Sunday, March 31, 2019

Box Kite Day in Slidell, LA!

Oodles of scraps!
SO much color and variety!
Our last day to play in Slidell, LA!

It’s always funny how things change day by day -

Day 1 – everyone is eager and waiting outside the venue for doors to open – LET’S GET SEWING!

Day 2 – folks are on time, but the noise levels are a bit more subdued and folks aren’t sewing at break-neck speeds, just enjoying the day and getting it done.

Day 3- folks will wander in with just enough time to get into their seats before class starts.

Day 4 – Are we even in the right classroom??  Where did I leave my purse?  Does anyone really know or care what time it is? LOL!

Getting down to business – let’s do this thing!

Cutting triangles from strips with my Essential Triangle Tool!

Sewing strips in chains and making block kits!

We called this area the “Pressing Garage!”

Oh, Say Can You See……

Of course we can have Mardi Gras next to Strawberry Shortcake!
It’s Louisiana, after all!

Great job, Cindy!  These are sweet!

Now we’re cookin’ with gas!

And when you start throwing border units in – POW!

All of our lucky Signature 60wt 3-ply thread winners!

Happy students with fabulous Signature 60 3-ply door prize gift boxes thanks to the fine folks at A & E G├╝termann thread! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product for my students to enjoy!

Long Lunchtime Walk -

Gudrun Erla and I hoofed it back to The Burning Tiger, just under a mile away from our quilting venue for a last round of lunch on the porch, and a bit of exercise just gettimg there and back.  If you want to increase your activity, just hang around someone 10 years younger than you.  We have had a blast having extra time together and I’ll see her again in June when I’m up in Minnesota for the Minnesota Quilt Show.  Can’t wait!

For the rest of our day’s activities, Click to Play:

How do the instructors feel after 4 cram packed days of Quilty Activity?


After the students are gone, quilts are packed, merchandise is boxed, and we are OFF THE CLOCK! Whew!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

You can either be mad that birds woke you up too early. or put a smile on your face that you've got more hours to your day, and be happy that there is birdsong. Which will you choose?

Vintage 1970s grandmother's flower garden quilt found in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina! Polyester blends and all!

Nancy Mahoney and I are sharing the same flight back to Atlanta this morning –

We’ve just checked in at the New Orleans airport. 

I’m finishing this up and then looking forward to 3 weeks HOME!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!


  1. Yaaaaaaayyyyy! Three weeks "staycation". Enjoy your time at home, cabin, and Quiltville Inn.

  2. Cookin' with gas. One of my Dad's (RIP, Dad) favorite sayings. A child of the Depression, I have to think it was a saying from back in the day. Three weeks at home? Sounds great to me, too! Just think, in a year or two this will be your new MO.

  3. Love the zombie picture! Is the patriotic featherweight a vinyl wrap? Soooo cool! Hope you got to enjoy some Cajun food!

  4. Are you going to know what to do with yourself for three weeks at home??? Oh what a silly question...I know that you know what you will be up to!!!
    The class(es) looked like great fun.

  5. Home sweet Home! Enjoy every moment. Zombies, wow what a trio of tired Teachers

  6. So glad you'll have a break to recharge. I'm exhausted just reading about your schedule!! Hope you'll see even more changes at Quiltville Inn during your well deserved break :-)

  7. Had to listen to Don Williams while watching the video! Louisiana Saturday Night perfect background seeing box kites laying on the floor and ladies waving the irons. Thanks peeps - started my day off chirpy now!


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