Tuesday, February 26, 2019

From Brazos to Denton -

My rear view as I drove through the gate and hit the road yesterday.

It was a morning of packing up, of enjoying a last hearty breakfast, saying tear filled goodbyes and hitting the road -

One at a time we heard car doors shut, engines start up and tires roll down the dirt road toward the gate – each person pointing their GPS toward wherever home was.

Before we knew it – there were only a handful of us left:

And as the tradition stands -

This last photo is captioned “Brazos – OUT!”

The retreat flag is down, things packed away – and memories carried home.

I have learned SO MUICH on this trip!  Two very different yet wonderful retreat locations, each with their own inspirational ideas that are going to make the running of Quiltville Inn that much better.  

My mind is buzzing with ideas.  It’s one thing to visit a retreat – but to stay at one as a guest for a number of days and observe things in motion – it’s been invaluable to me.

Of course we say hi to the donkeys while wearing tiaras!

You two are so cute!

And I wish I could have video recorded the braying as we were out taking photos – hysterical.  I loved the farm life as much as I loved the wonderful hour upon hour of sewing time!

And the chickens, oh, the chickens! Click to Play:

And Turkeys Too!  Click To Play:

My room set up for the next few days.

Basket Blocks still under way.

Our retreat set up at the hotel in Denton -

4 workshops from String Frenzy – Full Steam Head!

Up on deck today – XING!

News from home -

Windows are ready to install – all 31 of them!

Things are starting to move a bit more rapidly now that spring is arriving and hopefully most of the bad winter weather is now behind us – though copious amounts of rain and wind had the power out at the cabin – but according to what I was told, the new cabin generator kicked on like it should and kept everything running perfectly!  I think that was the BEST decision we have ever made – and in due time we will do the same for the retreat house.

Windows going in.  Electrical soon to be tackled which includes Quilting Quarters lights – dining room lights.  Heating and Air going in the Quilting Quarters, Dining Room and kitchen –with the last big job being the remodeling of the bathrooms.  There is so much to do and I am already feeling panicky about the time frame we have chosen to do it in.

And then I remind myself – those are self-imposed deadlines, and I can be flexible!

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

You've got to bend and roll with the circumstances, baby!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Enjoy Denton! We visited there last year and went to Boxcar Quilts in nearby Crossroads, TX. Nice shop filled with refurbished/repainted featherweights! http://www.boxcarquilts.com/

  2. Very good advice, more than like for all of us! Loved hearing the critters on your videos. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh sweet girl. this is YOUR dream and you can decide the ending! In this case, what the deadline is... It will be ready when it's ready and not one minute before... enjoy the process, it's much like creating a quilt... Love you and all you do... I certainly understand your sense of urgency but don't let it rob you of the fun of the doing... unsolicited advice from the "MomCat" in Carlsbad CA ... do what makes your heart sing! <3

  4. Your daily blog "sparks my joy" I never miss it. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  5. Quiltville Inn already feels like "home" to me because your blogs are filled with your passion for it, quilting, and quilters. Your family support is awesome, and you should cut yourself some slack and try not to worry about "deadlines". Enjoy every minute of the process - good and bad, frustrations and completions. This is your dream and an amazing story. Enjoy the rest of your time in Texas.

  6. I had this vision of donkeys wearing tiaras! LOL 👑👑👑

  7. Hoping and wishing that your first Quiltville Inn patrons will be full of gratitude, supportive, understanding and patient, knowing they have the honor of being the first-evers!

  8. Maybe by the time you get finished with the inn I’ll be able to attend a retreat there. Remodels are notorious, one thing calls for another. Take your time and don’t stress, you can’t rush contractors!

  9. So pleased for you, it’s your dream and if it takes a bit longer to get it exactly how you like it that’s just how it will be. Don’t panic it will all come together when it happens and it will be perfect xxx

  10. Fulfill your dream, just as you dreamed it. Don't rush it to please others. This is YOUR dream. Don't allow needed adjustments left undone become unforgettable regrets that you can't undo. IT'S YOUR DREAM...make it happen the way YOU DREAMED IT! Remember when you are happy, it is easier to make others happy also.


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