the mail and on their way to you as quickly as I can!

Down a rainy foggy road -

As soon as this posts I’ll be gathering up what needs to be gathered and starting my 100-miles-to-home journey.

I’m thinking that we can squeeze in a Quilt-Cam on Thursday evening – 8pm Eastern? I’d really like to!  So let’s plan on it.  I’ll meet you in Facebook Live at that time.  For those who miss it – no worries.  It will be embedded here on Friday morning’s post.

I’m already thinking of what I want to be working on – that gives YOU a couple days of planning to.  Let’s do it!

Sending out a Happy Birthday shout to my dad!

Happy 79, Papa!

We love to play with the filters on video chat.  This is one I screenshotted *I swear, this is a word!* the other day. 

Dad turned 79 yesterday and I am so glad we got to celebrate while I was in Arizona.  Grannie's birthday (Dad's mom) is Feb 8th so we include her in our memories - always.

These birthdays are precious – and I love that our birthdays are close enough together that we continue to celebrate both between the two.  It’s a long standing family tradition. Long may it live on!

It’s also Valentine week which makes all the heart things relevant!

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Just something I needed to hear this morning.

Let your love flow *singing*

Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends!


  1. I love that scrappy quilt you posted with your inspiration today... you can see how she just added scraps as they were found in building her quilt!

  2. Jewel Box Stars is just TOO MUCH FUN! Lovely finish!!

  3. You used the Whole Crayon Box for your Jewel Box Stars! Annual appointments are a good thing. Gotta keep you healthy. No Snow Day here today for 2 of my Grandsons. Ice chunks predicted. I'm playing in the Basement. Congrats to the Winners!

  4. Love all your scrappy fun on the blog today. I just started a Jewel Box Stars and it coming together wonderfully. I love making the blocks it is becoming more my go-to sewing. Thank you for designing it.

  5. I love the Jewel Box Stars! I love those Star blocks also! I just completed my Good Fortune top this last weekend. I now have half of On Ringo Lake assembled in rows and am just loving it all over again. Excited for Quilt Cam this week!

  6. Boy, that Jeff sure is a handy fella to have around. He can do it all.

  7. I'm loving your bonus half square triangle quilt at the top of this post. Love that you are mixing the recycled with the quilting cottons. Yummy. Such fun!

  8. Thank you so much!! I'm so excited I won something!!

  9. Quilt Cam on Thursday would be wonderful. Our group meets on Thursdays to quilt and we have had to cancel the last three weeks
    because of either cold or snow and this Thursday doesn't sound good weatherwise either. I don't even know what's on tv on Thursdays but I'm thinking Quilt Cam. Hope it works out - no presssure

  10. I'm still working on chckerboard rail fence as my leaders and enders. Haven't been able to do a lot of sewing lately. Have a retreat coming up on the 21st and hope to make progress on several UFO's.

  11. love the foggy mountain road and the wonderful colors of the quilts. Thanks for being you, cindy

  12. Your Dad and I share a birthday!!!

  13. I love, love scrappy quilts and plan on getting a scrappy system started this year. This one is one of my favs.

  14. I had an older friend who was a quilter before I quilted. I always loved her quilts and finally was given one as a gift for taking her to the airport,she was really afraid to fly. Happy 110th Birthday, Pearl!

  15. Bonnie, love your photo with the cool glasses!

  16. Thanks for the ear worm! Haven't thought about the Bellamy Brothers in Years.

  17. Would you know if there are any openings to your San Antonio or Denton workshops? I live southwest of Houston, but wouldn’t mind traveling the distance.

  18. I love your gorgeous quilt!

  19. Now you've got me singing!

  20. Loved this blog today. You posted things I truly needed to hear! Thank you for sharing your quilting life with us. Love and hugs from South Africa. Love the Leaders and Enders quilt. Another one to add to my "I need to make this list!"

  21. Congratulations ladies on your wins! Thank you Bonnie for the opportunity!! You are amazing! Love everything I learn here!

  22. Congratulation to both Chris and Ramona!
    Bonnie- FEB 8th is also my Niece's birthday!

    Have a Great week Everyone!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is sunny and cold


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