Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Going Home Day.

Things that make me smile.

Flora, Fauna and sunshine!

We had all three in our favor yesterday, but our plans to go for a mountain trail hike were kaboshed by a gusty wind that made walking a bit more difficult than you would think. 

From the inside of the house – it looked beautiful out.  Step outside and we heard a chorus of windchimes pinging and clanging in dischord – if there were tumbleweeds they would have been holding a race down the street – it was an in-your-face kind of gusty day.

A walk around our immediate area was our compromise. 

I was fine with it – there are so many things to see and enjoy here.  And the wind didn’t seem to bother the birds!

Not quite white caps, but almost!

But now that I’ve described the wind – can you see the effect it has on the water?  Maybe something you wouldn’t have noticed before – but in your mind can you feel it?

I love that Mrs Mallard is hanging out right next to her Mr.  Wind or no wind!

I will definitely miss this!

My long time quilter friend Patty brought me some grapefruit while I was teaching in Phoenix, picked fresh that morning from  the tree in her back yard.  How many people can say that?  Grocery store citrus has NOTHING on fresh picked citrus!

And checck out the head of this barrel cactus!

This is my practice – because last night I was invited to sit through a photography class my dad is taking – and I was so excited to possibly learn some new tricks – Especially with our trip to Africa coming up.  My goal is to get more familiar with what the BIG CAMERA can do, not just be satisfied with  leaving everything in “auto” and trusting it will capture what I want to see.  I have several months to get more comfortable with wide angle lenses and zoom!

The photo above – doesn’t it look like squashes or pineapples?  These are seed pods that are left after the cactus blooms.  And while it looks like it is sitting on the ground, I took the photo from the top shooting down.

This is the cactus, side view.

Not as interesting!

Change the perspective, your focus, your view point and marvelous things happen.  I also LOVE the contrast of textures and colors in that “close up from the top” photo above.  Fun stuff!

Sneaking a selfie before class begins.

Yesterday’s stitching.

Our binge fest of Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime continues with 2 episodes left to watch this morning before heading off to the airport. 

I am SO happy that I extended this time in Arizona, not knowing really how the time would be needed – to spend time with Mark’s family, to take Sharolyn to the hospital and stay with her – such precious time.  Time with my dad to partake and participate in his life and hobbies – I am going home just full to the brim.

Yes, I’m ready for home – it’s been a long and very full three weeks – but as I look back on them, it’s just been marvelous.

Suitcase is packed, things are ready to go – my feet will be home in North Carolina around 10:30 pm tonight.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Put the EXTRA into your day and turn the ORDINARY into EXTRAORDINARY!

Much love from Arizona -


  1. I see how both sides of life,the colorful and the ugly,can blend and change the focus when photographed together. It's ALL good if you look with the right focus

  2. Family time is so important and just adds to the memories. Hope you have a safe journey home and continue to enjoy what each day brings. I love your photos, they give such joy.

  3. Fresh off the Tree is soooo good. Fun to take a photography class with your dad. Colorful cacti. Safe journey home. Sadie will be wagging her tail!!

  4. Thanks to your Dad for sharing you with us, Bonnie! It was so fun spending a day (my 3rd one!) with you making Serpentine Webs! Safe travels and we'll see you next January! Hugs!

  5. I would be going crazy being gone that long from the hubs! I can enjoy a week, but after that, I’m pacing the floor! Safe travels home and happy reunion with the family.

  6. Your awesome pictures made me think...not just with photography, but in life, our perspective and focus makes all the difference! Safe travels home!!

  7. It was so good of you to be available for your sister-in-law for her ride to and from surgery and be the person to stay with her for the required time afterwards. A relative such as you is just so special for her and her children.
    I hope her treatment goes well for her and she is able to recover completely.

  8. Awesome that you were able to spend this time with your family and that you could be there for Sharalyn, I’m sure it was an immense comfort to her.
    Your photos are always beautiful and I find the cactus one absolutely fascinating thank you for sharing all your tips with us.
    Safe journey home love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  9. You have an Extraordinary command of language. You paint a picture with your words.


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