Sunday, March 03, 2019

Home for a Quilty Box Gift-Away!

This was supposed to happen in February.

But the travel faeries were not in sync and the sample box didn’t arrive on my doorstep until AFTER I had already left for San Antonio!

Well, that’s okay by me – because we can do it on this first Sunday home!

The February Quilty Box contains a whole 2 1/2’’ strip pack of Christa Watson’s Abstract Garden line – full of bright and splashy prints and summer colors just ready to chase the remaining winter blahs away.

What can I say? I love purple mixed with orange and red and green!  Throw in some summer yellow and cool greens and turquoise and I am one happy girl!

In this box you’ll find:

  • Abstract Garden Strippies by Christa Watson and Benartex Contempo Studio.
  • 5’’ ruler by Omnigrip.
  • Ruler grip by Eversewn
  • Aurifil thread
  • Bundles of inspiration magazine featuring Christa’s Rainbow Weave pattern

Abstract Garden Fabric

To make the Rainbow Weave quilt, you’ll simply need to add some background yardage – everything else is included in this box!

What is a Quilty Box?

Here are some highlights to keep in mind:
  • Quilty Box is a monthly subscription box of fun quilting supplies. We offer plans from $44-48/mo.
  • 5% of the profits of multi-month subscriptions are donated to Quilts for Kids - a non-profit which donates quilts for children in need
  • Each month we have 4 or more products (fabric, patterns, thread, or notions)
  • Our retail value of the products in the box is always more than $60
  • We will be using the hashtags #QuiltyBox and #GetQuilty
Your support is appreciated. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me.
Get Quilty!
Patrick Claytor, CEO
Quilty Box

Subscribe today at

I LOVE the fact that 5% of the profits go to Quilts for Kids!  It’s a win win all the way around!

We will be drawing for ONE WINNER this month.  Are you ready?

I am heading to Indiana on Wednesday - we'll draw our winner in Thursday morning's post - March 7, 2019.

Good luck everyone!

I still have several things to catch up on.  All of the Show & Share from both San Antonio and Denton are still on my phone!  I also took some really fun photos at Cactus Queen Quilt Company, newly opened in beautiful Mc Queeney Texas, and owned by Doris Rice, owner of The Queen’s Rustic Retreat where I stayed while in San Antonio. 

Be watching for those posts to come in the next few days as I recover here and get ready for Indiana coming up.

This was a nice bump up on my last flight to home!

No matter what you see here – no stitching really happened.

I closed my eyes for just a second and Zzzzzz!

I awoke from my snooze as we began our descent -

Lake Norman just north of Charlotte NC is massive from the air!

From the air I can see my beautiful Blue Ridge mountains to the west.

As we were just above the tree tops near the runway -

No, that' is NOT snow!!

These are pear trees in bloom – oh my goodness!  It’s time to restock my supply of Zyrtec – allergy season is fully upon us!

I love spring time.  More than any other season – but it does NOT love me back!

I will enjoy the blossom show over the next few days – not sure how much will be remaining when I get back from Indiana -

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Double Wedding Ring spotted in Granbury, TX!

From your postal worker to the clerk at the grocery store to the server at the restaurant and more - Watch what happens when you show appreciation in everyday situations.

The feel good will come back and rub off on you in return.

Spread it around!

Wishing you all a pieceful Sunday -


  1. Loved your pix of the pear trees in bloom. It gives hope to those of us who are still dealing with drifts of snow. Spring will come -- eventually!

  2. I know you are happy to be home for a few days! Home is always good, for me anyway. Safe travels again! Thanks for the opportunity to win a Quilty Box.

  3. Thank you for everything you do for the quilting community. Would love to win the Quiltybox! Vicki

  4. Reading about your whole Texas trip was so much fun! Wish I could have been there :( The Old Man River quilt event in Mississippi has been postponed - that would have been doable for me. Do you think they will still have it? I emailed them but no reply. And GIRL - you have lost weight! :)

    1. Bonnie will be there to teach classes but there won't be a quilt show.

    2. Do you know how/where to sign up? Thanks!

    3. Pamela Dempsey - Just Google Old Man River Quiltfest and you should be able to find it. Registration is now open. Hope to see you there!

  5. .....Bonnie, appreciation for all you do is floating in to you from every corner of the world, on every breeze !!! What you do each day makes us all better people, and the world a better place!....now the challenge you give us is to spread this to everyone in our daily out-and-abouts.....we can do this!

    1. I completely concur with what you've written. Sentiments felt by many - Bonnie is a daily inspiration to us.

  6. Bonnie, I have a set of clear glass sugar and creamer that would go perfect with your salt and pepper set. How may I send to you. Ditto to what Diane Evans said.

    1. Please contact me by email Quiltville@gmail.com

  7. Although I couldn't get into any of the three classes you are teaching,(Indiana) I hope to at least to get a glimpse of you there! Even better would be to meet you have my picture taken with you. One can always hope! Welcome home and have a safe trip to Indiana and back! Thanks for all you do. I am working on Hunter's Star String Quilt in green and white (neutrals).

  8. I love, love, love your quilts and tutorials. You do fantastic work. I live in Washington, in a small town in Yakima Valley, so can't get to any of your classes, but enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

  9. Love the Quilty Box fabrics. Maybe this will be my time to win. I hope you get some rest before taking off to Indiana.

  10. wowzer! gorgeous fabrics and awesome quilty box! thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Oooh, love those colors. Look forward to your blog everyday. You are a beacon of positivity in a world that surely needs it. Keep on quilting on!

  12. Love your blog! Hoping to take a class from you sometime this year! I'd love to win a Quilty Box

  13. Love this month's fabrics in the Quilty Box, they shout spring! Safe journeys!

  14. Can't believe I've been quilting for 43 years, and I just found out about you I must have been living under a rock. ;-) I'm now happily working away on a scrap quilt - 64 four patch blocks, that are being cut up and reassembled into 16 patch blocks. It was a swap in my local quilt group in Tucson. Out of the 64 blocks, only 23 are the same size, but that happens a lot with swaps. No problemo. I go with the flow and purchased my first shirt at Goodwill to add to the fun. I hope I win this month's Quilty Box and am enjoying watching your QuiltCam episodes a lot.

  15. I feel your pain with allergies. We are in Lousiana for 3 weeks on a mission work project, and 6 of our team of 14 have been to the Dr. Pollen plus wet (mold, mildew, fungus) are giving us sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia.

  16. Bravo to the quote of the day AND a lovely cheerful Quilty box giveaway! You are so generous with us- of time, spirit and goodies! I appreciate you!!

  17. Bonnie where in Indiana are you headed??

  18. Thank you for this opportunity to win a Quily box. I love your quilts and exite making them. Thank you!

  19. Thank you for all you do. I tell people all the time this lady is living my dream life with the exception of the tooth implant , I am in the process again!! Have fun , I know you will. I am sewing good fortune together and finding little triangles turned the wrong way:( ugggh my granddaughter said to leave them! I can not! Lol

  20. I love your quote of the day and so true, to feel appreciated is so nice and to appreciate others is important. So thank you Bonnie for being the wonderful caring and sharing angel you are, and for sharing your awesome skills with us all.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  21. indeed, yes and thank you

  22. I share your allergies and hate having to enjoy from inside through a window! Some days it is worth the reaction just to get out and see all the blooming up close. Have fun unwinding for a couple days at home!

  23. My allergies have been killing me this season. Hope you get your Zyrtec soon.
    While in Indianapolis, you must go to Shapiro's Deli. It is an original Jewish Deli. Wonderful Hot Pastrami, with hand cut rye bread. A slap of mustard and Swiss cheese, and you are set. Oh don't forget that great pickle. This is a cafeteria, and of course, the desserts are first on the line. Our family has been going to Shapiro's since late 1960's. Showing my age! We always go back and eat there when we visit Indianapolis. Also, is Squealers BBQ in Mooresville, IN. You just can't beat Squealers for the greatest BBQ.
    I will say Indianapolis has great restaurants, but these are our family favorites. Hope you are able to enjoy. You also must go downtown to the Circle and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Just have fun!


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