Tuesday, March 12, 2019

What Day is it Anyway?

Dresden is exploring EVERYTHING that is UP.

It’s making things in the order fulfillment department INTERESTING!

Both he and Lola are no longer satisfied to stay on the other side of the French doors – and if they see anyone within range will meow and scratch and do ANYTHING they can to get beyond and to the other side of the house.

Things are still not great when it comes to Emmy Lou being in their picture though – to them SHE is the invader, and even though she is 19 this year and moving very slowly, the growls and hisses and territory issues are still raising their fur.

In an effort to give Emmy the opportunity to escape to upstairs territory yesterday, I tried to hold Dresden back and have the scratch marks across one hand to prove it.

I am still hoping that within time – he relaxes and doesn’t do serious damage to my old lady kitty.

Being a 3-cat family isn’t something that I was counting on, or necessarily wanted.  But with Jason moving across country and knowing how much he loves them and wants them cared for by us – what else is this mom supposed to do?

Evidently – forget about the quilting and just love on him!

It’s been many years since I had a cat that DEMANDED to be a lap cat.  And I never expected it would be this one!

When he can be shoo’d off – I have been getting some of this in.

I am currently working my way around and up to the red flowers between the two green borders. This way it keeps me working in a spiral from the center and helps work any fullness to the outside edge.

At this point, though it looks like I’m making great progress, I still know that there is more than half of the quilt left to go and I’m still not sure what I want to quilt in the open neutral areas.  I figure it will come to me in time and I’m in no hurry to set my mind on it.

Yesterday’s #IGquiltfest prompt – Favorite color!

I fell in love with orange as a small girl, but as a fair skinned blue eyed blonde was told it was not my best color and should not wear it. This translated into "Maybe I don't like orange after all?"

It wasn't until many years later when exploring my love of antique quilts that the Orange Bug hit me again and never let go!

From school bus yellow-orange to melon orange to burnt pumpkin and everywhere in between, orange is my favorite accent color!

Cheddar when it comes to quilting for me is always a solid, never a print and I love using it with printed fabrics for extra punch! Yes, I buy it by the bolt!

When I turned 50 I went so far as to have my featherweight painted Ford school bus yellow-orange, the closest I could get to cheddar by car paint color.

Quilts shown here: Cheddar Bow-ties and Midnight Flight from
MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders and Geese on a String from String Frenzy both available in the Quiltville Store.

Oh, Dresden!

All of the mail order that came in while I was in Indiana has been signed, sealed and sent off (Dresden not withstanding!) and I love how even my mail lady says “Welcome home! How was your trip?”  

It feels GOOD to be home, even after a short (But incredibly busy!) 3-day show.  5 days if you include the travel to/from.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this time change of one hour forward has thrown me for a loop!  I just feel dead to the world – like I’m walking under water.  Anyone?  It didn’t bother me in my younger years but it seems as the years go on that it is a whammy that takes a week to get over! I have been moving in slow motion since I got home Sunday.

Today’s big job – recall on my Toyota Sienna sliding doors.  I’m dropping the van off this afternoon and Jeff will be picking me up.  I’m leaving the van overnight because it’s a 7:30am appointment tomorrow morning and there is no way in heck I am going to add an early alarm on the top of everything else!  Plus it interferes with Jeff’s work schedule.

We will go back after work tomorrow and pick it back up.  THURSDAY I am mountain bound! YAY!  I’ll be spending the weekend at the cabin before heading further west to Pigeon Forge TN for Mountain Quiltfest.  It cuts more than an hour off my driving time to Pigeon Forge that way, so why not?

I can't wait to see the windows at Quiltville Inn and the progress that has been made on the Post Office - no more roof leaks! YAY!

Don’t forget we have Quilt-Cam tomorrow evening, WEDNESDAY at 8pm Eastern.  Fingers crossed the van is done and I am home by then – if not, I will post to my social media so you will know, but I have a feeling that all systems will be go.  

Remember that Winter Blues quilt?  I’m up to the alternate block – that’s what I’ll be working on!  Come find me at 8pm Eastern on Facebook Live. We will embed it into Thursday morning’s blog post if you miss it.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Choose today to live by choice, not by chance.

Choose self-esteem, not self pity.

Today choose to love yourself!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I'm in AZ and we don't do daylight savings time so I am still trying to figure out what time quilt cam will be here. 5 or 6? I always have this problem.

    1. I hope Bonnie doesn't mind me jumping in here, but it'll 5 for those of us in Arizona. I'm a snow bird in Tucson at the moment, but call my daughter in NY everyday, and we are now 3 hours behind the East Coast.

  2. Debbie, Google might be your friend here. When just checked, 8 pm edit is 5 pm in Phoenix. Hope that helps.

  3. I know where you are coming from. Our youngest son Clint brought home a kitten while he was still in high school. Because of allergies, I told him he would have to find her a new home. Well he married when he was 25 and moved out, leaving the cat, of course. She just passed away last year She was 19 years old and attached to me at the hip. I miss her very much.

  4. 5 p.m. in California also.......we are now in the portion of the year where CA and AZ are the same time-wise.....looking forward to quiltcam !!!!!

  5. Frozen drizzle on everything outside this morning, A good day to have a late wake up. Catching up on that lost hour. Go to sleep and hour earlier than normal. Fun times for QuiltCam. Winter Blues, the Project has a name! Sorry Dresden scratched you. Fickle kitty.

  6. argggggghhhhhh slept til 8!!! DSTime... i really dislike this messing with the clocks thing... it's foolish... sigh... keep smiling n stitching, Cats from Carlsbad CA

  7. I hear ya, Cats. Hang in there, maybe it will end.

    1. yes, we voted for it... now Sacramento has to get "permission"
      from the Feds! Sigh... imagine that? asking the government for permission as to how to set our clocks?! sigh

  8. I hear ya on that time change. Doing what i have to and then a nap might be in order.We are still getting snow about 8 inches over the past 3 days.shovelling is good exercise but the fresh air makes you sleepy!

  9. My dear mother told me long ago that 'orange is not your color'. I believe her because when I wear orange, I turn orange. Not a good look! My quilts are full f it, though. Good luck with the cats!

  10. Hi Bonnie, We started with 2 cats and then my mother-in-law passed away so her cat came to us. It's been over 2 years and him and one of my other ones still don't get along. This past December my father passed away and his cat came to live with us. 3 of the cats tolerate each other but my 1 doesn't want any part of it.

  11. Bonnie, when I recently introduced a 10 week old kitten to our family of 3 older cats, 17yr, 16yr, & 15yr, the vet suggested a calming pheromone. This is the one I used and it worked quite well. https://smile.amazon.com/Feliway-Classic-Starter-Cats-Diffuser

  12. Anonymous1:59 AM EDT

    Badly misquoted I know, Old Indian saying, 'only a white man would think that if he cut a piece off the bottom of a blanket and sewed it to the top, he would have a longer blanket'! I live in Western Australia and we do not have Daylight Saving but New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia do, so our times get messed up too. Honestly not sure if Tasmania does or not. Whatever the time, enjoy your quilting everyone.

  13. I have 3 cats that are related mum and daughter and nephew and we still have spats! One thing my vet suggested when I introduced a bew cat in the past was to feed them together as that is neutral territory, I’ve also heard that Feliway as suggested above can help calm everyone. Good luck and hope your scratch heals quickly.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  14. Hi Bonnie,as a long time cat rangler,along with pheromone idea try letting the "old Girl" in to the " other cat's" area while they are exploring her area to get scents to mingle. Also remember each cat needs own litter box when they can tolerate each other and share space. I have an "old man " fur baby and still have to intervene with the new(2yrs now) upstart .

  15. I love, love, love your Hexie Quilt that you have in the hoop!!!


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