Friday, March 01, 2019

“It Can Be Daybreak....” *Singing*

I’m blaming the earworm all on Sherry -
Second chair on the right -

To be honest, I never thought of the Barry Manilow song Daybreak when I was naming this quilt, but once she mentioned that is what the title brought to mind for her – I just can NOT get it out of my head!

So join on in with me –click Below and get this Daybreak going while you read the rest of the post!

Now THIS is a great way to start the morning!

I'm singin' to the world, it's time we let the spirit come in
Let it come on in
I'm singin' to the world, everybody's caught in the spin
Look at where we've been
We've been runnin' around, year after year
Blinded with pride, blinded with fear…

But it's daybreak, if you want to believe
It can be daybreak, ain't no time to grieve
Said it's daybreak if you'll only believe
And let it shine, shine, shine
All around the world (sing it to the world, sing, sing)
(Sing it to the world, sing, sing)

Singin' to the world, what's the point in puttin' it down?
There's so much love to share
I'm singin' to the world, don't you see it all comes around?
The feeling's everywhere
We've been closin' our eyes, day after day
Covered in clouds, losin' our way

Hey, but it's daybreak
If you want to believe, it can be daybreak
Ain't no time to grieve
Said it's daybreak, if you'll only believe
And let it shine, shine, shine
All around the world (gotta sing, sing it to the world)
(Everyone singing, sing it to the world)

Yes, and it's daybreak
If you want to believe, it can be daybreak
Ain't no time to grieve
Said it's daybreak, if you'll only believe
And let it shine, shine, shine
All around the world (everyone singing, sing it to the world)
Let it shine, shine, shine
All around the world (sing it to the world, sing, sing)
(Sing it to the world, sing, sing)

It's day-ee-ay-ee-ay break, can ya feel it (sing it to the world, sing, sing)
It's day-ee-ay-ee-ay break, can ya sing it (sing it to the world, sing, sing)

(Sing it to the world, sing, sing)
(Sing it to the world, sing, sing)

Laughed so hard, smiled so much, feels so good!

Things learned this day:

Things “on point” can be tricky.

When it come to rotary cutting for patchwork, remember that unit sizes are “rounded” to the next measurable line on the ruler so you don’t have to cut anything at 4 1/16 or 2 1/32 etc.  FUDGING happens.

If the seam allowance is TOO SCANT – the center square will be too big once the corner triangles are added and points WILL be lost in the next seam.  It’s all about where the seam falls.

To avoid pitfalls – MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE.  Adjust seams accordingly.

Sometimes it’s OKAY to sew with your “own personal dimensions” and your block may turn out a slightly different size than your neighbor's – but if the points are intact and all of your blocks are the same size as each other, it’s a WIN!  Just measure the blocks and cut sashing to that length.  We call it “Design as you go!”

ADJUST!  I think that is a good word for the day, don’t you?

Check out the rest of our fun in the video below. (No Daybreak soundtrack needed!)

Awesome day, everyone!

5 on our way to dinner!

Sherry is NOT allowed to sing Daybreak by this point! LOL!

Tex Mex for 10!

To end my day on the perfect note, I had been receiving images off and on all day from home about the window installation at Quiltville Inn.  They finished the ground floor – have moved up to the top floor.  This gang moves fast!  And they are doing SUCH beautiful work – the windows look like they were always meant to be – only better.

Click to play:
(No Daybreak soundtrack here either!)

Some photos show windows out, some with new windows in.

I knew when purchasing a 135 year old house that we would have some hurdles to jump to bring it up-to-date. It's become an emotional undertaking. In the past 10 months I have become viscerally attached to this house and have so many dreams for its future.

I want Quiltville Inn to be a place where friendships are strengthened and hurts are healed, dreams are reached, boundaries are pushed, joys are shared, burdens lifted and lives are enriched.

My dream may have less to do with quilting and more to do with living but the quilting is the thing that brings us all together and the thread that binds.

Last evening I sat here several states away from home in Texas with tears rolling as I watched this all fall into place from a far. I am so grateful for every step and every goal that has been reached. And for my family and friends who have supported me a 110%

We are really doing this! It isn't just a dream anymore, it is getting closer and closer to being real every day.

This morning is Day 11 for me on the road.  I’m feeling it.  I am so ready to be home – even if only for a few days because I have a quick turn around and head to Indianaoplis next week. 

I won’t get a chance to get up to Virginia before I am back from Indy – so pictures will have to do.

Today – I’m expecting a full house of 50 quilters eager and ready to dig in to Straits of Mackinac.  Whooowhooo!  It’s going to be a doozy of a day as this is the first time I am teaching this class as well – all FOUR of the workshops here in Denton have been maiden voyages, and I am so grateful for a patient room of excited beta testers.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Not only Happy Friday, friends!

Happy MARCH!

Make it the best March 1st EVER!


  1. Bonnie, thank you for the song! What a wonderful thing to have this morning. I know your Quiltville Inn will be filled with laughter and love because you are involved in it. You have helped heal me with your words and patterns. Quilting definitely brings us all together and you are a large part of that for me! God bless you and please keep posting for us!

  2. Loved the song starting off March with joyful music. Those windows are really going to enhance Quiltville Inn so much! Thanks for sharing Bonnie and helping us get March off to a good start!!

  3. WOOHOO for March, new windows for the Inn, maiden voyages, family, friends, and those things that bind us together. And today, for Barry Manilow - wonderful song to brighten any day. And for dreams coming true and real. And for you - your spirit lifts so may of us. Today's quote is a keeper - posting on my computer.

  4. I haven't heard that song in many years, but the words came back to me. Quiltville Inn is coming together beautifully. You'll love those windows...especially when you don't have to get on the porch roof to clean the upstairs windows. LOL!

  5. Reading your post, Bonnie, I caught myself tearing up. Realizing your dream coming into reality must be overwhelming. Thank you for all your shares of your life and dreams. You have many anxious people waiting for the call to go out and the house will be filled with happy quilters from all corners of the globe. It is definitely on my wish list. Happy Quilting! Be safe in your travels.

  6. The windows look fabulous. Next big decision re windows, dressing or not? What are you thinking? I hope I have a chance one day to attend a retreat. The house is beautiful.

  7. That lady doing the driving looks like you...

    1. RIGHT !, I was waiting to see if it was a sister, visiting, She could of been lol

  8. The song is going round and round in my head. Love your blog, your quilts and your messages. Plus, your goals for Quiltville Inn are inspiring. I hope I'm lucky enough to see you there one day. Enjoy your trip home.

  9. Bonnie, my week has been so hectic, and today was just the worst of all. When I read your blog and saw the song I filled up and then I read your words, especially the ones about Quiltville Inn and I just cried and cried. I remember when you announced you were purchasing it and "took us on a tour". Looking out those windows at all the different beatiful views is so healing, I know being there will be the best. I want to be there so badly. I really am looking forward to visiting some day. I just know it will soothe my soul. Thank you for your kindess and inspirations.....

  10. Love Barry! Glad you got your fill of TexMex. What a Week. Scrappy Happy Quilter's with you to teach them, priceless.

  11. So fun having the lyrics describe your blog and serenade us. Thanks!

  12. What a great way to start the day! Thanks.

  13. Bonnie, I am rejoicing with you that there are such huge advances at the Inn...finally!!! One of these days I will get the opportunity to take part in one of your classes! I am always feeling jealous when I see your posts. LOL

  14. Thanks Bonnie for such a fun class! Felt so lucky to actually get to take a class with you, and it was close to home too. One checked off the bucket list! And I met my new sewing friend Bertha! Now to fine-tune my Cheddar Yellow Daybreak squares......

  15. Thanks for reminding me how Barry Manilow's music can be so much fun. It has been years since I listened to his music.
    I know your retreat house will be a success, I wish there was a realistic chance that I could visit it.

  16. I am singing, why not everyone should thanks Bonnie for a lovely cheerful and happy day. :)

  17. Bonnie- I can understand you're worried about Dresden and Emmy Lou. I rehomed a third cat this last Summer. Her name is Olivia and she is a Chocolate Point Siamese. I had two indoor cats and she was an outdoor cat. She was skinny and frail. After being inside most of the time this last 5 months, she has put on weight and is no longer the smallest weight, nor skinny. My male is a seal point snowshoe and he easily weighs 4 pound more than Olivia. But she can hold her own against both of my other cats, thanks to her outside skills. I am sure Emmy Lou will stay clear of Dresden, as Olivia has of Bandit. But yes, it is best to keep an eye on them.

    I have not forgotten about mailing to you. I have just been super busy and double booked most days last week.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where we are going through a warm up with the days in high 20's and 30's this week.


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