Saturday, February 16, 2019

Back in the Scraps Again!

My weekend project lies ahead!

I have a very simple attainable goal in front of me.

I need to make 12 more of these.  They will be mixed with the blocks that have purple bonus triangles around the outside edges.  I am just LOVING sewing with the recycled fabrics again.  They always call me back, you know?  It’s an instantly vintage looking quilt with all of those soft stripes and plaids and muted colors.

12 more.  By going home time Monday morning.  That’s the plan.

My morning started out here.


Couldn’t you just wrap yourself up in this??

I spotted the trees just FULL of blossoms on my way to the doctor for my physical yesterday. (Passed with flying colors, am even down about 12 lbs. YAY.) and told myself that I MUST pull over on my way back – I needed to share this springtime beauty with those in the still-frozen-northern-climes.  This is for you my friends!  It’s coming!  Just hang on tight!

I stood there in the church parking lot, just marveling at this beauty as cars whizzed by me on the road in front of the trees.  I am sure hoping that those who drove by were smiling at the evidence of wonder and renewal of life before them. 

Pink tree season is my FAVORITE.  I leave for Texas on Tuesday and I know they will be DONE and leafing out by the time I get back nearly 2 weeks later.  I hate to miss this season in my own home state, but I know things will be blooming in Texas as well and I will enjoy them there.

The blooming happens a few weeks later here in the Virginia Highlands, so that is still to come.  I also have Michigan coming up in May which should be just perfect, even if not a tad bit early.  Every time I’ve visited the Grand Hotel on Mackinac island the tulips were shivering in their beds, afraid to open up to the outside world just yet.  Maybe this year will be different?

Shopping My Way to Old Virginny!

For Quiltville Inn! A sign for the house that will sit easily on a shelf posting the WiFi code for visiting quilters!

OK, so I was only running in for toothpaste (4 tubes as seen in my cart – on sale for $1 and I took advantage of it.) and it sent me on a Wild Goose Chase of 3 other stores filling the van with things like accent rugs (Buy 1 get 1 50% off) twin sheets, wall art, kitchen stuff and holders for spare TP rolls for the 3 bathrooms.

There are times I laugh at myself for being such a “cautious shopper” and being giddy over things like extra TP roll holders may just seem silly to some, but I feel so good to get these things crossed off my list.

The rug runners (Buy One get One 50% off!) are for next to each bed so that no one has to step down onto a cold wood floor in the morning.  I bought 3 matching for each Quiltville Inn bedroom, in different patterns. I think I cleared out the rug department at Big Lots.  LOL.

I’ll head over today and unfurl them and decide which rooms get which rugs. 

This is the EASY kind of home dec. It’s a quick feel-good to put things in place and have it “look nice.”

The HARD stuff starts happening in a couple of weeks when the big job of replacing 31 windows comes in to play.

Do I sound like a broken record?  If so it is because it is all that is playing through my mind – Windows, Electric, Ceiling fixtures, HVAC for the downstairs, Bathroom remodels  - and as the months tick by I start feeling really nervous wondering if we can get this functional and start welcoming groups as soon as I hoped we would, how I saw it in my mind.

No need to panic.  All will be accomplished in its own time.  Every step forward, no matter how small is STILL progress.  And so we go forth!

Hello, dear Generac!

When I arrived at the cabin yesterday afternoon after my “Wild rug-buying Shopping Spree” the guys were just finishing up with the whole cabin generator.  That little green light at the top is a beautiful sight to behold!

No more will power outages interfere with life up here. And the power goes out on average a couple of times a month.  It runs off the new big propane tank.  I am so happy we decided to do this.  If you are going to choose to live on the side of a mountain in the middle of the toolies, you’ve just got to be prepared.  Preparedness and security are much more important to me at this stage of life than ever before.

As things progress with the Inn, we will likely do the same thing there as well as I don’t want any retreaters to be stuck without power – that said it happens LOTS LESS where the in is, than it does up here on Hunter’s Ridge.  The Inn is at the junction of 2 main roads.  The cabin is not.

Last Night’s Small Town Entertainment!

Read more HERE.

I would liken West Jefferson, NC to the cute imaginary town of Starrs Hollow, CT from the famed favorite show Gilmore Girls.  Charm, history, fun eateries, interesting shops, even more interesting residents!  And a very small movie lounge that will seat 25.  

We went for the first time last night.

Comfy sofa, bucket of popcorn and 2 bottles of Dr Pepper.


What a fun fun movie!

It won’t be the last time – this was so much fun!

And the credits rolled….

Don’t knock it until you try it!

We will keep watch over new releases as they come through.  This is just such a cool small town concept.  Bravo to the young family (with a 4 month old baby!) who took on this project and are making it into such a great venue.  It takes a lot of vision, and a lot of dreams, hopes, fears and tears to make something like this come to life.  I’m excited to be whole-heartedly supportive!  We will be back.  And hopefully soon.

My own fear?  With only 25 seats (We sold out last night) I’m afraid it may be harder to GET seats as this place grows in popularity.  And it will.

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Thank you, Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson!

I’m heading over to the Inn to work on those dreams right now -

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. like reading about your days, how much fun you are having, trees are beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing your time with us

  2. My daughter calls your shopping style "cost effective"!!

  3. Thank you for sharing the amazing pink blossoms. Ours haven't come out here in S. Cal yet and I miss them. I love hearing about your progress on the Inn and all things exciting, propane and backup generator at the cabin. Be well and follow your dreams.

  4. Love the quilt and the straight line quilting. So comfy looking. Good movie venue!

  5. Congrats on the Generac. We installed ours 2 years ago after a crop many days-long power failures. We have not had one power outage since. We think of it as our insurance policy with only one premium payment needed.

    1. That is exactly what I told my husband! We got our Generac and I don't expect a hurricane this year...money well spent on insurance! It worked in CO when we bought our snow blower...didn't need it for two years! Have to say I haven't heard anyone use the word "toolies" since I left MN at the age of 19!!!

  6. Is that a road trip , the Theater, from Quiltville? How exciting. what fun. Glad you all are okay,

  7. Love the pink trees. It will be quite a while before anything blooms here in NE.
    What a unique idea for a movie theater. Can't beat couches & recliners for comfortable movie watching. It would be an idea for the old movie theater building here in town. It's been refurbished as a kind of meeting space/local museum but it's really a millstone around the necks of the Historical Society.

  8. You are my kind of shopper, deal or I don't buy. My friends laugh at me for the deals I get just by waiting for them and I laugh back and say look at what I saved and laugh at me some more. That usually quiets them until the next time I tell them about a deal. The last time it was a pair of slippers regular price $39.99 which in my checkbook is outrageous, I got them for $3.00 at the same store and shipping was free.

  9. mother instilled the joy of "on sale" "marked down" and "coupon special" in me... I LOVE LOVE LOVE half price and lookit the woman who got 40 buck slippers for 3 dollars!!! yay for all the bargain hunters! ad with the huge purchases necessary for The Inn... it will be money saved for years!! Congratulations, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  10. Love your bargain shopping at Big Lots. I patiently await the Spring Blooming of our Dogwood Trees. You enjoy that Generator. I have been lucky that we haven't lost power this winter. Those shirtings are sew fun!

  11. Those trees are so pretty, and that little cinema just adorable what a fantastic idea. Enjoy your weekend sewing.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. During the years we lived in the Houston area, we had a generator stashed in the shed. Of necessity it was a gasoline, not propane or natural gas powered type. We needed it once, after Hurricane Ike, but worth the trouble. We could keep a small A/C running, some lights, a small TV (no cable service, but local channels) and keep the fridge running and not lose all our food.
    Depending on where in TX you'll be, something will be blooming. Here in the Austin area, the bluebonnets are just starting.
    I love the small theater idea, there's a chain here called Alamo Drafthouse. Smaller auditoriums, food delivered to your seat, and strict enforcement of silence policy--a much more enjoyable experience overall.

  13. I'm not sure why your blog is the only one I ever read all the way to the end. I so enjoy your enthusiasm, attention to your surroundings, your optimism in the face of adversity. Thank you for sharing your life with us!! You'll love your generator. I also live in a very remote area of Michigan (6 hours from where you're going in May :-) We were surprised when our generator didn't turn on during a power outage. Had it checked to learn there is a battery that needs to be replaced occasionally. You probably know this already. We did not...........Happy Sunday to YOU!

  14. I'm sad you will miss a bit of your pink, BUT looks great for there to be fields and fields of blue here in Texas!
    We had a good year for Bluebonnet, our pastures are already showing them popping up their little heads.
    I hope you will be able to take a drive in the countryside down here, if you can't find any North of SA, head south on 35
    I'm hoping to get to see you
    Howdy, Bonnie and early Welcome to Texas

  15. I love your pink trees! In Ohio the trees are bare and the sky is gray for at least another month, but i have seen the tips of daffodils peeking up from the ground! Your furnishings for Quiltville Inn are both practical and lovely. It is so satisfying to see an idea come to fruition! Good for you! Way to go on using up your bonus blocks to make another lovely quilt! Fun times!

  16. So glad to see you have the Generac! Once we buy our home here we'll be doing something similar as propane heat here is common. Loved the movie 'lounge', too! Makes me homesick for the "Northern Lights" in Salem, where you could order a small pizza, have wine or a beer with your popcorn and watch a movie.

  17. My grandmother was from Ashe County NC. It's on my bucket list to spend some time there. Been to Asheville area. Such a beautiful state.

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